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"That isn't me-it's a -a concept of what---"
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  "That isn't me-it's a -a concept of what---"

w. Well, you know your image is one of being a playboy type, you know that.
E. It is? (Snickers) That isn't me-it's a-a concept of what the eh...press, the publicists my manager 'n ju's ever body workin' on ever thing makes it seem like I am. Not that way-really. Not much...mean I dated lots of women but um not...eh-really don't-don't think like that. I'm a man sure-but -but-- un like women... What 'um tryin' to say is I'm not---f xxxx ma brains out ever damn time it's offered! Really.
W. Okay...you know that so don't let it bother you what other people say and think...or write.
E. (big breath) try not to...just getting so ever time pick up somethin' there is some kind of trash shit bein' said an' I wasn't even there! Un don't know 'em!
W. Then don't read it!
E. Some one's all time tellin' stuff-so read it then I know what the hell the whisperin' is about!
W. They say where there is smoke there is fire...
E. Shit! See! Now you gonna do it!
W. I meant to say-before you interrupted ME for a change-(laughs) that's probably what they think -I mean, you are Elvis Presley!
E. No, um not!
W. Yes you are-go look in the mirror!
E. Mean 'um not that image! The image is one thing, then there's the man-he sure as hell ain't goin' 'round huntin' virgins or nothin' like that! Damn it!
W. Really...well, why not?
E. You gonna make me mad...
W. Why should anyone believe you-when that's what most of the people around you think and say...
E. That's them-not me! Lord-we are known by the company we keep! Gawd! Most of the guys aren't that way-it's just all hype --wishful thinkin' on the women's side of things-really.
W. Your side maybe, but the guys don't come close!
E. They are close to me an' that does it for most of 'em. Gawd 'um so sick of-of...
W. Tell me why anyone should believe you?
E. I don't lie.
W. Okay.
E. Ask me...ask me somethin' you think I'd lie 'bout, damn it!
W. This is a test? Have to think on that one...
E. Aww come on...got to be something!
W. Elvis...did you get laid last night?
E. Gawd! That's the best one you could come up with!
Hell no...NO!
W. Why not?
E. Whaa....because!
W. Too tired?
E. No.
W. She said no?
E. No...(snicker)
W. you were alone and couldn't find anyone to stay with you?
E. No...that's not it.
W. Okay...do you want me to get more personal?
E. Jus' ask me somethin' I'd lie about!
W. you tried and nothing worked?
E. Shit! No! If wanted things to work-they would!
W. I can't think of anything-who is with you?
E. Little blond met while back-comes over a few days now an' then-sometimes.
W. And your answer is no? Hard to believe that.
E. See...even you think I'd lie! Slept in the same bed, kissed her goodnight an' went to sleep-we are close but no, see, jus' not a sex maniac -bothers me they say that 'bout me, always did. Like to know why they think it.
W. Guess it's just the way you wear your clothes...
E. Good God! I give up-makes 'em happy thinkin' it...what the hell, let 'em!
W. It's just the image thing, there isn't much you can do about it-just accept it and be happy.
E. I am happy.
W. Then don't worry what others say or think.
E. I have to-I-I got to go out there... it matters.
W. I know, but it's all right. Those few who think such things are just that-few- compared to those who think you are wonderful.
E. Think so-
W. I know so- She said no?
E. (Laughs) No, she didn't say no-there's more to carin' for someone than jus' getting it on-you know that. Least you ought to-how long you all been married now?
W. About 13 years.
E. Still happy?
W. Yeah-got a good one in Jimmie.
E. Good. Glad to hear that really. Gives me hope ya know, someday...maybe she'll come along...
W. Still looking for the homemaker, motherly kind Elvis-or have you decided on something different?
E. Oh...jus' lookin'...really. gotta be some one out there for me...don' cha' think-mean I'm not all bad.
W. Not bad-just spoiled.
E. No I'm not-
W. Yes you are-
E. No I am not-just know what I want is all-(Laughs) 'n gonna get it if I can!

(This was late 73 and he was in Vegas-the blond was most likely Shelia at that time-but maybe not--- I thought it kind of funny how he responded. He had called to see if we got home safely-you know, 3 women alone in Vegas-heavens!)

Author:  Blue Moon [ Fri Mar 30, 2007 11:45 pm ]
Post subject: 

More precious memories. Thank you Wanda as always for sharing. I can tell you sure had fun teasing him.

I do wonder how all the rumors got started. Probably the MM assumed Elvis had to have been doing more than just sleeping. Thinking as they would have done, so in that way I can see rumors getting started and growing legs.

And all those letters from various young women Wanda you put in the book and in the forum prove that Elvis genuinely appreciated the company of women, and he did not have to have sex with them to enjoy being with them.

