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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:50 pm ]
Post subject:  girls

Elvis didn't seem to care much how tall they were-when he was single and younger he liked the 6ft and over show girls in Vegas quite a bit-and he usually picked those that were around 5 feet 2 or so and Pris was just 5ft 2 or 1 and he lived her being tiny and delicate. he picked Linda who was taller and not built like Pris at all after they separated for good-I think just to keep from thinking of Pris when he looked at Linda-their birthdays were close, he told me that too, but she was interested in the same things as he and enjoyed reading the same books-unlike Pris who hated them and wouldn't read them or even listen to him...and was so jealous of the time he spent talking to other people about them, and going to the retreat etc: and reading when he she thought he should have been crawling all over her, I guess. Whatever, the girl must have been a sex fiend-of course he had lived with Elvis Presley for years....hard not to be maybe???? I mean, he had that smile, those eyes, that voice...I dun no, how many of us could lie beside him night afte night and stay calm, cool and collected? Hummmmm? wjh

Author:  ALNA [ Mon Jun 05, 2006 3:06 am ]
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It always still puzzles me that Priscilla was "VERY JEALOUS", almost to a unhealthy level.

Can we call that Love???
Did she love him perhaps too much???
I don't know.

She seemed to be jealous towards everyone and everything. That is not good in a marriage. I sometimes wonder DID she realise who sha was dating and marrying. My God he was Elvis Presley. I think that girl should have married a regular guy who was at home every night.

I also have the feeling that she wanted to make love to him endlessly. Well I can relate to that a bit :oops: but sex cannot become an obsession.

I have the feeling that they were not on the same level here. He was more into reading and spiritual stuff and everything but she well she was something else, I guess :lol:

So I wonder what do you all think:

being so jealous and wanting to make love to him so often does that mean she was "hopeless in love"?????

And if she was why did she cheated on him so easily.

My God, Priscilla will stay an enigma to me, really.


Author:  renenutet [ Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:07 pm ]
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Wether he liked tall girls or short girls I don't know, but what I do know is that he always had very beautiful girls surrounding him.
I guess I wouldn't have had a chance of him even just looking at me.

But I do hope that when I see him in the next life (if there's a next one) he will notice me.
If he'd only know how much I love him ....

I love thim so much it actually hurts.
I'm not married and I have no children, so he's the one I love most of all. Without any doubt I'd die for him. I would give my life for him. I love him so much.

Sorry if this sounds crazy or stupid, but that's how I feel about him.
He's everything to me.

He's the one who makes my life worth living, and he's the one who's worth for dying for.

Sometimes I think about dying. And I wonder if there's an hereafter. And I come to the conclusion that if I can't be with him I don't want there to be an hereafter. Because life without him is not worth living. So actually I'm not affraid of dying. I don't want to live without him. Since he already left this life I'm not affraid of leaving too.
Don't worry if this doesn't make any sense. It is too difficult to explain how I feel. Especially since my English is not that good.
It just means I love him very much.

Author:  ALNA [ Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

You're english is very good.

We belgians have a way to learn foreign languages, don't we :wink:

I understand what you are talking about. Elvis always choose the prettiest and perhaps also at that time there were women who he could have been very happy with, who really loved him very much but who weren't that pretty.

Beauty on the outside is a blessing when you have it but beauty on the inside is so much more important.

some beautiful people turn out to be boring or shallow but Elvis, our man, well he had it both.

Beautiful on the inside, hearthbreaking beautiful on the outside, that is one of a kind I guess.

I also love him very much and hope to see him once my time has come.

But I also have a great husband and two beautiful daughters which I'm crazy about , so I hope I will stay here for a while.

I think of him every single day. Sometimes I think, is that normal?? He isn't out of my toughts for just not even one second.

Do you all have that feeling too??

I'm glad when I read others telling me the same things I feel about him.

Sometimes I think my folks and my husband think I'm a bit weird by being such a die hard fan and spending so much time on him.

Working on my slideshow, talking to you all, visiting all possible related forums and websites about him.

Once he is in your life , he won't leave anymore, never, ever.

How is that to explain, I really wonder????????

Author:  rachel162cl [ Mon Jun 05, 2006 1:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

I think priscilla really wanted to keep elvis for herself even she said on larry king live that she was really jelous and hate all the fans and never released how important that was for him but at the time she just didn't like girls close to him at the same time she didn't married elvis when he was on tour he married when he was acting in movies and he was out for weeks and then comeback but never was gone too much as he was after he did 68 comeback

Author:  Blue Moon [ Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:00 am ]
Post subject: 

Once he is in your life , he won't leave anymore, never, ever.

I can relate to this as well. And is why I'm so grateful for this forum because no one around me understands. I have to keep much inside or they will think I'm an obsessed kook :roll: .

As for Priscilla, I don't think Elvis & her were matched spiritually, so that had to have been a strain on their relationship. And she was so young & insecure, she didn't realize how much Elvis loved her till years later, when it was too late. I wished Elvis had listened to his grandmother when she warned him that Priscilla would break his heart.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:03 am ]
Post subject:  Elvis and girls

Elvis didn't always pick girls who were considered beauties...he looked for girls with good hearts and who had something special inside them. He said early on he was blinded by their beauty but then he got older and as he put it "maybe wiser" he didn't look for beauty first so much, he was more into being able to relate and enjoy being with them-afterward as well as before-his words.
He said every woman was different, no two alike (and he ought to have known) and that beauty was more than skin deep-it came from the inside and came through the eyes. He liked to see eyes and looked into them to see their soul (his words) and that the sweetest women were not always the most beautiful or even considered pretty by most guys-he said he didn't see many truly unactrative women any where he went-they all had beauty-some of them just knocked you down with it, others were subtle and gently and those were the best kind he had learned. So I don't know-I do know his guys joked about him choosing "dogs, cows and monkey" looking women...on tour etc: and they did it to his face... He'd always defend the girls he picked and yes sometimes he was macho and etc: doing it but he still kept right on picking the ones he wanted, sometimes over some really pretty ones too. I saw him checking out the girls a couple of times at his house in Bel Air and he didn't always pick the ones I thought he would and the others thought he would. Of course those he did pick were very very thrilled and most likely he enjoyed making them happy. There was one girl who came as a guest with some others who came there often apparently, she was shy, she had braces on crooked front teeth, she had kind of mousey brown straight hair and didn't wear it in a style that was very flattering for her- I mean parted iin the middle with sides stuck behind her ears. She didn't even have on make up just lip stick and it wasn't hardly noticable. She was not too tall, a little bit like Pris in size. She was hiding behind her friends and Elvis went passed them around the sofa to get to her-and he took her outside with him, then back around to his side of the house He had an outside door-and they were back there for about half an hour. He came back alone, then she came back a little later and every time he looked at her she blushed and smiled and he winked and grinned.
When I left she was sitting on his lap...her friends were not too happy and I wondered if she'd have a ride back to Long Beach where she lived! I asked him the next time I talked to him and he said, Oh she went home after a couple days-nice kid, gonna be going to college next year. I remember that because I had never seen him in that situation before-it was interesting and he was so matter of fact, used to it, no big deal kind of thing. wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:19 am ]
Post subject: 

This is one of the reasons why we love him so. He understood the value of a woman's inner beauty. Thanks for sharing Wanda. Your stories are priceless.

Author:  renenutet [ Tue Jun 06, 2006 2:58 pm ]
Post subject: 

What a nice story Wanda, thanks for sharing.
Just makes me love him even more (if ever that's possible)

Author:  Barbara Lea [ Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:31 am ]
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