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Late 1972- his life now-and future...
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat May 27, 2006 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Late 1972- his life now-and future...

W. So what you're saying, women have always been a big influence on you?
Elvis: It's true for every man-women give us life, take care of us, teach us-then they cut us loose to make it on our own. 'n we spend our time tryin' to find a replacement for all that-really.
W. Okay-so you guys are looking for a replica of your-mother?
Elvis: NO...that's not what I said! We're lookin' for a woman who will take care of us, teach us from her perspective and help us make it out there in the big world. Understand?
W: And you think they or women in general fulfill that need?
Elvis: They fill a need...all right! (Snickers) An' we got that-lordy do we!
W: Yeah-so you say. And after all this time, you're still looking?
Elvis: Now..guess so, but...don't think that's going to be my reason though...
W: Un-huh...so now it's going to be fun and games for Elvis-right?
Elvis: I like women...just' don't want to...to..commit to anyone for ever-not again. Learned my lesson well. Don't need to have anyone tryin' to re-educate me at this point in my life. Man, got to much to do, think about an' actually, it's kinda nice not to have those worries any more. Got my baby when I have time-'n that's all I need. Gonna just spend my time takin' care of her, teachin' her an' having fun with her. Gawd, she's my life, damn it, my whole life an' wouldn't want it any other way! No man, she's so-so precious an' I'm so-fxxx'n lucky to have her!
W: She sure looks like you-more and more-put your stamp on that one buddy!
Elvis: Think so...really?
W: Really...reallly!
Elvis: Daddy thinks so too...(sounds pleased as punch) can see she's startin to look a little more like me...it's the eyes an' the way she kinda turns her head sometimes. But she looks like her momma-I see it.
W: I think as she grows she'll look more like you-it's there and it's taking over.
Elvis: Good! 'Cilla asked me to get a divorce...
W: Recently?
Elvis: Yeah-talked to John about it 'n guess we'll have some kinda papers to sign an' then that'll do it. Jus' gonna let her have whatever the court says...just want Lisa able to come when I have the time...ya know.
W: That's good, it should be 50-50 and you should have it specified exactly...I know that from the office.
Elvis: That's what he said too, but she'll be fair. God, never thought it'd have to be this way. She's gonna find out it's not so easy on her own. Maybe need to let her fall on her face a few times, got to learn ya know.
W: That's right-you can't always run to pick her up either, Elvis. Not to tell you what to do, but that's my opinion. She wants freedom to make her own mistakes, let her.
Elvis: It's not going to be easy-gonna let her think about it for a while, then see if she really wants to be divorced-don't think she realizes that cuts her off from ever thing except what the court gives her. I'm not gonna be standing behind her any more. That's what she thinks she wants-freedom. Gawd...didn't know bein' married to me was a-a fxxxx'n prison but guess that's how it seemed. I'm a damn stupid fool-blind, that's it-just blinded by ma self an' what's goin' on 'round me. She said I was blinded by the spotlights an' the gleam in women's eyes lookin' at me. Maybe she's right.
W: You think so-I don't.
Elvis: Really...me neither. Sure-like to see them laughin' an' gettin' excited when I'm doin' my thing for them up there...but it's not like that really. It's just all in fun...ya know, always was. Course some times there's one out there that...spins my head an sure, like to meet them. But that's fun too...nothing serious an' the women know that from the start. They make the call-not me. I just let them decide an so don't think thats...eh...takin' advantage of...or usin' them 'cause I can. Is it?
W: Not really-especially from your point of view.They are afterall adults and should realize what they're doing. I've seen enough, heard them talking long enough to understand what's going on. They all seem to have the same thing in mind-they want to meet you, want you to notice them and they want to be with you. And most of them don't care if it's just a one-night stand. It's the idea that gets them.
Elvis: Oh...I thought it was my...good looks 'n sex appeal. (Snickers)
W: It is that-all right, but they see the image, the myth up on that stage-because that's what you present to them-I've seen you picking out certain types to play to-can't deny that boy!
Elvis: (Laughs) Sure-don't deny it! That's part of the show-I use it-but it's innocent fun...off stage I'm not makin' those moves...really.
W: Some people don't see the difference though-to them you are that guy-day and night.
Elvis: Tell you a secret-for them, I am! (Laughs)
W: Gets you in trouble sometimes-huh?
Elvis: Like that kind of trouble-(Snickers) some times-other times it's borin' as hell.
W: Truth comes out-he gets bored.
Elvis: Damn right I do.
W: Glad to hear that -really.
Elvis: Geting too old to be actin' like a play-boy stud-I'm a daddy, fer gawd sake! Lisa told me I was so pretty the other day, n' she said, Elvis, how come you're so pretty? 'n she named some of the guys an' said, 'they aren't pretty like you Elvis-how come? "n I told her it was cause her grandpa and grandma were pretty too, so they had a pretty baby, jus' like mommy and me had you, and you're so pretty. So she said then they will not have pretty babies? An' then I had to say that all babies look pretty and grow up pretty...they just have different kinds of pretty an' everyone is different like that. God made us all pretty in different ways and that was so we could tell each other apart, and He could also. Every person is pretty, and if you look and listen, you'll see they all are really pretty outside and most people are pretty inside too, cause God wants us to be pretty and do pretty things. That's how to be happy, try really hard to do pretty things so people will see how pretty you are inside. Should of seen her eyes-God! Could of fell into 'em they were so...so open and trusting-deep man, pools of...of Heaven!
W: That was pretty good Daddy, simple, direct.
Elvis: Thank you, 'um tryin' 'n it ain't easy...lord!