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 1:39 am ]
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Thank you very much, Wanda. It's a wonderful dialogue. I love this part, so genuine and full of innocence:

W. Tell me why anyone should believe you?
E. I don't lie.
W. Okay.

Author:  Raina [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 6:29 am ]
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Thank you Wanda! Made me laugh how you teased him, guess this time the rolls were changed huh? :lol: :P :wink:

Love, Raina

Author:  Sarena [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:31 am ]
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:27 pm ]
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I wish I had the conversation that surprised me in some ways-it was a new insight (for me) into his emotional state of mind and involved his soon to be ex. He was talking about going on tour-he had done a few things already but not a long tour-and then he got another call on a different phone-I know he had at least two private lines or one private line and one phone that went through the downstairs main system-anyway, he put the phone which must have been the private phone-maybe that gold one that was on a stand which he hated because he was always stubbing his toes on it or tripping over it he said, whatever-anyway, he hung the one he was talking to me on over his shoulder I guess, I didn't hear it laid down on anything hard. Anyway I could hear him very well but not the one on the other phone.
It was her, and he got so quiet and when he did talk he stammered nervously. She was coming to see him and letting him know what time and he sounded "scared".
Like a kid whose parents were coming in unexpectedly and maybe the house was a mess? He asked if she was bring Lisa and she wasn't and then he really sounded funny-scared-flustered and a little dismayed. He got off the phone and I could hear him breathing though he wasn't on the phone with me yet. He was also muttering softly to himself, something about what the hell's up now? and other words I didn't get-some swearing too. Then he got back on with me and was totally "Elvis" the guy on stage sounding-he said he had to get cleaned up, get his room straightened up because Priscilla (he didnt say "cilla") is coming in-wants to talk to me 'bout something. What the hell I don't know! I said maybe she just wants to see you- He bristled like a porcupine and muttered "that'd be a f....in joke!" And then he said he had to go, didn't have much time and he wanted to "look good" and had to take a shower etc:.
he muttered something about that woman always makes me sweat! and then said goodbye and slammed up the phone-not intentionally, it was just hard to hang it up I guess. He changed from being warm and friendly to being that in charge, in control and damned if I show anything of me sounding guy. Much later, weeks-he was calling to give me a date he would be in Los Angeles and when the tickets would be on sale he thought. He was himself again, excited to be going out on the tour and didn't mention the visit at all. I think she wanted more money-because she did ask for money as things had not gone to the divorce end as yet-just he gave her so much a month to live on and so much for Lisa's care too-one year's amount was more than we made in two years! But not enough to keep her and the baby.... He laughed about that but in a kind of disgusted way. anyway, I wish I had more transcripts and had taped every conversation but I didn't do that-after all, I thought there would always be another time...wjh
He did say a couple of times that I know of that women were the most expensive "hobby" a man could have!

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 1:15 pm ]
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he muttered something about that woman always makes me sweat!

:) Probably than sentence resumes well their story, from the start to the end, in a wide range of ways. Obviously, Priscilla always made a strong impact on him, no matter what or when.

From his present perpective, El'vis must laugh lovingly to his turmoiling feelings back then, under the "Priscilla's effect". :P :P

Thank you Wanda, for showing Elvis to us so photografically in this scene that you witnessed in such a special manner. It's so easy to imagine him reacting... murmuring to himself... nervously upset....

Author:  Raina [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 1:27 pm ]
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I wonder why Elvis would keep giving her so much money...
Sure he still loved her, she is the mother of his child. And helping out is one thing but it sounds lke he kinda let her take advantage of him.
Could it be because he felth guilthy, and felth he had to give her whatever she wanted, as in a way to make up for it a little?

Love, Raina

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

He wanted her to be happy. He realized he had sheltered her so much, given her so much, and he did earn alot of money and she knew he was always "giving" it away so why not to her? He let her tell him what she wanted it for and how much and usually as far as I know, she got it and sometimes more incase she needed it. He was generous, she was his wife and yes, he did feel guilty about having kept her so isolated in his world and thinking he could always do that, that she'd be happy there-he said he forgot to remember how it was when one "grew up, realized what there was out in the world" and he just didn't think she would want what was out there-he had showed it all to her he said, and she said she just wanted to be his wife, have his children and take care of the home and be there for him. The problem was he said, "I wasn't comin' home enough-and she had no idea, hadn't been there back when it all started and everything was happening so fast. He was right about that-she had no idea what it was like for him to be out on the road, facing live people and doing live shows-she only knew the movie actor Elvis who came home nearly every night and who wasn't gone all that much-and whom she could always get hold of if she needed him. That kind of ended when he got to Las Vegas-he wasn't available days because he slept and he wasn't available nights because he worked-people were always around to see him, keep him busy and too, she didn't understand him, his obsession with music, the shows, the whole thing was unknown to her. And she didn't like being around there either-holed up in a hotel room especially with him sleeping days and her and the baby not on that schedule.
It wasn't easy for her either-and he wasn't receptive to her feelings about it-or she didn't express them for fear of disrupting his euphoria over the whole thing? Who knows-whatever she had already experienced the tv show comeback special Elvis-the changes that made in him and maybe by the time Vegas arrived, it was all too much for either of them to get past. Whatever, Elvis' whole thing was for her to be happy, to have a life whatever it was she wanted and to be able to share with her, their daughter's life. That's all he wanted-and he got that after some wrangling, fussing and the lawyer's good skills. Both of them got what they wanted. She got the money and he got his daughter as often as he could find any time for her. In those early days he spent more time with Lisa than her mom did I think, it seemed like that anyway. Elvis even took her to school and picked her up when he could, and kept the house in LA so she would have roots and a familiar place to live. He was a good dad in everyway that he could think of and still be Elvis Presley and go out to work. In the end, it all worked out like he wanted it to since it wasn't going to work out the way he dreamed it would. wjh

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sun Apr 01, 2007 3:01 am ]
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He was a good dad in everyway that he could think of and still be Elvis Presley and go out to work. In the end, it all worked out like he wanted it to since it wasn't going to work out the way he dreamed it would. wjh

I can feel your conclusion is permeated by your love, compassion and understanding of Elvis and that it goes right to the core of things. Can't imagine a better way to put it. Thank you!

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