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The Gift of Life!
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Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  The Gift of Life!

The Gift of Life is Time, we can use it wisely or abuse it unwisely; freedom to chose is ours. Better to give it some thought an' try to find the best way to use the time we have. :hug:

Elvis on the Bible-- Read Roman Mythology and Greek Mythology and compare this history to that of the Bible, you will find it corresponds. Read all religions, compare- for only then can you have true knowledge and understanding, it is wrong to go through life being empty, believing that only one way is the way - for each book is history- our history; God's History of the Earth written indifferent styles, by different races of man kind, but all telling the same story based on that race's life style, yet saying virtually the same thing Don't be so foolish as to say.no, that can't be right,' when you don't know, do not have knowledge but accept what someone else believes without question. That is to let foolishness that can damn you to the fires of regret, the hell of knowing you had a chance and blew it. Hell is opf the mind - the mind brings Physical Hell. Nothing is as painful as the seed of regret growing into a Vine of remorse and Heartfelt Sorrow. The thought of knowing I could have and did not. Oh, that I more time! that I was wiser, more able to say what I feel, but I am only me, a man with a humble Soul, a heart full of need - must have, in order Survive. :hug:

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