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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:36 am ]
Post subject:  time frame

I think that was about 1957 when he was filming in New Orleans "Jailhouse Rock". I read that statement in a book my daughter has that has some scenes and info about eash movie he was making. A reporter from some newspaper in New Orleans was on the set and managed to get a few words from Elvis before the Col. stopped them from getting any contact with him. Elvis would have talked to them-but the Col. made sure it didn't happen very often. And Elvis became gunshy too when his words were turned around and some put into his mouth that he didn't say- There are so few interviews around-and he was always very honest and spoke quite well, even if he didn't think so. The problem was, Col. Tom always according to Felton Jarvis, made Elvis feel insecure, that he should have said something more "catchy" or that he was saying the wrong things.
Personally, people would have held their breath any time just to hear him "sneeze" as one lady put it after a Vegas show. Elvis said it amazed him that he could just wiggle his finger and people would scream-and he told about making a bet with somebody way back in 1956
when he wasn't supposed to do certain body movements that they'd hollar like that if he just wiggled a finger at them. He won the bet....I think he said he just held up his little finger and wiggled it-they nearly took the roof off, was his comment and he laughed saying that he did his usual performance, body movements too, and he wasn't arrested. wjh

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  affect on people

Hi, I was talking with a friend-who got to see Elvis in Vegas and Tahoe all of 93 times! Lucky lady! Anyway, she said Elvis came out on stage and kept looking to the left off stage every few seconds-then finally he stopped doing that. After the show, she found out that a lady had fainted back stage after accidently "running into" Elvis as he was coming to go on. She was newely hired and didn't realize where she was back stage - near the dressing/waiting rooms area and suddenly there he was.
She apparently took one look, sucked in her breath and keeled over. He caught her-imagine how upset she was when she found that out-and she was out cold! Anyway, she was put on the floor by him and medics were called but she started coming a round and he had to go on stage so he said, let her stay-naturally he would-and he was watching to make sure she was okay and when she was - he went on with the show. Boy, he had some moments-no wonder he disliked being shut up in his room so much-life happened outside of there! my friend doesn't have a computer! Or she could really post some stuff! wjh

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