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 Post subject: Conversation with Elvis
PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:02 pm 
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A few years ago, during my research of Elvis' life and career, I came across with a little book called "Conversation with Elvis". The author is a Medium named Greta Svenson. I like to share this little book here with everybody - may it is interesting for some. But I have to do it in 3-4 parts.
GS - Greta Svenson
E - Elvis

As a Spiritual Medium I have always tried to help people through the use of my guides and other friends in Spirit, in addition to helping them by drawing on my own life’s experiences and knowledge. I consider it a great privilege to be able to use my gift in this way and my work has been very fulfilling. Nothing however, could have prepared me for what happened six years ago when I found myself being contacted by the spirit of Elvis Presley.
I had reached a very low point in my life and was trying to find something that would bring comfort and help me through this difficult time. I remember thinking one day, that I would be nice to listen to Elvis singing again, so I bought a new CD for the first time in many years.
The day turned out to be very special. I was in my kitchen, listening to the songs that I loved, when I suddenly became very tearful. I realized that I had been thinking of Elvis, asking him for his help and felt a strong presence as he came through to me. I couldn’t help but wonder “Is this really happening? Am I really talking to Elvis?” But feeling his soothing energy, hearing his voice and then finally seeing him, I was left in no doubt: This is really Elvis. He assured me that everything would be all right and that he would help in whatever way he could. As the songs played, calmness came over me as I felt the dark cloud of anxiety being lifted. It was a beautiful moment and something that will always stay with me.
As the months passed, our link grew stronger as Elvis continued to communicate with me, expressing his views and opinions on various subjects, gradually becoming more personal and in-depth. If I could describe him, I would use two words – Sweetness and Light, as there is an aura of such kindness around him.
One day I asked Elvis “so many people have written books about you and told their stories. I think your sentiments and opinions should be written down for people to read, especially your fans. Would you agree to that?” He thought for a little while and then told me “Yes, I will talk through you. I would like that very much as I have a few things I’d like to say.”
Elvis is an old soul and I believe he was haunted by experiences from one or more of his previous lives. He understood this, but needed guidance to get an insight into his own spiritual journey, much of which was denied him. He pored over books, hungry for knowledge, but he was never allowed to do so, he would have been given answers and his Soul would not have been so tormented, as he often felt alone and also quite afraid.
Elvis’ presence is very powerful. I always feel his emotions of happiness, sadness, anger and reflective moods, and of course, his sense of humor is also evident. To me Elvis has always been the good looking singer I used to admire as a teenager, and now I look upon him as a close friend. I can understand writers saying that they feel attached to the subjects or people they write about, because it becomes a huge part of your everyday life.
Sometimes Elvis just comes for a visit to say “Hi” and let me know that he is there in case I need to ask him something with regards to our conversations. There was one time when I thought he had left while I was writing and I called out via thought “Elvis are you still there?” “Yes, I’m here.” I couldn’t feel your presence just then.” “That’s because you’re getting used to me staying around.”
I have many people from the Spirit world around me when I’m communicating with Elvis because they want to look in to see what’s happening. Words spread fast over there, and Elvis is known in both worlds. Nothing has changed. All the impersonators who have passed over can now see their idol whenever they wish. Such is the freedom of the Spirit world and Elvis welcomes everyone. That has always been his way.
People don’t change when they pass over, but any illness and suffering will be healed. Elvis is there – as good looking as he ever was – and his wonderful personality remains the same. When Elvis has been here there is always a feeling of total peace. It is as though I can hear the stillness – an otherworldly atmosphere – filled with healing.
For me, this has been a very emotional spiritual journey and has admittedly been my most difficult task as a Medium. Communicating with Elvis over a long period of time brought constant waves of emotional changes, which made me very tired, both mentally and physically. I often felt that I wanted to give up and at time wept in frustration. In my heart I felt differently. I wanted to do this because I knew that had I given up I would have let myself down, and would never have found an excuse valid enough to justify my inability. And what about Elvis? He wanted it so much. He had open his heart to me and talked about everything. I couldn’t let him down as well.
All this went through my mind as I sat in my apartment, listening to his music. Talking to him had been the most heart-warming experience I had ever had. I shall never forget how inspiration came to me when I needed it most. Suddenly there seemed to be photos of Elvis displayed in shop windows no matter where I went. I came across articles about him in magazines and newspapers I would read. Elvis seemed to be everywhere.
But the best inspiration came by way of me going to the cinema and watching a film that I thought seemed interesting. It was set in the Deep South and they even talked about Memphis. It also had the most uplifting Gospel singing. I couldn’t help thinking afterwards: “Is something trying to tell me something here?” When I walked outside there was a glorious sight of a double rainbow, which I had never seen before. I remember feeling very happy and looked at the rainbow saying “thank you” to everybody for the help that I had received.
This book is about the man behind the legend, a man who simply wanted to help people through his music and acts of kindness. An extremely sensitive human being who was searching for answers on his spiritual journey through life. It touches upon the heart and soul of Elvis and within these pages you will find there is a message from him – one of love.

