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Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Sat May 06, 2006 11:01 pm ]
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so much dirt and lie have been spreaded around by those books and shows of ex-people(friends etc),now it's not easy to tell the truth,but thank you for doing this Wanda..That Larry King...they're only getting smaller ..but look at our boy.. :D

Author:  Barbara Lea [ Sun May 07, 2006 12:13 am ]
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Deep down I always knew that what was being said about Elvis in the Media, and THE JERKS THE MM were nothing but a PACK OF LIES!!. I really do believe that Elvis brought me to this forum so I would know want I always believed in my Heart to be True about Elvis, Thank You Wanda June and Maia. I haven't really been put down that much by people when I tell them my LOVE AND DEVOTION TO ELVIS, but if and when I do I well have the proof to show them. I well DEFINED Elvis until my Last Breath! Barb

Author:  ALNA [ Sun May 07, 2006 9:05 am ]
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Totally agree :D

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun May 07, 2006 11:14 am ]
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Hi, thanks kids for being there for me, but I must say this, I really don't get too upset at the snide remarks aimed my way or the leering types either-it makes me feel quite proud to be able to say to them they are wrong-not in that word-but in other ways that tell them the same thing. I try to be a good representive for Elvis by not getting angry and slapping them silly on television-ha. I have not had to resort to much strong lanauage to shut them up- They ask, and I tell them the truth-and you know, the truth is the best put down there is in many cases. It's worked for me. I have twice told a couple guys off in a very polite, southern belle way of course, HUH? And they were speechless when I smiled and said, do we understand? I told one of them who got a little put out because I turned down his offer for dinner and ? ...that if I had any feed back that I knew came from him, I would be drivin' my little old self back...understand? and looked him right in the bloodshot eyes. (I am a dragon by birth and I guess I can shoot fire when angry though I've never seen it myself) whatever he looked at me and actually took a step back! And said, no, you'll never hear anything from me, lady. And I just very sweetly said, "oh good, you be a good boy now" and walked out.
His receptionest who was outside but could hear every word was laughing and said, I never heard anyone put him down quite that sweetly-good for you! He hits on every woman that goes in there!" Anyway, for the most part I enjoyed meeting all the people and the fan club people I met were wonderful also. I had a short section of tape of Elvis talking about Priscilla and their separation etc: and I let them listen to it at the meetings. Everyone who heard it knew right away they were listening to Elvis and they were so quiet-some had tears running down their faces-even men-and they were all as if in church or something. I didn't give any one copies of Elvis talking-no one. Maia is the only other person who has listened to and read transcripts and who has some of the tapes that pertain to the spiritual things that she does in her work. I thought he would want her to have those sections because others wouldn't understand him and probably make ridicule out of it. And that's all. It will be up to Lisa to do whatever with it as it's all there somewhere at Graceland because Elvis had it-and when we have willed everything to her also. So it will be up to her to do with it what she will. that's only her right. anyway, enough of this. Thanks kids, wjh

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