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 Post subject: Elvis recalling his mother- 1976
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2008 9:26 pm 
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Not used in WR,E -

W. I have no memories of my childhood- or my mother-a few flashes like movie clips-very short ones- it's amazing you remember so much of yours.
Elivs: Hummm...yea guess 'cause maybe it was kinda know, somethin' happenin' that made things stick in ma head ... hell, I dun know...just do.
W. I think it's a good thing... do you remember your mom as she was then-when you recall the real early days?
Elvis: Yeah....holdin' me, an' singin' to me some. I do--- (Sighs) She was a- a beautiful woman.... face an' all- I remember her eyes...soft 'n brown...big soft eyes... smilin' at me...yeah... (Said very softly- I had the phone crammed in my ear to hear him.)
W. I've seen a picture of the three of you, mom, dad and son when you were On Tour I think...right?
Elvis: Uh-huh.... gave 'em that one to use...always kinda liked it tho' it wasn't a- a thing to remember right then. Don't have a lot of em from back then...didn't have a camera or nothin'...
W. She was very attractive, you get your looks from her I think...
Elvis: Think so...I kinda look like her some times... people say but more like daddy's side I think.
W. She liked to dance...
Elvis: (Snickers) Yeah, we'd dance all over - when had the first big check... we was...was... a good, ya know.
W. Sure...
Elvis: Gawd, it was a check...made out to me 'n more 'n I ever...ever thought 'bout havin'...all at once ya know? Whew....Lordy...
W. Good times a comin'...huh?
Elvis: Yeah...thank you Lord! Least we had some real good times an got Graceland for ....for she left us.... thank God.
W. She loved that was very beautiful and you did it Elvis. Her special son made her so proud.
Elvis: I'd give it up- all of it jus' to - to-.... (Sucks in his breath, could hear him swallow hard)
W. I know.
Elvis: Lord, I better get ma ass up an' downstairs...gonna be ever one there, ready to go I ain't even up yet...lord gawd...
W. Have a good time buddy, I'm sure they are thrilled to be down there waiting for you! Bye-now,
Elvis: Yeah...guess so, bye- bye darlin'; Tell 'em hello for me. 'n I'm do-in' okay...

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 4:42 am 
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It's so beautiful to be able to witness the deep emotion Gladys -his mother- still produced in Elvis heart. Her un-expected passing caused such a profound impression in him, such a turmoil of feelings, that many years later, he easily fell into them again...

Thank you Wanda, for this new piece of conversation with him.

Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2008 7:38 pm 
:cry: Thank You Wanda I had to cry when I read this, because it brings to my mind the picture's I have seen when Elvis came home from the Army. You can see the Lost Look on his Face, looking around and not finding his Mom there. Its such a Real Shame, that Elvis didn't find a women a little like his Mom to feel that Lonely empty void in his Heart and Life. :( FairyTale!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:38 pm 
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I love reading these conversations between you and Elvis. I never want them to end. This one made me want to cry. I feel so bad for him missing his mom. I know the feeling. I lost my mom, dad and grandmother all in one month. I had to help plan three funerals all in Nov of 1996. One each week. I still long for them everyday, so I know exactly what that feeling is that Elvis felt. That poor guy. When I read things like that it makes me want to just reach out and hug him until he feels better.

Walk gently, speak softly and let the radiance of your soul speak for you.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:20 pm 
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Rainbow Light wrote:
Beautiful indeed and such precious memories from Elvis about his mother! These are so very special to read about and many thanks for sharing with us, Wanda! :) :P

AMEN sweet Sue!! :D :D Many many thanks dear Wanda for sharing this very special conversation with us!! :wink: :D :love: FairyTale my dear friend I agree that it really is such a shame that Elvis didn't find a girl that had more of the qualities/traits that he so loved and cherished in his dear mother. :( Sweet Laura I am so sorry to hear about all of the losses that you suffered in such a short amount of time. :cry: I lost my own precious mother when I was only 16 years old, and in reading about Elvis' loving and tender feelings about his mother and losing her I can totally relate to the sweet feeling you shared about wanting to just reach out and hug all of his hurt and pain away. :(

 Post subject: reading
PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:06 pm 
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Another question for Wanda. I have read, in different books and seen pictures, and it is easy to see that there was an amazing bond between Elvis and his parents but it seemed to be much tighter with his mama. Did he ever speak to this, Wanda?
I am glad that he had her by his side for as long as he did. I believe things would have turned out quite differently had Gladys lived insofar as Elvis' career and other aspects of his life.

" In times of peace; sons bury their fathers, in war, fathers bury their sons."

Herodotes Greek historian 484-432 BC
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