Chapter one
A personal message from Elvis
I’m sure many of you good people out there have sometimes wondered if there’s more to come after the life on earth. I’d like to say to you that – yes, life continues in another beautiful place and we can communicate between our two worlds. This is not a mystery. It has been proven time and time again that contact is being made, something that I have experienced myself. I have been in contact with people many time – by transference of thoughts – both by my own doing and with the help of mediums.
I believe we are all part of the Universe – and how big is that? I also believe life is pre-planned for each of us, but you need to have an awareness to become part of it on a conscious level. There’s so much comfort to be had by being aware of the spiritual aspect of life, and it proves to us that our two worlds are connected. The little I learned from books has since turned into a major study, and I’ve had a full recognition of what I read is true.
Many have contacted me since I came here. Some were genuine and some just did it for kicks. But it takes all kind. I always thought I’d have plenty of time to write my life story. But I was wrong. This is the very first time I’ve had the opportunity to express my opinions and I’ve talked about pretty much everything that’s on my mind. It seems it’s never too late to have your say.

GS: Elvis, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding your passing, with people who would want to know what happened and how you felt. Is there anything you would like to say about this?
E: I was very sick at the time and everything seemed hazy and fuzzy. I felt very restless, like a caged animal and I had a lot of pain. I tormented myself with thoughts that I couldn’t continue living a life being addicted to all the drugs and I wanted to stop taking them. I felt lonesome – so very lonesome, and then I saw the light beckoning me. I saw Jesus – I had a revelation – He stood in front of me and I felt safe until I fell asleep. That is all I can remember.

GS: What was the first thing you remember when you passed over the Spirit World?
E: It all seemed to happen very fast and I was confused. I couldn’t figure out where I was and what had happened – my mind was in total confusion. Then somebody explained to me that I had left the Earth Life and I realized that I must have done, because I had no pain and everything felt different.

GS: Who was there to meet you?
E: It was my mother I saw first. She looked beautiful and also very young. She touched my face and I felt her soft hands and I knew everything would be just fine. She told me that at last she had both her boys with her. She said to me that she’d been told of my arrival and she’d been waiting for me. It was quite something to meet my mother again and it’s impossible to find words to describe how I felt.
GS: Was anyone else there apart from your mother?
E: Yes, she had a small group of people with her and I recognized some of them from my visions early in my life. They were healers or doctors and people who worked on the medical side of things. I was told that I needed to stay at a special healing place and rest for a while because I was emotionally very tired. Some very kind people looked after me and told me not to worry about a thing. They talked to me and cared for me all the time and explained everything that had happened, and that I felt confused and disillusioned because it had all happened so fast. It was very beautiful at this place where I stayed and brighter than any other place I had ever seen. It was so peaceful. I’m not sure how long I was there, but after some time my mother came to see me and she took me to where my brother was. Well, I can tell you – seeing my brother – it was like looking at myself in the mirror. I can’t describe my feelings at this point, when suddenly after so many years – so many years without them; I not only had my mother but my brother as well. I was so happy and I felt so safe and then I met friends from my life on Earth who had arrived here before me and people that I had talked to via transference of thoughts while I was on Earth. Wherever I went and whomever I saw, there was just love everywhere. Having met my mother again I just knew – my soul knew, that being here meant the ultimate peace and that feeling came to me pretty soon after I came here. You can only have this feeling of total peace where I am now.
GS: What is like where you are?
E: Life here is very fulfilling, my mind is at ease and I have the freedom that I always longed for. This is a place that dreams are made of; freedom is the greatest gift to have. I now feel I have the freedom and strength of an eagle.

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The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
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Chapter 2

GS: Elvis, did you have any unusual spiritual experiences in your Earth life?
E: Yes, as a matter of fact something happened when I was very young – like I was just visiting that life. I felt sometimes that I didn’t really belong there and I always felt different in a way – it’s hard to explain – like just a part of me being there. I was kind of jumping between two places. That’s how I felt and thinking about it now – I had this feeling of restless energy all through my life, like I was always searching for something. I also had visions. The most beautiful visions of places not known to me and I saw people in those visions, but I didn’t know them either. It was like a different life being shown to me. I sometimes wondered if I was shown this to let me know there was something more waiting after my life on Earth. I had always believed in the Afterlife, that there was more to come – when I had done what I’d been put on Earth to do. You know – people said I did all kinds of things – that I thought I had supernatural powers – that I was a prophet of some kind – but whatever it was – whatever the reason for my being there, I did what I felt was right. It was like I had a calling, that I was meant to do something – but I was never sure as to what it was.
GS: Did anyone explain to you the traumatic effect the loss of a twin will have on a person?
E: No, I wasn’t told any of that, but I often felt as though my brother was there with me – I talked to him and he talked back to me – I heard his voice. I can’t remember exactly when it first happened how old I was – but as a boy I started talking to him and I felt his presence.
GS: When you had visions of this other place, do you think it could have been that you were shown the Spirit World where your brother was?
E: That’s a possibility, because it was like I felt certain recognition when I came here. My brother is here with me and that’s just like being with the other part of myself. The first time I met him was like coming home.
GS: Did you manage to talk about your spiritual experiences when you were here on Earth?
E: Later on in life I did. I talked and then I talked some more. I had a very special friend who understood what I was talking about and he also knew the great impact these experiences had on my life. He was a great friend – invaluable to my being. You know, he said to me that I may not find the true purpose in that life, but that life continues and that the Earth life was just the beginning – and that is exactly right. It soothes my soul to be able to talk about my innermost thoughts – how it used to be. To remember trusted friends with gratitude and love.
GS: Elvis, we all love you. You are with us in spirit and will live on in our hearts and through your music forever.
E: I get very touched by what you say – I love you all and always will.
GS: You’ve always had a love of spiritually related books, how important was this to you?
E: The spiritual side of my life gave everything a deeper meaning and the books I used to read always gave me comfort. I used to think of it as a Soul comfort. The people who made this reading available to me – or introduced me to the books, were very good friends of mine, people that I truly loved you know. I’d like to thank them for this – for being there for me.
GS: Do you believe you have lived on Earth more than once?

