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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  sick movies

yeah- but I said that once to him and he was silent a few seconds and then said, "Yeahhhh...but it puts the butter on my bisquets-so thanks, honey." Meaning all of us going to those movies was a good thing in that respect-
at least he got to eat! What a character! wjh

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  movies and personal satisfaction

He didn't get to have that personal satisfaction in his work on most of his films-so he tried very hard to look good and do his best- because he knew millions of people were going and would be going long after he was gone. Same with records and performances. I felt sorry for him often, he struggled with weight from the first day I met him-he was dieting- wanting to stay thin and he was thin then though he was younger and had muscle in his legs and upper body and not any fat at all...from what I saw of his body-waist up when he changed shirts.
He also had the skin problem probably from being a near diabetic though he wasn't aware of that then- and he carried around little jello cubes and sucked on them when he was really hungry. He was such a nervous personality, hyper and anxious-he burned calories I'm sure- but then he had the sugar cravings too which didn't help-he gained easily-he said he could look at something "good" and gain weight and I laughed when he said something along the line of "lordy-if I just smell it-I'm doomed!" But as those things took their toll on his physical body and emotional body as well, he didn't have the energy to be as active as he had-he was wearing out, inside out and people around him just expected him to always get in shape-because he always had. In those last months of life his legs were so thin, he had no butt and his arms were thin with those suits looking too big for him and the only "fat" that might be there was just around the middle not so much at his waist up under his ribs and lower chest area.
Then his face puffed up and his hands and probably his feet but they didn't show. So not like he used to look and he was just 40-42 years old. It hurt me to see him and I can just imagine how it hurt him to see him. Here he had spent his life from 19 years old trying to look his best-to be Elvis Presley as his public wanted and then so quickly-gone. I worried for him a few times-just knowing what pain he was under just over that alone. I saw him starving himself, heard him talking about having to lose 5 pounds or 8 during the movie days, of having producers complain that he was "soft" and "too heavy" when he started shooting promo shots etc: and he wouldn't eat-and he took those damn diet pills and uppers to lose it fast-so often he did that- I told him his liver was going to leap out and slap him up the side of the face one of these days- and he mumbled something about it being better than having them (producers, Col. Tom etc:) slapping him down with wise cracks and complaints. He told me that one time a producer and Hal Wallis came in to where they were doing promo shots that Elvis just hated-they took so much time etc; and one of them I don't know which one-looked at some of the stills from the day before, threw them in a trash can and told him to get his "ass down to the gym and work off some that blubber". Elvis weighed 173 lbs he said-but his face was too "full and he was too soft in the middle" and it showed too much. The film was one of the "beach" scene films- I'm not sure now which one but he didn't look that bad- they put him in kakai and if they had used some thing else-he would have looked so much better. But he was angry and went on a starvation diet of nothing but water and diet pills-and he ran at night he said... he also passed out a time or two from not eating...he after all had a problem with low and high sugar. Then he broke out with a rash on his body-he didn't look his best in that film-but they could have changed that "cheap wardrobe" for better designs that would have made him look good. He wasn't that out of shape-at least I didn't think he was. He just didn't think those things would hurt him-after all-doctor s prescirbed it and so they wouldn't do something that hurt people-they were there to help people. That old mind set so many people have-even today. wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Was it the diabetes which caused his face & hands (& maybe his feet) to puff up? I had also read that he had allergies to chocolate & salt & that it was these allergies which caused the puffiness. Can you please clarify? Thank you.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Allergies

Laurie, Hi, It seems when reading stuff, Elvis was alergic to everything coming down the pike... He had to watch salt because he had high blood pressure. He loved chocolate-but he had to watch sugar...and he thought wrongly, that chocolate caused his face to break out-he had that as a youngster as most of us do during puberty.
And he had to watch what he ate so he wouldn't gain weight through much of the movie years... thats when he took diet pills...and uppers to lose weight that he gained because he ate hamburgers, pizza and other stuff that he couldn't eat when making movies so when he was off a few weeks-he ate and made up for it...then had to diet as he got older...and like us all, it stays on more then too. And he was depressed over his career rut so that caused him to sleep more than he might have plus when he went to a doctor about headaches and not sleeping-they gave him tranqulizers...he had IBS syndrome- irritable bowel plus he had a narrow section in the middle of his tranverse conol that should have been one long regular size piece- he was a twin and some twins have that condition-my nieces do-one more so than the other-in Elvis' case-his twin may have been born dead because he wasn't "complete" internally???
Elvis said he had one regular spleen and part of a little one-another twin thing. They said they were not identical twins-but there was no one there who ever said for certain that there was more than one "sack" with two boys in it-or two seperate sacks.. Elvis said that his grandmother said there the two boys were together in one-and they feared that Elvis would be born dead too because it took so long for him to come- but apparently each had their own imbicle cord-which saved Elvis' life
as he had oxygen. He said his brother was larger-and paved the way for him because had he come first, being smaller and weaker-he would have died from the process if he made it out at all. His mom was in labor for a long while before the first one came. So Elvis may not have been identical although his "double" organs say that he was... and the closeness that he always felt for his brother-as if someone was with him, and he even said once or twice that it didn't feel like him going on stage-he thought somehow his brother was with him out there. And he said when he saw himself performing on film in Las Vegas-he felt so weird, it didn't feel like him, like he didn't know that guy some how. Yes, he was a bit unusual in many ways----especially how he felt about things at times...and the way he expressed those feelings. He said he also was a Type O blood-universal donner and kind of a rare type... he was negative-and that his brother would have had to be positive if they were identical twins-other wise they wouldn't have either one lived- that if they shared the same cord from mom.
So I don't know-I know nothing about it other than what he said and I've heard. He said he did not share that cord
but it is possible that it was one base with two cords one to each child...that would mean he could have lived...as he had his own source of blood supply too. We will never know...another mystery. As for alergies-he had them to evergreen and that is why they usually had an artificial tree until I think they had a real tree in LA when Lisa was little-and Elvis sneezed and coughed alot-but for her, he'd do it. When he went to Tahoe which he loved, he took stuff to keep from wheezing up there. He had sensitive skin and broke out from different things
lotions, make up, perfume, etc: and soaps, even laundry soaps so he didn't like to send his clothing out and preferred to have a housekeeper do it for him. He also hated stiff startched shirts-just wanted the collars to stand up if they were supposed to. There is so much said now, it's kind of funny how little things turn into such big things... Most capricorn males have sensitive skin-it kind of comes with that time of year to be born I guess. Also he was very fair-he just tanned nicely and didn't freckle....like many light haired fair people do. wjh.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Twins

