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1956 she met Elvis in a closet-
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri May 12, 2006 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  1956 she met Elvis in a closet-

Hi, this is part of a letter I received in 1982 from a lady who had an intersting story about meeting Elvis.

I was working late and had two more rooms to that must be straighten and clean before time to catch the bus home.
(she worked at a motel) I was about done with one of the two when a car came creeping up into the parking area and pulled into a space. Two young men got out and I could see there was something wrapped up and tied on top of the car. One of them went to the office that was closed for the night except for a watchman. He knocked on the glass door and the watchman came out and the stood talking for a few minutes, finally they came over where I was and Ray, the watchman asked me what could be done-we had the two rooms and these boys are with a band and can't drive on tonight without some rest. Do you think we can put them up or call to see. I told him to call first, but I'd get the rooms ready since they would need them. The tallest young man came in where I was working and said, can I help you do something- I said no why don't you just sit down and rest-can I order something for you to eat. He looked up at me then and I saw such a handsome young man with the bluest of eyes that looked right into my soul it seemed. He spoke so softly I said, Excuse me, I didn't hear what you said. He repeated his words saying he didn't have any money to buy anything and his friend didn't either-just gas money to get to shreveport the next day. But they could get vouchers for the motel-we just need one room he said, if that's alright. I said these rooms only have one bed-and he said okay. We'll take it.
Ray returned and said they had the rooms, I said they just want one and Ray said, give them both-this is Elvis Presley and his guitar player- this is that kid with the rocking songs, the one they're talking about all over town. I was so surprised, he didn't look dangerous at all and was so soft spoken. I got to looking at him more and he looked up and said, can I stay? I said yes you can, can I get you some food-we have some at the office for guests and you might as well have it-it'll be thrown away tomorrow if it's not eaten today. He got up and said where is it-I took him down there, opened the refidgerator and said help your self-take what you want. He started loading up-he took the plate of sandwiches, the potato salad, 4 bottles of soda, half a cake and asked if there was icecream to go with it. There was more than half a gallon and he took that-his arms were full and I opened the door so he could get out. He started yelling Scotty, hey Scott, come on, let's eat! as he went down the walk at a near run. The next day when I went down to clean up I knocked on the door and a muffled voice said, God who the hell is it? I said cleaning lady Elvis, and he said, Oh, please come in!
He was in bed covered up and I woke him up knocking-he said they ate the food so it didn't have to be wasted-and boy did they-they must have licked the plates! He wanted to know if he could pay for it when he had the money and I told him no-it was for special guests and he was pretty special. He thanked me again and I said is there anything I can get you? He said, could you turn on the shower for me-so it'll get hot. And I need some towels-there's little ones in there. So I got him bath towels and he was up then wearing pants but no shirt and no shoes. He said thank you, then asked If I knew how to trim hair? I said a little bit but nothing great-he wanted to know if I could just trim off his sideburns even, not too short but so they'd lay flat and not over his ears.I said I'd try but not to hold me responsible if they were badly done. He said no, I won't. I cut them, it was easy and he was so quiet the whole time. When I finished he looked in the mirror and said, that's great!
Thank you-now, could you wash my back for me? I can't reach around there, my arm and shoulder is so sore from playing guitar and drving I'm trying to let it rest when I can. So I said, where do you want me to do it-he said, in the shower- And then grinned, no really, I'll just sit over here and you can just use a wash cloth, okay? The reason he wanted his back washed was he had some bad scratches all across from one side to another, some had been bleeding and needed to be treated. He told me he got caught by some girls and they tore his shirt off and some of his hide went with it.
He had some salve to put on it so I did that for him. He was very sweet, polite and grateful for my help. I asked him how he was going to keep his back dry and he said, I'm going to soak in the tub so it won't get washed off.
Then he asked If I wanted to wash his hair for him so he wouldn't get his back wet again. Well, that was a bit much but I said okay, just lean over the sink and I'll wash it. And I did. He appreciated it too. I received a kiss on the cheek and then on the forehead for being so nice to him. He said your younger than my momma but you kinda look like her some and so I thought maybe you wouldn't mind helping me. And he smiled the most beautiful smile, his whole face lit up and his eyes were brilliant blue. So that was Elvis Presley, the one who did the bumps and grinds on stage and here he was so sweet and gentle and childish in many ways. I told my husband I had fallen in love again-with a 20 year old boy and he just laughed and said, Yeah Ray told me you had goo-goo eyes for that kid. We went to his next show-57 miles away and it was wonderful. He looked great and he was so nice on stage and had the girls squealing several times just moving his leg or bending over the mike stand. Just before he closed the show he introduced me and Ray as his "angels" from the night before because we gave them rooms and fed them too other wise we couldn't be up here-we'd be starved to death on the road, just laying there twitchin'" and the audience laughed and clapped for us. It was the highlight of my day-maybe the whole year. That's my Elvis story and I treasure it. Thank you so much for writing your book I am buying it tomorrow. We so enjoyed hearing your talk on the radio about Elvis. How wonderful he must have been. Carolyn Mackintosh TexArkana

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Aug 04, 2006 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Met him in a closet...

It was nice to read again for me also. I see so many times in reading these things how little he did change and then again, how much he had to change to become Elvis Presley. I don't think I could have handled it all. I would have been a blitherning iddit myself. And here he was so sane, stable and cool-yeah I know inside he wasn't but he sure learned how to "fake it". I couldn't have done that good. And people, total strangers saw him as he was, helped him on their own and enjoyed feeding him and knowing they did something for this "nice young man". wjh

Author:  Barbara Lea [ Sun Aug 06, 2006 8:27 pm ]
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Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Sat Nov 25, 2006 10:31 pm ]
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The only thing that I kept saying to myself as I was reading this was "awwwww, what a sweet sweet boy." :D His soul and spirit beauty just shined through then and continues to radiate even now through all of those who continue to care about and love him!! :D

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