E: Yes, I believe I have been on Earth three times from what I remember being explained to me about reincarnation and previous lives. I did some regression and once I saw myself in a life some 2000 years ago. I can’t say I liked this experience very much, but I wanted to try it as I’ve always found this fascinating. I believe in Karma too. I believe that everything from any previous lives follow us into the next incarnation and that we have to live with what took place in those lives – that whatever happened continues to stay with us. You can’t break that.
GS: Do you think you will reincarnate again?
E: No, I won’t. That was my last lifetime on Earth. It has all been explained to me here that this is a conscious choice based on the free will and past life experiences. Then on a lighter note, I think there are enough copies of me around to last, I have been cloned in a way because of the many Elvis impersonators around the world. I’m quite proud of that you know - that people want to look like me and sing my songs – I’m both honored and overwhelmed by that. It’s beautiful – all the love that goes into this. Thank you.
GS: You mentioned to me that you had experienced premonitions. Could you tell me more about this?
E: I found that I had premonitions about incidents in my life. One thing I always fought against was this strong feeling of dislike I had for some people – like I knew they’d be no good to me. This was not easy because I worked against my own instincts by always believing there’s got to be some good in everybody. But you know, I was right about those people – and when it dawned on me how right I’d been, I said to myself: “Hey Presley – you’ve fooled yourself again”. I often had this strong foreboding about my own life – or the end of it. It was kind of strange – like it was something there telling me I wouldn’t be around into old age.
GS: How did you experience giving healing to people?
E: Sometimes I felt like my entire body was burning hot – which it wasn’t – but that’s how it felt. That’s when I knew I’d be coming across somebody who needed help. It was like I was guided every time. My instincts told me what to do – they were so strong that I couldn’t ignore them. Each time I was part of a healing process – it only lasted a short while, but I always felt the jolts through my body. It didn’t hurt or anything – it just happened. It was possibly a lot of power coming from above and I was grateful that I could be of help – to be worthy of such a task. I have always felt a deep sadness for people in distress and will always try and do my very best to help as much as I can.
GS: Yes, I know you do. You came and helped me emotionally a few years ago and I will always be very grateful for that. So thank you Elvis – for being there for us.

Chapter 3

GS: Elvis, are there any special times that you wish to talk about?
E: The old times – the first few years. I would like to thank all my true friends who were there for me at the very beginning before the mayhem began, and who stood by me. You knew me when I was teenager in my new clothes – a young man who just wanted to sing and enjoy life. God knows how much I wanted to – to do just that. You were the closest anybody would get to know the real me, Thank you with all my heart. You are with me every day – some of you are here with me now. It doesn’t end because we leave Memphis. No man, I’m telling you – it goes on and that’s a fact. It was a rough ride sometimes, but I’d like to say there were more good times than not. We had it all.. God bless you.
GS: One Sunday evening I felt Elvis’ presence. He was in a happy mood and wanted to talk.
GS: Hello Elvis, what would you like to talk about tonight?
E: I’d like to talk about what I’d be doing had I still been in your world. It was my birthday just the other day and I would’ve like to spent some time with my grandkids on that day. We would’ve had go-kart rallies and gone horse riding – and maybe a plane ride over the Grand Canyon and anything else they wanted to do. I know we would’ve shared some precious good times in the years they were growing up.
GS: Do you want me to write this?
E: Yes I do. I love my family and it’s nothing wrong in me wishing I could’ve some time with them.
GS: Talking about your birthday, how would you have celebrated?
E: There would’ve been a very special party by way of going down memory lane – looking up old friends from a time – way back, when I was just a baby. Yeah, to really celebrate old fashioned style. That was always my way. They say kids and old folks have the best of times so it would’ve been a great party.
GS: If you could pick one of your own songs to play on your birthday, which one would it be?
E: It could be only “That’s All Right”.
GS: What clothes do you think you would have worn at your party?
E: A kind of black velvet suit I guess – always a favorite. I don’t think my style in clothes would’ve changed all that much – despite my grand age (Laughing).
GS: What changes would you have made in your life had this been possible?
E: Quite a few I’d say. The very first change that comes to mind relates to the management, as I had realized for some time that this needed to be done. It was just a matter of time. Then with a new manager on the scene, I would’ve written a clause, stating that I’d make my own final decisions. This would’ve been a newfound pleasure called freedom. I would’ve travelled a great deal as this was something I’d always wanted to do. To take off and see all those beautiful countries would be just like living a dream. I believe I would’ve always been a singer, but looking back I would’ve chosen less fame. I often felt I had the need for more time so that I could pursue other avenues in life. I don’t know, but I often wondered if I neglected opportunities that came my way. It was difficult at times, I’d say that, and I wish I’d had the courage to speak my mind more than I did and also trust my own instincts. I believe that had I been able to do this, then some untold changes would’ve happened. It’s hard to imagine what could’ve been, but yes - changes would’ve been a sure thing. And I can only take a guess from there and I can see no limitations.
GS: You have always been drawn to the Native American culture, why do you think this was?
E: I’ve always felt a strong bond with the Native Americans. I found their way of life fascinating and I loved the symbols representing their beliefs. I enjoy the Native’s ways of life and I have adopted their traditions and somehow entwined these with my own beliefs and traditions I grew up with. This all gives everything a broader spectrum and my life here is very fulfilling. I have a Native friend, who is very special to me, because when we met we became blood brothers. That happened many years ago and he told me that we would meet again in another life when the time was right. So the way it worked out was that I came here first and he followed a few years later.
GS: My own Spirit Guide – a Native American Shaman called Black Bear – has become a friend of Elvis, and one day I spoke to them both. I sensed a lot of humor coming through – a true feeling of happiness. Black Bear, can you explain how you met Elvis?
BB: I know Elvis because our Soul groups are connected and we became friends. I think he looks like me too.
GS: What do you think Elvis?
E: Yes, we look alike. I’d say we could be brothers. He is a great guy, always happy, always singing.
GS: Aren’t you singing?
E: Oh yes, I’m singing – nothing’s changed. My life here is pretty much the same as before.
GS: Have you formed a group with your Native friends?
E: No, we haven’t done that. We kinda sing different songs, but not all at the same time which is a good thing as none of us read music.
GS: Do you have musicians there with you?
E: Yes, I have some great musicians here with me – and we’re always rehearsing new songs, especially those I never got to sing before.
GS: What else do you do that you enjoy?
E: I ride horses bare back because I just love horses and these are running free – just like I do in a way.
GS: Do you still read your books?
E: I do – I read my books and I’m learning all the time.
GS: I can sense that you are happy.
E: Yes, I’m happy. I have no worries, no troubles, no heartaches – just the good times. This would be a good line for a song….,..

