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Elvis' comments-which Bible verses he liked---1975
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Elvis' comments-which Bible verses he liked---1975

[It's late, he's not sleeping-should have as it's about noon in Vegas; he's reading his Bible to me, looking up things and often quoting most from memory before he finds the place. Linda is asleep but he just could not stop thinking long enough to sleep- so he said, "one of the best sleep aids is letting the word of God runover what's goin' on in your head.]

Wanda: Elvis, of all the Bible verses, sayings of Jesus, the Christ, which one or ones, do you believe or maybe I should say, have the most faith or respect for...do you have any that come to mind?"

Elvis: "So many... eh... besides the obvious, regarding our salvation and eternal life in Heaven.... Well, eh... Guess it might be the part in Matthew 21 an' verses 21 and 22. The first deals (with )the power of believing, having faith...so that if a mountain is in your way, prayer and faith can move that mountain, what ever it might be. The "mountain" being troubles, something bad or somethin' good that you need desperately. There is the danger- bein' so desperate you forget to wait on the Lord. He don't say he'll do it immediately, but in time, when it's right for you, he will reply 'n not always exactly as you might think you want--- in the end though, it's usually for the best whatever the outcome. Now, the next verse Matthew 21-22 is our assurance that his word and your faith will always be if you believe an' it goes somethin' like this, dependin' on which Bible you're readin' from... all same, just worded a bit differently for those with younger minds--- "And all these things, whatsoever" an' that word is important, what-so-ever is all inclusive of our needs- not wants you see, but needs- an' it goes on, "whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive." The Bible is all ways...now I'm not sayin' always...it refers to "all - ways" and there is a difference. "Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer" here it stresses "believing, having faith in all ways, there's that important unspoken phrasing that is important to know in reading the Bible; his declaration, "you shall receive." You it says, SHALL receive. Shall- that word is sh -all- share- all is one interpretation; shall is a stronger word than will...it uses the ALL which is right up there with Allah, reference to our Lord, our Father in Heaven. You got to study on it...look up words to know the true interpretation- God ain't dumb 'un his chosen ones who wrote down all this weren't either, so study and learn. Ya know, you can say prayer for that too--- See, the word of God is written by many people, we know the names of some of 'em- there are lessor known names. We have some of the best writings in our Bible- what I respect most is God's style of declaration for what he wants us to take heed of - like Matthew 21, verse 22. All through the Bible there is his stated declarations for us to hold on to and cherish, seek in our time of need, and to receive power and patience through study of his word. I love it man, it's...it's what keeps my heart happy, my soul at peace when ever' thing else is rattlin' and carryin' on around me. When I forget...I get in trouble- fortunately there's the Word for that too!
I like readin' Psalms when I get...eh... angry at somebody's stupidity- doin' so lets me have at 'em- With God's word and promise beside me! Ever read Psalms 39 where it says: "I will guard my ways, so I keep from sinning with my tongue. I will put on a muzzle as a guard for my own mouth!" an' another'n "My heart grew hot inside me-I could not open my mouth!" Man, that's so true, can't say what I'm thinkin' a lot of times an' I ask for help 'fore I say the wrong thing an' regret it - forever the evil in one's heart shall linger, like a serpent an' spring forth an' it's bite is vicious to those who hear. So I don't - I try not to let 'em hear what I'm thinkin' ---between me 'n God! He knows me- my heart - an' my temper- God made me, he understands an' if I slip -he forgives me; I'm his son, too. That's how it works, we are all his children, 'n like the good parent he is, he forgives and forgets... Thank God! " (laughs)

Lessons from Elvis... today as yesterday- from Face to Face. wjh

Author:  Laura [ Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:49 pm ]
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I love the way he explains things with that southern drawl. You capture it so beautifully Wanda. You write ever for every, etc. because that's the way he spoke. I can almost hear him speaking. How I would have loved to have been there in person because when it comes to the bible, I am not the brightest bulb. I can hear my self asking him a million questions so that it sinks into this blonde brain of mine. He would have to have a lot of patience with me. I would be a great student though, if only I could stop staring at him long enough. :)

