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'Cilla from Elvis-1967-76
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Author:  Barbara Lea [ Fri May 26, 2006 11:52 pm ]
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Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Sat May 27, 2006 6:40 am ]
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when there's no another example to Elvis,including his place on earth,the place in people's confused minds and hearts,and a lifestyle and mostly the beautiful soul he had till the end, in spite of the happenings around,I cannot judge him as an ordinary husband or father or just a man..though I know he wanted to be,he wasn't..His purpose of making millions of people happy,should've given him some privileg,I don't mean cheating his wife or such but he had to be in contact of more people man or woman to spread his ideas, the things that made him who he was I can undrestand his need of being understood, sharing his interests even with other women who listen or make him felt more secure or just to whine or cry,unfortunately,people always think of one think about being alone with the opposite sex in a room :roll: ..one can't expect him to be away from his mission and from people man or woman, who attracted to him in every way..he couldn't ignore them because they weren't just fans and Elvis wasn't just another famous star..Even when they don't know,people loved him for what and who he was..so there wasn't a way for him to have a separated business and home life..of course his love for his wife was real and he must have expected her to realize his unique also hard lifestyle and accept it along with it's goods and bads together, just like he did..that was what she didn't want or wasn't ready or wasn't mature enough,and I also think it wasn't an easy task to be in love with the woman you have nothing common or no interest to share even his music :shock: :shock:
well,the action of leaving must have been easier than to explain or fight for what she planned for her personal life other than being a wife and mother, a job or a mission if she had any,I'm sure there was a way to make him understand and I believe he was a man who knows to listen when you make him believe you're sincere or serious enough on your subject, specially when there's no cra p people around..well just what I'm thinkin'..

a loving man for sure..God bless.. :D

Author:  ALNA [ Sat May 27, 2006 10:09 am ]
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Why were you told not to talk to her. Who said it. Was it Elvis.


Didn't Priscilla talked to anyone being in the same room with different people. Was she that shy or just that arrogant.

For such a young girl, that makes me wonder :roll:

Did she put on so many "airs", surely he must have seen that when she was really that associal.

What did him decide to marry such a person, him being quite the opposite.

Did he tought she was going to change that much after the marriage???

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat May 27, 2006 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Not to talk

It was one of his guys who told us that-when I got there the rest had already been told and they passed it on to those who came later. She was shy, she hardly looked at anyone when she sat down at his feet, and the only ones she glanced up at were those who were speaking. If looks could kill the blond girl would have been struck dead on the spot, but she ignored her and kept throwing lines at Elvis who more or less ignored them-he looked at her but didn't show any sign of having "got" her meaning. He just talked of the funny things at the ball game-he and others had played football at the park nearby and had to leave due to so many people showing up and the cops had come because of blocked traffic-it wasn't a busy place normaly but word got out...

Elvis wasn't thinking about her shyness-he had been very shy and was, so that was shared between them.
He just fell in love and love is blind sometimes and in his case it was because to him, she was perfect. He thought she was sweet, gentle, kind and wonderful period. And she was all those things when he met her or else she responded to him that way. As he said, it HAD to be fate-and probably they have been together in past lives and it's even possible he had done her "Wrong" the last time and this time it was his turn to "suffer for it"-he came up with that one a time or two- I think it was simply a case of too young, too soon, and too much for any one her age in that positon to handle. And also, Elvis was spoiled to having his way, he wasn't easy in that sense and he expected her to "mind him" as the head of the household, her husband and the older one who had been around and was in "charge". He was very much a stickler for that-I teased him a bout being a dictator and he was, very much so about certain things-one being how women ought to behave- there were two kinds of women in his mind, the good ones and the others... And his wife had to fall into the good ones list-and he was crushed when she turned out to be just a normal woman who decided she wanted a different life than what he offered her- It was a case of he married her too soon-he should have let her get out on her own, find out her real self instead of what he "molded her into". I don't believe though he would have ever married any one if he had not been "talked into doing so" by her, by his manager, his father etc:. Not if he had begun to do live shows and travel as he did- Elvis needed to be free to do his thing, he didn't really like having a woman nagging him because he wasn't there for her-he didn't like being forced to conform to any one's idea of what he ought to be... He lived that life from 19 years old-and he conformed...as much as he could to that life- sure he wanted kids and a family...and at the time he married he could have had those things-he was home at night most of the time, just short movie set locations took him away-and a few recording sessions, but he had been home most of the time...so she was spoiled to that too, and she wanted him there-with the baby she could not go running around with him-which is what she had planned to do-keep a leash on him is what she told him-
and he thought her jealously was "cute" and it meant she really loved him. It wasn't meant to end happily this time around-I hope he doesn't have to do it again- wjh