The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
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Chapter 4

To Elvis with love,
Every time you sang a song, the world became a better place. And now – although you have left the stage, you are still here amongst us, every time we hear your songs. We needed someone special to come along and brighten up our lives, and that someone was you. The purpose of your life was to sing and make millions of people happy and that is what you did. You spread the Gospel through your music – you had compassion for humanity and unconditionally gave your love as your entire being is in every song. When you were shown your path, you acknowledged and followed this – and in doing so, you kept on walking straight into our lives and our hearts. Thank you Elvis – for your music, for your love and for being you.

GS: Elvis, out of all the songs that you recorded during your career, which one would you say was your favorite?
E: Hound Dog – Yeah, that’s the one. Always close to my heart. It was perfect. Perfect beat – perfect backing. It wasn’t just the song. It was everything. The original recording from a time when I was very happy – when I enjoyed my life enjoyed my friends and knew nothing of what was to come. So ‘Hound Dog’ it is. I guess a lot of people will be surprised, but then – maybe not.
GS: What about American Trilogy’?
E: Sure – that’s an all time great – a soaring combination of instruments and voices. It’s one of a kind.
GS: I think many people feel uplifted when they hear this song. How did it make you feel?
E: Well – it’s very powerful and it carries you, that’s true. I felt I reached a peak between the two worlds, possible carried on the sounds of this fantastic musical effort by every person on that stage. That’s the only way I can describe it. I guess we all felt the same. We all became one voice, and it was the same every time.
GS: You never sang ‘If I Can Dream’ on stage. Why was that?
E: Because the words here are too precious and could get lost between the stage and the audience. This was a song I wanted to give to each of you, who would understand and take the time to really listen to the message. You see – there’s a clear message in those words – it goes beyond entertainment and it touches the score of the soul. I couldn’t even try to explain this to the others because I would lose them – it was too deep. The stage was not worthy of that song.
GS: What kind of songs do you like now?
E: I like a whole variety of songs – all kinds of music. I still like rock ’n’ roll – it’s hard not to. You see, as long as the song has got what it takes – I like it. The lyrics, the tune, the beat, whatever – it’s got to reach the part of me that loves music. I’ve always liked sentimental songs, and there’s one I’d like to mention here – it’s called ‘Solitaire’ and it gets me every time. It’s very beautiful and holds a lot of sadness – but I like that in a song.
GS: If you were to dedicate a song for your fans today, which one would it be?
E: (after a long pause) ‘My Way’ – Yes, somehow it just feels right. Then I’d say to my friends out there: “Whichever song you like the most, I sang it just for you”.
GS: You often wondered why all this fame and fortune came to you. Did you ever find an answer to this?
E: Yes I did. I now know and also understand to some point that our lives are preplanned – even before we are born. Many have explained to me here – where I am now – that the real reason for me being famous was not so that I could enjoy a privileged life, but so that people knew where to find me, because it was only through my music that I could reach them. I found it overwhelming to be this special person. Opportunities were presented to me and I just followed. I didn’t always know how to handle it all, but whatever it was I wanted it. I knew it was my life. I was on a roll man, it all leading to fame. At times it was surreal you know? Like I was watching a movie.
GS: What inspired you in your life?
E: The Gospel. This was my first love of music and it stirred a longing I had to want to sing. Then, inspiration to become the person I was – that was something deep inside of me, wanting to be different. I knew I was different from a young age. Not better than anybody else, just different. It was a feeling of walking alone. I was always searching for something, but I never found my answers however hard I tried. Life sure has a way of throwing questions at you, so I’d say that my inspiration was life itself. And then, to be liked and loved by so many, it just made me want to go on and do the impossible. Life itself is just beautiful.
GS: You were very generous to the people in your life. Do you think it was appreciated?
E: I can’t really answer that, but as far as the giving was concerned – that was just part of me. What I had, I wanted to share, plain and simple. I didn’t want no praise for it – I didn’t have to be told I was kind, how great I was, followed by a slap on the back. No, I just did what I wanted to in that respect.
GS: What about trusting people?
E: I didn’t trust many I can tell you that – but I had a few people I could trust, who really cared. They knew how difficult it was for me at times and in their own way they wanted to help. ‘They told me they’d always be there if I needed them. Somehow I just knew that they were there for me, that they were genuine.
GS: Do these people know who they are?
E: Oh yes, true friends always know. They know I’m talking about them, I’m sure of that.
GS: You felt very hurt at the time by the book of your former employees wrote about you, is there anything you would like to say about this?
E: Yes, I’d like to say something. There was no great drama being unfolded as such, but I’d like to stress upon the fact that certain people should not have been part of my life. Sometimes my life was made very difficult for me, you know? It was all to do with money and greed. Sometimes I felt like a prisoner held in the glamorous image of Elvis Presley. I never wanted to talk bad about anybody, but some of those who called themselves my friends – they let me down. Why’d you do it fellas? Why try to take away a man’s zest for life? I will never understand you guys. You’re the mystery – not me. Friendship gets tarnished by jealousy and greed. You can polish all you like – it gleams for a while but then it corrodes. But that’s life for you. Nobody really knew Elvis Presley – the man behind the jokes and the laughs – behind the lifestyle and the money.
GS: Elvis, we often talked about happiness and life. Were you happy?