Elvis talked about Jesse some, not often-and he laughed sort of ruefully at the guys thinking he talked to ghosts
etc: He said he was talking to the "voices" I'd hear and then I was talking to myself-planning moves etc; what I had to do-an' they thought...aw well, don't matter." And he would laugh at the guys crazy ideas...and let them think it.
We talked once about if his brother had lived-he said if so it would have been him out on that stage-not me, I'm too shy. That's when he said he thought it was him getting him out there-helping him do it. Because once out there-feeling the energy and the crowd-once he got "into it" then he was fine. But he'd never been able to take that first step, he said, unless he'd had help and he believed it was from his brother-he said, "I can feel him with me, prompting me when I need it. That's why I always pray, for guidance, strength and to be able to touch people in ways they need through my show."
I'm pretty certain Jessie was moved to be with the family at Graceland- He had him put with his mom he said...had the little coffin moved there... I think he had the entire thing put in a nicer coffin-but he didn't go into that part at all. wjh.

Author:  ALNA [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 11:18 am ]
Post subject: 

There is a mark for Jesse but I tought he was still buried at Princeville cemetary.

Did Elvis told you he had him burried in Graceland???

Never heard that one. Where would that be than and did he know where to look for his brother. I always read he was burried in a unmarked grave. I also remember to have read he was burried in the garden of their Tupelo home.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  Jesse

No, I don't think anyone was buried at Graceland until after his death and all the "stealing" threats related to his body, etc:. He said that his brother was moved to lie beside his mother or with her-I don't recall exactly how he put it-but he wanted him to be with his mother. I do not know the details-and it's possible he was planning to do it-though I remember it that he said he had done so.
It would have bothered her and him too that his brother was some where in an unmarked grave thought that was not uncommon when people are so poor and in those times also. However, Elvis would have tried-and he wouldn't have been able to do something like that and not do it. It would have bothered him a great deal not to have if he could. Just one more puzzle and I don't have the answer-definitively any way. I'm not the expert Elvis fact person-never was but now I'm older I sure "ain't"! It very well could be there is just a marker-
especially if he found his coffin and had the remains put with her in her grave site ??? no idea at all about that.wjh

Author:  maia [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

I heard that it was just a memorial marker.

Author:  Blue Moon [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

I heard that it was just a memorial marker also because the grave couldn't be located. In Nancy Rooks' (Elvis' maid) book, she talks about how Vernon (after Elvis' death) tried to locate Jesse's grave but was unable to find the original location. Apparently, the landscape had changed enough over time making it impossible to determine where the grave had been. According to her, that was why a plaque was used instead of headstone.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  marker

We can be sure they are all together now- Jessie, Elvis, Gladys, Vernon and all the other family members-and there are a lot of them! Elvis tried to find a "relative" in our family tree- and he did- two of them had the same names as some of Jimmie's mom's parents-cousins and an Aunt but they were not the same people. Came from general areas but not related that anyone could prove. It was funny tho' that he would even do that. I can't recall who it was in his family that was looking into their family tree-but it was being done by some person and working with his relative to do it. Elvis said they'll find out my relatives were bootleggers, corn squeezers an' jus' plain folks tryin' to get by. But way back there was one who had a big plantation and was wealthy until the Civil War came along and took everything away. Elvis wouldn't say who that was-it was like he didn't want it known maybe because he said they had slaves-I don't recall who that was but Elvis knew where and said he went to look at things-there was a battle field near and he went to see the memorial and some of the big battle sites that he had "relatives die for" in the south.
His great grand father or mother told him some stories when he was a child and too, he liked history. wjh

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