Author:  rachel162cl [ Sat May 27, 2006 5:37 pm ]
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thanks wanda for answer my questions and i guess priscilla is really shy i remember that in vogue magazine when the guy interviewed priscilla he said she was really shy and that lisa marie told him the same that her mother was really private but one you met her she was great
and how lucky to met elvis i mean that must felt amazing and that he talked to you in that way showing his feelings.
Wanda the last question :
elvis and priscilla were closed after the divorce and if they think get back together for real? and also read that even when in his will he didn't mentioned her he left something for her or tell his dad to do that

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat May 27, 2006 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  will

He gave her half of his estate-Graceland. Signed it over to her so she would have half interest and he did that just a few weeks before he died. I'd say he left her plenty-and that he did it on purpose. She was good with her own money and he always thought she was very intelligent and was proud of her for that. He knew she with the help of the lawyers and his father, would know how to take care of things with Graceland and his career things for his daughter. Elvis loved her, in spite of everything, and he trusted her to handle things for Lisa.
That was enough right there and said everything about the way he felt about her. wjh

Author:  maral [ Tue May 30, 2006 3:55 pm ]
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She didn't like the fact the pretty blond girl was in the special-she had also been in one of the last movies wearing a mermaid suit. She heard things and accused him.

the blond says they had an affair for about a year or so. and there are wemon who has written books about ramances with Elvis between 67-72. one even says she did an abortion with HIS baby. and peple believe her because of A) she have many pictures with him B) her storie is alot like Cillas and C) she is mentioned in several books that are "good and well reasearched":roll: .
my point is that many of these female friends of his grab the oppertunety to make up a ramance storries. i think that's wath makes it so easy for cilla to blame him of cheating. wich is a shame.
love, maral

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue May 30, 2006 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Cilla & elvis

Right on Sue, well said. And that ought to just about end the whole question. wjh

Author:  Guest [ Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:22 pm ]
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i am truly confused on this whole issue..First of all Wanda, Marty on the aek board claims you never even really knew Elvis. And also, Elvis did not leave nor mention Priscilla in his will..That will was updated right before he died..So how can this be he left Priscilla half his estate..????

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  Elvis' will

I don't know if this is a new question or an "old" one now.
However, these are the facts: First, Elvis DID NOT mention nor leave Priscilla any thing in his will. He DID earlier, give her a legal note against Graceland (his estate) in lieu of the money he owed her in the dirvorce settlement which he did not pay all at once as he DID NOT have that much in cash to do so. He didn't have cash to give her and maintain his "business" his career, salaries, etc: expenses of operation etc:. so he signed over part of Graceland's value in a legal document and doing so she would have a say in what happened to his estate-and in turn, the money his daughter would inherit. Vernon needed help with all the money issues that came up, since she had that note, he asked for her help. And it's a good thing he did that as the estate was bankrupt shortly after his death....not enough money to pay people, debts or salaries and not enough to keep the place going with all the taxes etc; against it. Elvis knew that Priscilla was "good with money" and said so on several occasions. I hope this answer makes that clear.

As for Marty saying Elvis didn't know me-how would he know that? He knew every person Elvis knew? He had his ear to the keyhole? He listened in on very conversation Elvis had? He hung with him every second of every day/ 24-7, week after week, month after month and year after year? Then tell me this, if he was so up on everything that happened, everyone Elvis knew, where was he when Elvis needed help? Where was he when Elvis' bed was "full of blood" according to TWO eye witnesses who worked for Elvis and were his friends and where the hell was Marty when Elvis was having ACCORDING to the official autopsy reports, those 2 possiblly 3 heart attacks BEFORE the one that killed him? And where was he when Elvis got the compression fractures in his back? That must have been painful, especially out on stage trying to work with that kind of pain. And where the hell was Marty when Elvis was crying alone in the wee hours of the morning? And where was he when Elvis was writing on hotel paper that he didn't have anyone but God to talk to nor did he KNOW who he COULD TRUST around him and how glad he was that everyone WAS GONE and had left him alone? (Was Marty the one who found that note in the wastebasket in Elvis' room-and sold it to Wayne Newton? For "big bucks".) Where was Marty when Elvis needed him? And WHY was it Elvis felt he couldn't let those trusted and 24-7 guys "see" the guy behind the myth, the guy who so wanted to have people he could talk with about his inner needs, feelings and spiritual thoughts? His girl friends, some the short term ones, had more insight and understanding of Elvis than his 24/7 friends.

I realize it must be difficult for those guys to accept the fact that there were people who knew Elvis perhaps better and on a different level than they did and that he CHOSE to keep those people separate from his life with them.

It is enough for me that Elvis' father Vernon Presley, found it in his heart to write to us, thank us for writing the book about his son and say "you are a friend". He was an honorable man, just like his son Elvis was an honorable man.

Thanks for the questions. If I know the answers, I will respond. Otherwise, ask Marty, I'm sure he can come up with something. Wanda June Hill

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