E: Well, I believe that happiness and how we experience it is a personal thing. Sometimes I was very happy and sometimes I was not. That’s how it was. I never knew lasting happiness, but I had many happy moments and many treasured times. What hit me the hardest was the fact that I didn’t have my freedom – when you’ve had it and then don’t have it you sure know the difference. There were times when it all just became too much and life became troublesome. If I say to you – it was a nightmare in daytime, nighttime, any time – then that’s how it was. Somehow I always felt I had to be happy and preserve an image, but it was just that - an image. But you know, some people play a great part in your life and I wish to remember those who brought me happiness. Especially my family and my friends. They’re beautiful. Then, thinking back – I was always happy on stage. Performing, talking, fooling around with the guys at rehearsals. the laugher, they were all fantastic. It was then that I felt alive – emotional and physical pain forgotten. Before each show, the place was full of magic and when the light came on everything just fell into place. These are the memories that stay with me now.

Chapter 5

GS: There are people that believe you are still alive and living in seclusion somewhere here on Earth. Some say there have even been sightings if you. What are your thoughts on this?
E: I’m not sure what I can say here. It’s got to be somebody who’s had surgery of some kind and just made himself look like me. I know about all the impersonators, but they’re just that. I reckon somebody’s taken it all a step too far. I really don’t know what to say other than this. I was a very sick person and I was taken home by God to relieve me of pain and any further suffering. I didn’t know I had reached my point of endurance, but the good Lord knew, and I – I was lifted away from the drudgery caused by pain and drugs. I was been released – I was set free. If some folks out there wish to believe that I’m still around, then let them have their illusion and believe what they believe is the truth. I can’t do or say anything to change people’s mind. There’s no more I can say.
GS: Do you follow what goes on in the ‘World of Elvis Presley’ here on Earth?
E: Not as closely as I should I guess, but I have people here who tell me about it.
GS: I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of your friends in Spirit. Is there anything you would like to say about them?
E: I have many good friends here with me and some of these guys were around when I was around and we somehow met up here again. Shared interests I guess. I’d say – these guys – they don’t come any better.
GS: There is a lot of love and admiration that is expressed by fans towards my yourself and your music. What were things like behind the scenes?
E: In reality, the world of Elvis Presley on Earth was not a peaceful place to be. People only saw the glorified side. We had plenty of fun and games – I’ll say that, but also jealousy and intrigue. This was just part of everyday life – that’s how I saw it, and I was around to see it happening. To those who enjoy my music and remember the good times, I’ll say: Thank you for honoring my name and for believing in the good. I’d also like to say that part of my world was very beautiful. God bless you all for remembering that part.
GS: Some say your mind was so complex that you were difficult to understand. Do you wish to say anything about that?
E: My mind just seemed complex because I had to do lot thinking for other people most of the time. The reason why they didn’t understand me was because they never took the time to really listen to what I had to say. Hey, they knew about my life – but my mind is my own.
GS: Why do you think people say that you are a mystery?
E: They didn’t know the truth and nobody ever will. My life was just one of the shows that leave you thinking – but if it can be of any comfort to those who are searching for answers about my life, let me just say this: not even I have all the answers.
GS: Could you tell me a little about the man behind the ‘legend’?
E: The man behind the legend – or the image as I prefer to call it – was just a boy at heart who wanted some fun and that never changed. I was nobody special, just an everyday guy searching for happiness – grabbing the best moment, life threw my way. I was one of you – except my whole life was exposed and there was nowhere I could hide. People knew more about me than I knew myself – it makes you kind of wonder what price you pay for fame. Then, with all that in mind, I’d like to emphasize the happiness I felt every time I was on that stage. To be a performer and be welcomed each time by an audience who liked me and enjoyed my music – gave me the greatest thrill. I never got tired of it. Those who came to see the shows – I just loved them all and still do. It’s something I will never forget.
GS: Do you have any regrets?
E: (Pause) Well – yes I guess so. Just like everybody else I imagine. It’s only human nature to wish that things had been different – been better in many ways – and I for one wished many times that it could’ve been better. I often wondered what might have happened had I made a different choice at certain stages in my life. Then again, all the wondering in the world won’t make it right, whatever seemed wrong at the time. When it came to people being in my life for special reasons – it being for a short or a long time – if I could help in any way, that’s what I did. Those who showed me kindness, who gave me love, I also loved them. Love is the greatest thing you know. God loves us all, which is the ultimate, but where is the brotherhood amongst men?
GS: What are your thoughts about life?
E: In general?
GS: Yes, in general.
E: I don’t have any specific thoughts about life as such, because life itself unfolds in a different way for each of us. Some will have a life with much hardship and some will live on the sunny side. To find reasons and give opinions as to why is impossible to do. I would just like to say to you all – try and find all the happiness you can. There’s no remedy to follow – that would be impossible, as we’re all different, but try the best you can. You can do more than that. Believe that the light is there eternally and that whatever happens you are never alone.
GS: What is usually on your mind?
E: Sometimes everything is on my mind – my whole life – and I see it all like a motion picture. I’ve had thoughts and I’ve wondered at times if I maybe left that life too soon. There was so much more I wanted to do. But we all know that God’s will be done. Then upon reflection, I’d like to think that I did enough after all. I tried my very best for as long as I could and as my thoughts are changing I see images of the happy times and I carry those memories with me all the time.