The bible is so hard to learn. I know without a doubt what I feel and I know a lot of the stories, but it's the wording. What is an easy to read bible? I should ask what version is easy to read? I don't care what religious denomination it comes from because as far as I am concerned there is only one God. I have only read the King James version and the ones the Gideons leave in hotel rooms. I was brought up a catholic, but consider myself a non denominational christian. I stepped away from the catholic church years ago. I can love my God my way, but I am always willing to learn. I wish I knew the bible like Elvis did. It was such a comfort to him and I would love to be able to turn the pages of a bible, understand what I was reading and be comforted in the same way. I am always searching to understand.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:13 pm ]
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Today, there are a lot of Bibles written in our modern language, that make it easier to understand, some of them have study paragraphs further explaining too. Elvis loved those- he had just about every version I think, and other religions as well- his mom taught him about reading, getting him into it and she read the Bible to him from the time he was very small he said. Told him Bible stories when he couldn't sleep and made them "alive and real" to his young mind. He never forgot any of what she taught him either, though he said sometimes he didn't always do what she wanted, usually it got him in trouble even if she didn't find out-so he felt like she had an "eye on me all the time". I wish that mother's and those who take on the responsibility for mothering other than their own kids, could realize how much they influence their kids, even when they don't think they are watching or listening- they ARE- fer sure!

I am about totally out of anything more to add to Face to Face- anything of any real value especially- but I wanted to put in what I could about his thoughts and understanding of the Bible through his eyes- and hope that there will be people who read his words, thoughts, ideas and who will be better to themselves, to others and have an awakening within if that is what they need. He'd be happy about it - and so would I. wjh

Author:  FairyTale [ Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:09 pm ]
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You know as Elvis was quoting verses in the Bible I coud just see him as a Preacher and also as a Gospel Singer, but It just wasn't part of Gods Plan for Elvis. I think the Lord knew and knows that you were going to write " WE REMEMBER" AND " FACE TO FACE " I truly believe that the Lord as guided your hand Wanda so even though Elvis didn't sing his Gospel on stage Longer as he wanted, and even though he didn't teach the word of God to his Fans like he would have liked to. Elvis as still done these things through you Wanda, and I Thank You My Dear Sweet Friend. :love:

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:36 pm ]
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Thank you FairyTale; I had not considered it quite that way, but I have had a strong feeling that Elvis wanted me to write what I could and include what he believed important - the Bible and it's purpose for being- to guide humans in their daily lives...and give them hope. If what I can do helps with that, I feel so fortunate to be here on earth during his time here, and that I have a chance to share those memories.
So many times I dreamed of Elvis coming toward me, he says nothing that I can see him say- he holds his arm out, fist down as to give me something, I hold my hand out palm up, he places something into my hand. It is very warm, as he does this he says-and I hear his voice in my head-you know what I mean! I look into my hand, it is an old fashioned gold toned key. I look into his eyes and he says, "I gave you the key-you know what I mean." Again I do not see him speak, just hear his voice in my head. Then he walks away-like up hill and into a haze and is gone. I do not ever see his feet or that he actually is walking, but he moves away as if walking kind of up hill. He always wears a white shirt, sleeves rolled up and dark pants...but I don't see his feet or shoes.
His eyes are very alive, glowing blue and other times darkly blue and he looks happy, healthy and is not a bone but looks great. He wears no jewelry... One time he wore a plain white pull over type shirt cut like they wore in the 60's - a tunic kind of thing that hung below his waist line.
I did not see his feet then either- but he wore dark pants.
He came several times with the "key" and comment- and the key began to make a red mark in the palm of my hand- I woke up with the sensation of my palm touching something hot- and there was a red mark where the key had been. That was when I knew I had to write the first book...I quit my job and spent hours and hours before a rented typewriter because my standard one was too slow and had no correction feature. It took forever- I spent half my time at the zerox store too, boy what a difference a computer and copy machine makes! Thank you Lord, for making people with brains to figure it all out!
Other people see him with the rolled up sleeves and white shirt too...strange. I guess he's working- he always seems busy and has something to do and not much time to spend etc;... and he keeps his comments short and to the point instead of detailing so much, at least that's how I recall it. And when he said "You know what I mean" he was reminding me- he gave me the "key" to his heart, mind and life- he wanted me to "use the key" and so I did and he has never handed me a key again!

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:35 am ]
Post subject: 

Wanda June Hill wrote:
"I gave you the key-you know what I mean."