Author:  maia [ Sat May 27, 2006 4:44 pm ]
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JUST BEAUTIFUL! Hadn't read that one before.

Author:  rachel162cl [ Sat May 27, 2006 5:11 pm ]
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thanks for that , really cute

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat May 27, 2006 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  late 72

I don't have much more left that I can pick from, that you haven't read! I gave you most of the good stuff especialy that which relates to spiritual things already. I have so little and back then I thought good grief, what am I keeping all this for-he was alive and I even recorded over some of it. I could kick myself (if my knee wasn't too stiff). I found this one among some other papers that were totally unrelated to Elvis! weird but my filing system wasn't that great and we moved 5 time since 77. Anyway, I thought it was cute and he used "pretty" plenty of times! Lisa was about 4 1/2 or thereabouts and asked him one question after another-probably just to hear him talk! He loved answering her though, and knowing him, it must have been long drawn out reponses at times. I think it was his Aunt that said to some people touring Graceland that we ran into across the street, that child used to sit on her daddy's lap and listen to him telling her things for hours, and she'd cry if she had to go to bed and he was home." They said she told them Elvis used to give her a bath, wash her hair, dry it with his blowdryer, take her to bed and then lay on her bed (that round furry one) and read to her or just hold her and sing little "dittites" until they both fell asleep. Some times he would sleep in her bed with her in his arms until someone came and woke him up. And if he didn't have to go do anything, they left him there with her. But then that all changed when she got a little older. wjh

Author:  rachel162cl [ Sat May 27, 2006 6:18 pm ]
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He was a really good dad and lisa marie you can see that missed him so much and love him i remember when i saw the diane sawyer with lisa marie interview end they put images of elvis, priscilla and lisa with and elvis's song you can see in her eyes how much he love him, and its cute that he think she looks like priscilla cause we all can see she is just like elvis

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat May 27, 2006 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Rachel

Did I welcome you to ELC? If not, then glad you're here and posting! We are growing into a pretty good group and everyone is friendly and non-judgemental, open to everyone's ideas and thoughts. I've never belonged to any group so this is new to me-of course I've been living the life of a hermit here on our mountain for about 11 years now and before that, a valley-ite hermit! Just come out of the "cave" this last year and it's great to be among humans again! (We raised horses and that was my life). (Still have 4 but that's nothing compared to 14!
We boarded a few of them.) wjh

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat May 27, 2006 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Lisa Marie