Chapter 6

GS: If you were to write a book is there anything in particular that you would want people to know?
E: I’d like them to know the truth about my life – the reality. Some things would be pretty hard to relive and write down, I’d do it. I wouldn’t write an autobiography as such, because by doing so I would expose certain people in my life that I wish to protect. That’s the sad things. It doesn’t matter how cleverly the words are written, there’s always somebody who’ll get hurt, and often an innocent one at that. But I’d write about my life and dreams in my own words and to use a famous line I’d say: ‘Welcome to my world.”
GS: More than 600 books have been written about you, Elvis, What do you think of that?
E: That’s something. I never knew I was such an interesting person. Thank you all.
GS: From all this books about your life, most people feel they know everything there is to know about you. Do they?
E: No, they don’*t. Only I know everything about myself, because I was the one who lived my life. And nobody will ever know my thoughts or my dreams, my happiest hour or my deepest despair. So they can’t know.
GS: With so many people around you in your everyday life, did you manage to keep anything secret from them?
E: Yes I did. That was one of my favorite past times.
GS: Would you consider yourself much of a talker?
E: No – just saying what I felt was necessary. I guess I was never a conversations maker. As a matter of fact, I did my talking through my singing most of the time, when I could express my true feelings. I believe most people knew this, especially my friends.
GS: What made you choose the songs you did?

