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A Mansion In Heaven!
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Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  A Mansion In Heaven!

Wanda: “Tell me something, do you think that by your actions on Earth that you are building up space in heaven?”
Elvis: “Yes. I’m gonna have a mansion, not a cottage or house on a hill - I want a mansion. Streets of gold, rainbows for windows, blue sky for ceilings, stars for light....I want a mansion - it says (in the Bible), “in my Father’s house are many mansions”, if it were not true I would have told you. I don’t want just a room in a mansion, I want the whole damn thing.”
Wanda: “You’re not greedy, huh?”
Elvis: “It’s not a matter of greedy, it’s just what I want.”
Wanda: “Rainbows for windows, huh?”
Elvis: “Yeah, nothin’ prettier than goin’ outside after it rains, and seein’ the sky open up and there it is, pulsating - God’s beauty - nothin’ like it. You know in Alaska they have Northern Lights - man, it was pretty - God was so near, and I could have reached up and touched him. I was so excited, my skin prickled, my whole body was excited. I wanted so much to take off into that beautiful sky and be part of it. I really wanted to take off and be part of it.”
Elvis: (discussing his imminent death in the last month of his life) “We never live long - people like me...I’m only here for a short time on this planet, and then I have to go home - go back and start anew. I told you.”
Wanda: “Yeah - but I don’t want to think of it.”
Elvis: “You have to one of these days - might as well adjust - I have.”
Wanda: “You’re different - you’ve always thought that way - I haven’t and it is terrible to think of not having you - not being able to see or talk with you, Elvis - Don’t you understand that?”
Elvis: “I do - But don’t you understand that I want to go home? I want to be with my people again? It’s not home here - I’ve never felt at ease...I need to go back and recharge - I need to have peace....I think I’m going to enjoy the feeling of death. I want to be awake, to feel every sensation. I used to think I’d be better to be asleep, but now I don’t - I want to be alive, every second feeling it...I think death will be a beautiful thing. I look forward to it. I guess I’m very vain - I don’t want to look bad, to lose my voice, and that would be a worse fate. You know, to drag it out, decaying slowly and having to face it every day. I don’t want that. I want it quick, easy...God isn’t going to be that mean to me - he’s going to make it quick, and I’m going to enjoy it. The sensation of my soul leaving this body - pulling away and leaving it all behind, traveling down that white path of light into the love of the Father’s brilliance. Man, it gives me chills just thinkin’ of it. God’s gonna take me quick, you will see - and pleasant - I’ll be at home...with my friends, and whatever happens, it’ll be taken care of - I know it.”

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Mansion In Heaven!

Thanks Rose-Lyn, I had not thought about that little conversation for a while, but he certainly was confidant and we can't say he didn't get things his way! He was at home, with his friends and everything was okay. I kind of do not think he would have wanted Lisa there, but again, he probably had prepared her in ways
that she would understand what happened. It had to have been really difficult for that little child, or any one's small child, to understand. Now, I believe that she
does, still it's unacceptable and wishes he had not had to go, but she understands
now I'm sure. He would have talked to her in ways a child would remember, he was good at doing those kinds of things.

We had a good little rain, but now it is humid and going to be back up in the triple digits all week and into next. However, that rain at least gave the little desert creatures some fresh water, I know it went fast, but it was a life saver for many.
The little coyotes around here were pitifully crying just the early evening the day before and through the night; looking for water is worse than looking for food for them I think, because there wouldn't be many creatures around to hunt either. There used to be a water source for them, from a communal well that people who hauled their water in the mountain areas could fill their tanks
but that ended a few years ago due to the water shortage around here-they
said that the "free water wells were "leaking" and thus wasteful...and they did not consider the little animals who depended on it. I put out water outside our
fence line, we had no neighbors then and they would come and drink their fill.
Every day I had to fill them during dry hot days, but it was worth the effort knowing they didn't have to travel miles looking for water. At least there are
less coyotes this year...nature has it's ways of controlling the population to fit the habitat. And nature always does it right...unlike the Mustang wranglers who are actually only working for the cattlemen who want to graze their cows
on the horse range- an area where they some years back said was too harsh
and difficult to move cattle around on!!! Now it's all different...and it's all about
money... nothing else matters. Sorry I get on my "high horse"... I hate cruelty
and especially so when it's done to the helpless of any kind, and all in the name of greed.
Please everyone, stand up for our wild life and our people- if we don't do it now, our entire world is going to be totally changed and not in a good way- it will be the unborn and those recently born who have to learn to survive in
"the new world" being designed by "talking money". Otherwise known as GREED.
Love to all and a big heaping pile of luck,

Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Mansion In Heaven!

:hello: I was going through the Front Page Index, and I seen this Conversation between Elvis and You. I know I had read it before but it had Been so Very Long, I didn't really Remember That Talk. I Thought Since Thursday will be 35 Long Years, that Talk would be Good to Post. I to don't think Elvis wanted Lisa there either, and I wonder at times if she hadn't been there and knew that Her Daddy had Gone to Heaven. If she had been already Gone from GraceLand, if it would have been 10 times Harder on her? Like since she had just Been with him if she wouldn't Have Believed it, so I think at times it was Meant for Lisa to be there so she would Know it was True. Yes I have been seeing how Very Bad it has been on the Poor Animals with the Drought going on out West, and so I know it says ion the Bible that the Lord will Make Sure the Little Sparrows are Fed. But I also wonder if when Some Animals can't Make it through a Drought if it isn't the Lords, way of Taking the Weakest Ones so the Other Younger and Stronger Animals have a More Fighting Chance? :love:

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