Wanda, Elvis is so right about mountains & faith & waiting. My mountain is getting bigger and bigger as you well know, and at times the wait is unbearable. He is right about not being desperate. Today my heart was so heavy and when I read your post I just did not even have the energy to comment.
While on the computer, though, I had Elvis music playing in the background. Then later on, tonight, I was doing mending and the song which kept coming back to mind was "Anyway you want me" (one of my favorites of Elvis' early music) and in particular the verse "My darling you hold the key". I kept repeating that verse over & over again w/o paying much notice. Then it hit me & I made the connection to your story about Elvis giving you the "key". It was like he was singing portions of that song to you, including "To take and mold as you may".

They lyrics (Schroder/Owens):

I'll be a strong as a mountain,
Or weak as a willow tree,
Anyway you want me,
That's how I will be.

I'll be a tame as a baby,
Or wild as the raging sea,
Anyway you want me,
That's how I will be.

In your hand my heart is clay,
To take an mold as you may.
I'm what you make me,
you've only to take me,
And in your arms I will stay.

I'll be a fool or a wise man,
My darling you hold the key,
Yes, anyway you want me,
That's how I will be,

I will be.


Author:  Sarena [ Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:50 am ]
Post subject: 

"Anyway you want me" is also one of my favourites!!!! There is so much feeling in the song, Elvis is pouring out his heart. And how beautiful you see felt the connection, Laurie, between the lyrics ("My darling, You hold the key ") and Wanda's wonderful dream-statement coming from Elvis!!! Just awesome!!

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

Well Sarena, it's like I was hearing that song from a different perspective, one that I'm sure the writer did not originally intend. It's like Elvis is speaking to Wanda the author. The power to present him correctly to the masses is in her hands. She knows his heart; and she holds the key.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Aug 09, 2008 5:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks Laurie for remembering that song! I never would have connected it to the key thing, but I guess that is a pretty good connection! He sometimes called me "darlin' " in a friend to friend way, and it was something he used with others as well, but not so often with me- I will never hear that song the same way again now, though. Because of my own dreams with the key thing and what he said about giving me the key to his life etc: when he was alive... and he was referring to it being a "key of knowledge" of his life, thoughts etc:.. I know that he was very selective as to whom he "opened up" to and I always felt "special", once I realized how much trust he was giving me. People who have known me a while were shocked to find out that I knew Elvis at all, they knew we went to Vegas to see his shows, and that I was sometimes there when Jimmie was not etc:...but didn't think anything other than I was lucky I got to go so much etc:. Some weren't fans at all, and when they found out I was writing a book about our friendship with him, they were floored totally.
Some of them quit being friends because we had not told them...but then, guess they were not true friends anyway. I was selective too, very much so, whom knew anything and what they knew. We had a circle of people, some brought into our lives by him, but even some of those were not privy to very much personal info.... It didn't seem right to talk about it-so we didn't.
The friend I have here that I mentioned not knowning anything etc:...is fine with it- but they are big Bob Dillion fans and so we have that common ground- they go see him etc; and think he's the greatest so they understand and like Elvis very much to. It worked out...I was afraid I would lose her friendship- but we are still mexican food lunch buddies once ever couple of months or so and talk on the phone now and then.
We have lots of other things in common, including horses and cats and dogs...
Thanks again though, that song has come up the favorite list a big jump since the "connection" crept in!

It's hot but the breeze is cool- weird! Like being in an oven when not blowing and almost getting a chill when it does! And the beautiful fluffy white thunderhead clouds off in the distance are beautiful! I always think of him when I see changes in the sky- night or day. Especially at night though, I will be glad when I can sit outside and watch the stars again.
Sometimes I feel like he is sitting right beside me looking up also.

Author:  FairyTale [ Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

:cry: Wanda I know that this coming week well be rough to go through. I'm listening to Elvis sing Gospel. I can only Imagne how Much you Miss Elvis, but when you get a Special Message from a Song like you just did. I Truly Feel that Elvis is telling you and all of us here at ELC, that he isn't really gone at all. That he is still with each and everyone of us, and that all we need to do is wait and be patient that Elvis in some way well let all of us know is has always be there for us. I know he sure as me knowing in different ways, that he is with me. :D

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