E: Most times it was the lyrics that appealed to me first – and then there were times when I listened to a song just once, and knew without a doubt that this was a song I wanted to sing. There’s a song for everybody, for every mood and emotion, for every part of life. I was lucky in that I had so many great songs to choose from and had the opportunity to sing so many of them.
GS: Do you think you would enjoy writing your own songs now?
E: Well, yes – I think so. I’ve always enjoyed reading poetry so maybe now would’ve been a good time to try and write some myself. To me each song is poetry in music.
GS: You could have a number one hit in the charts again.
E: It’s a nice thought, but for that to happen it’s got to be something special that people like. I’m not sure, but I’d like to think there’ll always be room for some rock ‘n’ roll.
GS: I agree, and especially for those of us who were rocking and rolling to your music in the fifties.
E: That’s just great to hear you know. The fifties were the best years of my life and can only be described as both a milestone and a breakthrough.
GS: Would you consider writing a book set in the fifties?
E: (laughs) If I did, it would b e a very happy book filled with memories of the good times. Some pretty interesting things happened back then – not just to me but to all of us. It was good just being alive, you know?
GS: Is there anything else you would have wanted to write?
E: Yes, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to write something to my fans. I thought of this as a way thanking them for their support and love in my years as an entertainer. I once read that everything we write reflects our thoughts, and will not be forgotten. I like the sentiment in this and it’s also very true.
GS: With all the writing done for the day, how would you unwind?
E: I’d go outside and ride my horse and just be by myself for a while. I would end the day like most days, with a song – and I’d sing the first song that came to my mind – Blue Sky Over Memphis.
GS: Is there such a song, Elvis?
E: No, but I’d make it up as I was riding along.
GS: What do you think you would have been doing had you still been here on Earth?
E: That’s a good question. Well, the first thought that comes to mind is that had I still been on Earth, I would’ve have been blesses with good health. Before I go any further here, I would especially like to thank all those who looked after me in my times of need. I would’ve possibly been a record producer. I can’t think of anything else right now, but producing music seems like a great idea, and the way I see it- I’d be too young to retire (laughs). I’d like to think that my company would be right in the heart of Memphis – that I’d continue from where it all first began. I couldn’t see myself being an entertainer at this stage in my life, but if people still liked me and I was asked to do a show, then I would do that. This would be a great pleasure as I always enjoyed a live audience. If I’d had all these years back in the old fire, I’d like to think some things would’ve been different – happier – more harmony in everyday life. It’s hard to say exactly what I’d be doing, but if I’d followed my instincts then my life would be my own. You know, no management – nobody telling me what to do – that kind of thing. I’d like to think that it would have been a good life, also a happy life. Talking of happiness I can see the group getting together for some good jamming for old times’ sake. This all sounds pretty good to me and I’ll just end this by saying that the most important part of my life would always be my family and friends. I’d would make sure we’d have some precious good times together, because those I love would be my life
GS: Do you like being in contact with your old world?
E: Yes I do. I’m very happy to be in touch, especially when I know it’s genuine – like I’m talking to all those I love.
GS: Elvis, you are loved and remembered with affection – and just as you sing about the Land of Cotton, it is also you who will not be forgotten.
E: Ah, yes – the Old Land – always a beautiful place to be. That’s a beautiful thing to say. Thank you.
GS: Elvis before we finish, are there any final thoughts that you would like to share with me?
E: As a personal greeting to those who stood by me in my life I’d like to say to you: You guys who showed me respect and kindness – my true friends throughout my life and my dedicated musicians – in case I didn’t say it before – you guys were the greatest and I love you. Thank you. You know in your hearts that I’m talking to you – you know who you are. To my fans I’d like to say: My one regret as an entertainer was that I didn’t get the opportunity to travel and meet my fans in other countries. This was my wish for many years. Whichever place you choose to mention, I sure haven’t been there. It<>’s the saddest thing it never happened. My friends – wherever you are – thank you for liking my music and for standing by me. Without all you beautiful guys, I would’ve been nothing. It’s been a great pleasure to be able to say this to you and I’d like to wish you all good health and a happy life. Thank you very much. God bless you.
A few days after I had concluded my interview, Elvis contacted me again and told me that he would like to add something to what he had already said. Elvis was very emotional and tearful, which I sensed very strongly and cried as I wrote this down.
E: I’d like to mention three people in my life. I know they’ll understand why I say this:
Scotty – I had this plan you see, that we’d be in business together. It’s a shame it never happened. I just wanted to tell you my thoughts at the time. I love you.
Lamar – When we’ll meet again – when that happens – I want you to know that I’ve got a job for you that you’ll like. I love you.
Billy – You’re the best – always have been. You were always very special to me. I love you.
I was very lucky in that I had some good trusted friends – and I love them all. I always have. I don’t want anybody to speculate over what happened to me on my last day. You see – I had to leave and that was God’s will. He knew I couldn’t take any more. Man, it was hell. Believe me what I’m saying. It was best for all concerned – including me – that I left.
I had prayed and asked many times to be taken away from my lonely existence – and finally my prayers were answered. It was an arrangement I had made with the good Lord. We had an understanding and He knew because only He could see my suffering. I could only leave the final decision to Him, and I did so.

The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:41 pm 
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Hi, thanks for posting this interview AngelEyes; it was interesting and quite like
Elvis in thought and action. I found it interesting that he did not mention by
word his marriage other than saying there were sad, heartbreaking times he wished
he could have done differently. And mentioning grand kids...interesting that he
didn't mention his own child or at least she did not include those comments; the interviewer's choice and sometimes the interviewed person's wishes. I also found
it so like him to mention specifically Scotty whom he had wished to keep around, as he did his first little group members but he was not permitted to use them for
reasons unknown as it wasn't his ideas. And then Lamar whom he had around
for years, tried to help and it was often a rather caustic relationship but
he kept him on through all those years and ups and downs of their friendship/employee relationship. And then his little cousin Billy, whom Elvis felt
needed to be needed and to be special since he was a small framed guy, and
Elvis kind of felt protective of him and his family. Elvis did care deeply for his
family and friends, especially those he felt needed "building up" emotionally, he
tried to do that in dealing with them. Those 3 were there for him from early on,
and stayed to the end. He would have felt empathy and true to his nature,
he put them "in the spotlight" one more time for all to see and know that they
were HIS guys, his men. Special.
Many times I have read or heard bits and pieces from mediums who say they
had contact, or made contact with him- most of those times it does not
"sound" like Elvis to me and I don't "feel" anything about their comments - I did
feel that it was Elvis in this conversation- if not him- someone else who knew
the man, and who pulled "him" out of their "hat" for her to believe...but she
says she "saw him" and I too have done that since he departed...not physically saw him when awake...but I have heard his voice-clearly. And I have dreamed
and saw him right down to the knees...I never see his feet??? I'd bet he is wearing boots...or perhaps went back to the loafer style he wore in the 50's.
Thanks again, it was a job I'm sure! Well worth reading and interesting too.

