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Author:  renenutet [ Thu Mar 09, 2006 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  songlyrics

Did he choose his songs (or some of his songs) because of the text? I'm not sure I'm expressing myself in a correct way. I was thinking of songs like : Welcome to my world, Let's be friends, I'll be there, Bridge over troubled water, Just pretend, There's always me, Let me be there, If we never meet again?

Is there a message for his fans in them?

Wanda, did he ever say so?

Author:  maia [ Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

According to Wanda and other who knew him, he did choose his songs for lyrics...just look at what he recorded...so much of it tells the story of his life! Of course, not so with the "Movie" songs. Those often made him physcially ILL, although there were some nice ones at first.

Author:  renenutet [ Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Welcome to my world

Yes, but songs like 'Welcome to my world' make you think, don't they? It sounds like something he's saying to his fans, doesn't it?

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:53 am ]
Post subject:  song choices

Yes, he did choose songs that he could relate to and that said things he wanted to say and did say, through his songs as well as other ways. He liked songs that were playfull too, that would get laughs or be exciting and he orchrestrated his show to build excitement in waves-to stimulate people's emotions and minds he said, and to help them release tensions, worry and every day cares of living in this world. He liked all kinds of instruments in his music-and even used a harpist ! Some thing other people didn't have-especially in a "rock and roll" type situation but that was Elvis-music was just that to him- and he liked having violins and drums and little things like oboes and flutes that some people wouldn't have bothered with -the amazing thing was he could isolate and "hear" them as they played, and even direct what he wanted to hear from them in certain areas of the songs. Those people were marveling at this when he opened in Vegas and they had rehearsed with him so much-they were stunned at his knowledge of music and how he could put things together and he didn't read music at all-didn't want to read it he said-he thought it would "get in the way" of his natural ability to plan it in his head...he said he lay awake listening to the music, putting things where he liked them and so forth in his head-he could hear it all...and had always "heard" music in his head-since a child. He said he was about 3 or 4 when he was at church early with his parents who were "cleaning the benches" helping out, and they had a piano up there-he was told to sit and wait by his mom but the lady was practicing a song on the piano and he couldn't see-so he went down there and watched her play-he wanted to play it but he couldn't reach the keys and he wasn't supposed to be there-but the lady picked him up and set him beside her and let him put his fingers on the keys-he said he felt such a thrill go through his body, deep inside when the keys made music and that he was uspet when his mom got him and took him to the bench and sat him back down and told him to stay there. He cried but then he couldn't hear the piano so he said he shut up and listened. He was a little older and his mom taught him to play some on it-and the lady who played in church showed him some too-that he could play gospel songs before he was 6, "a little bit" he said, "but I knew that's what I was going to do-and did ever chance I had". Play the piano and sing- he'd do it at home for hours-by himself even and he had an organ that did all the musical sounds he might want to hear. It must have been something to be there and hear him playing upstairs though he said he had a headset he could plug in and he could hear it but it didn't "bother anyone". And too, his upstairs room was "soundproofed pretty well" so he woldn't hear the traffic and household sounds when he tried to sleep in the daytime. Anyway, he certainly did choose the songs he recorded that were not movie songs-those he mostly dispised though he tried to put something into them. I don't know which movie it was but one of the fellows who mixed sounds for the studio in LA that Elvis often recorded at (Not the one used for Jail House Rock) but another one-said that when Elvis came in and heard some of the stuff he was supposed to "sing" in the film he started working on it and suddenly got up and headed to the john-he threw up his breakfast-and kept having to go back because he was so upset over the material he had to do. Finally he got through it but didn't get a couple done good enough because he had made his throat and vocal cords sore vomiting-he was hoarse and couldn't hit some notes good enough to suit him. So he came back a couple days later and knocked them off so quickly and left without saying much or playing around as he normally did. The guy said, Elvis was pale and trembling when he was sick-but he didn't have the flu-it was just emotional stress and distress at the material he was expected to present in that film. It may have been Easy Come-Easy Go-I am not sure now...that was one he hated pretty much. wjh

Author:  maia [ Sat Apr 15, 2006 5:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

The guy said, Elvis was pale and trembling when he was sick-but he didn't have the flu-it was just emotional stress and distress at the material he was expected to present in that film. It may have been Easy Come-Easy Go-I am not sure now...that was one he hated pretty much.

That's interesting, as just the other night I suddenly saw and heard in my head Elvis in that boat singing the theme song of "Easy Come, Easy Go" in the first scene of the movie. Now, I haven't laid eyes on that film since I saw it in the theatre when it was first released!! I wondered what the heck this was coming from when I saw / heard it the other night. Then I thought, God, how he must have hated doing that song and the others he had to do!

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Apr 15, 2006 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Easy come, easy go -

Hi, yeah, he did. But in his typically insightful way, he commented on how badly the song writers must feel when they have to struggle, work and come up with material to fit this (blank blank) and (blank). The way Elvis thought was it must be a real blow to their talent and ability to write song lyrics and music- but he said the musicaly quality wasnt bad-some he liked but the lyrics were what blew his mind quite often. I know the guy said that Elvis was physically shaking and could barely calm his voice enough to not waver the vibrato? is that the word for that quavering quality he had through out his life- even at the end it didn't increase that much-it was still strong, still beautiful and though he had to put more effort out to bring that voice up to par-he still could and it didn't fail him as much as one would expect such physical breaking down as his body was doing. It was amazing.