Yes, it's easy to see that Lisa loves her dad very much and that she remembers him well. She is very much like him I think, I see her with her mom and how much Lisa tries to give her encouragement and she watches over her, boosting her up. Her daddy would do that also, and did...and it's very endearing to see Lisa has those traits and that she learned from him even in the short time she had him with her. He was so proud of her, loved her with all his being and she realized that at an early age I think. I saw a picture in a book a long time back that showed him sitting on what looked like a coffee table with his back to the camera and she was standing beside him with her arm around him, very comforting and lovingly holding on to him. That was taken some time in 76 I think, maybe around Christmas. Late in the year though, could tell by his hair and how tiredly he was sitting there, it showed even back view. wjh

Author:  rachel162cl [ Sun May 28, 2006 12:25 am ]
Post subject: 

thanks for the welcome and yes lisa its just like her dad in many ways , you know i'm 20 years old and i lost my father when i was 12 so i really felt close to lisa marie with that cause is hard to lived without him and many people think you don't remember or things like that but you do and i also try to be like my dad a lot on the way of think and lisa does the same when i saw her biography she said she has her group of friends and lived with her just like elvis and the way she talk , move its just like elvis and yes her relationship with her mother was hard because they are to differents people like lisa said black and white but she really take care of priscilla because for me priscilla is really shy and insecure and maybe she look cold for the same ( i'm like this too never show my emotions wich is a back thing ) and lisa always said nice things to her like when she appear in an award ceremony to gave priscilla an award for charity and said how much she love her and admire her And also lisa marie is really shy but in other way she doesn't like to talk in audience with a lot of people and she need the protection from her mother like in elvis concert 97 .
I'm happy that lisa marie look just like elvis cause they are crazy people that said she is not elvis daughter and was other girl but you just had to look lisa and see elvis in her , also Elvis as a father was an amazing dad in the pics i put on the forum you can see how she look her how proud he is of his baby and he really love her and when he introduces on his show he sound so happy and when he said she called alvis its really cute.
And lisa marie first when she was a little child she look like her mother but them she started to look just like her daddy.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun May 28, 2006 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Being shy

I understand that-I used to be so shy when I was younger-probably due to my parents divorcing when I was barely 5 years old, I lived with my dad, just he and I until I was about 7 and he remarried. It makes a huge difference in a kid when one parent is suddenly missing-I was not allowed to talk to, correspond with or see my mother and of course, the story I heard was not true as I found out after I was in my 40's. It took a long time for me to get over being shy-though I still am among strangers. I can make myself talk now though-then I couldn't and I don't let my feelings out in person very much. Couldn't tell it on this forum though! I even surprise myself. But it's easer to do in writing-always was for me anyway. I guess it's like Elvis said about the phone, you don't have to look at the people and see their reactions on paper either. You are very young yet, as he'd say, "jus' a baby" and with some more time and experience, you'll feel safer with your feelings showing a bit-especially if you meet some nice people whom you are comfortable with and/or trust. Meeting Elvis was a big help for me, though I never discussed him with anyone I didn't trust and know very well-usually family and friends who also talked to him now and then. I met people through him-until he came along, we didn't know many people-we hadn't been in Ca. very long-the only people here we knew were Jimmie's sister and her husband-then I met the young woman actress who introduced me to Elvis and that began a whole new cycle of relationships. He chose some truly wonderful people-it was kind of like he knew how to do that-but then he'd had lots of experience with many different types of people by that time in his life. I was 5 years younger than he and Jimmie was 3 1/2 years younger. Elvis was kind of like a big brother and very fatherly at the same time-he liked telling people what to do, being able to "bring them along" to his way of thinking. We loved him for that.
And I agree with you concerning Priscilla and Lisa, I don't think she was cold with her friends, the problem was in that line of business and that life (Hollywood etc:) it is very difficult to find people to trust. And there is a lot of betrayal and heartbreak when a friend isn't a friend after all. Especially when one is shy and young too. wjh

Author:  Barbara Lea [ Sun May 28, 2006 4:22 pm ]
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