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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My inner experience with El'vis soul -and I believe Maia's too, reading what she channalized and posted in this Forum some years ago - shows a much more expanded Being with a much higher vibration than the Elvis that conversation brings to us. :? Maybe it's just a question of focus... :roll:

Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
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Hi, yes, he was "deeply" evolved spiritually, however under that time frame as
her book came out some years back-he may have been less inclined to "come out"
as strongly or freely as he did with Maia and others, in order to say something
to the fans...who would not understand much of what he might say. Elvis would
have come through in a way the general public/fans would accept his doing so.
He was careful in life and he would be more so in spirit in dealing with the "untrained and less spiritual" as he so as to not "run them off" or "shock them".
I could accept that as probably being so, and that is why it was "general" and
not very specific other than about just him mainly as "just a guy" etc.
It would be his aim to keep it "light" and a little informative but not serious stuff.
Keep posting now and then Amanda and if you are in contact with anyone
else who used to come on here, tell them they should post now and then in
order to keep their membership active. That is how it is now.

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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:hello: I To Feel this was Elvis Speaking, but there is A Couple of Part's I'm having Trouble with and the First One is about Elvis Meeting His Brother. The Reason I'm having Trouble with this Part, is I have Always Heard that when a Baby is Still Born They Never Take a Breath. So if they have Never Took a Breath then they couldn't have a Soul or a Spirit, to go to the other Side. So if this is so then how was Elvis able to Meet His Brother? The Second Part is the one that Wanda Mentioned, and that is Elvis Never said anything About Lisa. He Mentioned his Grand Kids, but that is all. :hug:

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Each creature have a soul. Babys live in the womb of her mother and even they are stillborne the have a soul. I'm a twin too and my sister died by birth. But I never thougth she have no soul or spirit. Some souls are very old and sometimes going "back" when they fulfilled their purpose - helping another soul like a twinsoul to come into our world. That not means they are not existing. I don't talk of my sister, but sometimes I got a feeling that she is around me or suddenly with no special reason I think of her.
I think that she is together with my Dad and both are waiting for me and my mother on the "other side" when our time is come.

So why it is hard to believe, that Elvis met not only his beloved mother but his twin too?

I'm not a person who believe everything and I always searching for thruth and answers, but I had some very interesting and unbelievable experiences. But I think it is hard to believe for others that we could have contact with the spiritual world if they are not have same experiences.

The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
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:hello: Angel Eyes, I know with what You say is the same things Elvis told Wanda about Jesse. When at times Elvis Felt Jesse around him, and at times Elvis thought that Jesse enter him at times on Stage when he sang. So after reading your thoughts here, I Starting to Believe that Elvis did Meet his Brother all the other side. The reason I was Believing in what I said in my Post, is I don't know if you have heard of a Psychic called Sylvia Brown but she is the one I heard say that Babies that were Still Born and never took a Breath. Didn't have a Soul or Spirit, so I talked to Wanda about this and she Agreed with Sylvia's Thinking to. But I know she also heard Elvis Speak of Jessie's Presence being Felt, to so I Suppose all of this has had me Confused. But you have Really Opened My Eyes to this I to here Lately have had some Experience's with Elvis as that as Really Been Special, but I'm not really sure why. I'm Hoping he will make things a little More Clearer for me, Sometime. I sure Wish I could find someone like the person you told about here that wrote that Book, that as Talked to Elvis from the other side then maybe I would get my Answer's. So Thank You Angel Eyes! :love:

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Hi, Elvis did not believe Jesse didn't have a spirit/ way. He said he felt that Jesse "paved the way" for him by being born first, that he is a spirit already in Heaven as there is where we/they come from-and that he chose to come down to help Elvis be able to do his job-so he was with him in the womb, but he did not take a breath so his body did not survive- the body has one purpose, that is to house the soul/spirit on earth. A spirit does not need a physical body to exist-
but takes one on when they are born as humans on earth to fulfill what ever
purpose they came to do. Elvis looked forward to being with Jesse and getting
to know him and being with his mother and family members who had gone before
him. I do believe that babies who are still born and do not breathe come for a
reason though we can't know what that might have been-it is horrible for the mother and father in most cases, but perhaps there was something wrong, that
might have been worse than not living at birth. We just don't know it all and I
especially do not claim to, however we can all have opinions...that is normal and makes us think. Elvis felt he said his brother, and he seldom talked
about it but I was inclined to think he also talked to him, and perhaps he talked to Elvis... From what he did say, I think his mother believed that one could communicate with loved ones who are not with us physically, she kind of taught
that to her son-who had surreal experiences throughout his lifetime- His father
even came to believe that his son was special, here for a special purpose and
that he came to do whatever it was- And though I did not know Vernon, I
have read his comments about believing that Elvis was meant to be their only
child, and that he would prove to be the only one they would need.
I hope that I am clear in this post; I really do believe that babies receive the
spirit that will be a part of them the rest of their life, and it comes in the moment they take into their lungs and body, the breath of life and that when
that body dies, it leaves that body with it's last breath expelled from it's lungs.
I also believe that it's the same with animals...I've been with several who have
been ill to the point of dying and at the time they took their last breath and
expelled the last one... They too have spirits, that I firmly believe; not like
humans have souls necessarily, but a spirit given by God to his creations-the
animals, of air, sea and earth. What is truly wonderful about our world is that
we humans have the God given abilities of mind and thought and we can express, believe and get along doing it... that is LOVE for one another and it is Charity for each other and it is acceptance of each one's
uniqueness and understanding.
Peace, love and good health to all,

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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