Now, I have to tell you about my "amazing event" and it is that! But first I have to tell you about the other night-about 3:15 am (very often the time that Elvis would call me-his late evening you know, often his bedtime if he were going to read himself to sleep and was a lone) I was waking up. I thought some thing or some one was lying beside me-I sleep on my right side at the very edge of the bed too-but I felt a presence and then I got a wiff of Elvis scent-I came to fast-I heard him say-in my head I think-not out loud- "It's okay-don't worry." in a very calm, reassuring voice. Now, there wasn't room for anybody to lay beside me on that edge so "he" would have been maybe kneeling beside the bed? I felt his face, his hand on my head over my ear and hair. I woke up and was wide awake but I remember that scent very well-it wasn't really in the air-it was like from him-as when I hugged him and was so close the scent was warmed by his body heat and was very subtle-and that's what I "smelled" or recalled smellling when I was waking up. Whatever... I went to the eye doctor and they did a very thorough study and look see into my eyes-both of them. Since I was younger I have had a nivis they called it in my left eye-it never did change during all the eye tests and photographs taken of it-until 3 weeks ago when I was tested for glasses and they wouldn't do the dialation test because-the nivis had changed-was sticking up and pulling whatever to one side in my eye and they were afraid to dialate without an eye doctor to do it in case of???? Anyway since I had the melonoma
cut out of my right cheek and I have it inside my mouth on the wall of my cheek and lip where the "oil gland" is about 1/4 inch from the corner (but it's still small and unless it grows and hangs out of my mouth or something they ain't gonna touch it!) they were worried it could be that cancer spreading as it's prone to do when it is the virlient kind- Anyway, photographs on their computer show nothing- zip- perfectly clear eye with not even the original nivis showing at all. Not a sign of it-nothing. But I have in the past seen it on the photographs taken of it-it was there- but it ain't there now! It was there 3 weeks ago- I saw it- the eye specialist saw it- but it's gone. So, I "don't worry, it's okay." Did he come to tell me? I think so....I really did not want to know for sure and wasn't going to go to the doctor at all.... but he came, said that and I went the next day....and didn't cancel the appointment. Weirder things have happened-but not quite that wierd-to me.
He came when I had my face cut open- he let me know by filling my living room with cherry scented cigar smoke-the exact one he lit up at the end of our last visit together- I had only been around him when he smoked vanilla scented cigars-though I knew he sometimes had the cherry ones-I just didn't see him smoke those... so
that's my story- and I am sticking to it. I had Suzy's church people praying for my eye and I had Elvis' words of consoluation and conviction- He probably went personally to God or whomever and made a request-and you know, no one could tell Elvis Presley no....wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sat Apr 15, 2006 7:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

Wow, what an amazing story! Whether it was through the church group’s prayers and/or Elvis’ request to the Creator on your behalf, you clearly have received some kind of healing. And then to have a personal visitation from Elvis; what a special & comforting memory for you.

Author:  maia [ Sat Apr 15, 2006 9:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thank God it disapeared! I had been concerned. I wouldn't doubt but that your friend Elvis took care of it for you! 8)

Author:  maral [ Sun Apr 16, 2006 9:26 am ]
Post subject: 

thank God it's gone Wanda. i think Elvis can heal because of the strong faith he had/has. it's just amazing to feel his presents. although I never quite experienced the things you have, I do feel he is close to me, sometimes giving me sings.

Your stories are so amazing to read. Even though Elvis didn’t like the movie songs he sure did good job on them. I can sit for hours listening to his voice realizing I will never hear anyone else that can give me the same amazement. It’s really is the voice of angel. And sometimes I get tears in my eyes. Specially when I hear the gospel songs. Sometimes I feel guilty loving a movie song, knowing he hated to sing them. But his voice and his way of singing making to worst song irresistible. And I watch those movies only to se HIM, NOT the movie.
Happy Easter, maral

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Apr 16, 2006 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  feellings

We did too! We saw them all, even the one he said would "sicken" us... Double Trouble. Anyway, we went to see him, to watch his eyes, his expressions and just watch him.... it was also interesting to watch some of the actors watching him... and people who were extras in the films. I hated it when they used some one elses hands in close ups...it's so obvious in Tickle Me when they are in the "haunted" hotel and Elvis supposedly knocked on the door-it's not his hand! Elvis had beautiful hands, long slim fingers and hairless for the most part-just fine blond that didn't show-that is a hairy wrist and hand! With stubby male fingers! No way! And then the times they showed someone other than Elvis wearing the same clothing walking away-Elvis didn't walk like those guys and he sure wasn't dumpy looking either! I complained about that to him and he just laughed... He said well during those scenes I was ...eh... busy or something...and he laughed. He was so bored with it all he was not called in for anything they could work around him for and that suited him fine. Usually if he wasn't sitting out on the set waiting to work, he was in his trailer reading his head off... or with someone talking his head off... when he found someone to listen-boy did he talk! You see him flapping his mouth in scenes where he's riding with someone, kind of off camera he thinks, and even when riding with Barbara Stanwyck in Roustabout...he's talking away... and the same thing in Tickle Me riding with one of the guys driving. He's talking a way. yet he could be so shy and like subdued too. And stutter...I liked hearing him stutter and liked him to get where he's not sure what to say...and stammers...just made him "real" I guess. wjh

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