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Letter to Lisa
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  leaving him

Hi, I think he was forgetting lyrics due to many reasons- one being he was a sick man. He was taking mediction for his blood pressure, kidneys, infections, nerves and sleeping pills and stimulants to wake up enough to perform. That's a load in it's self and too, he was worried about his health, oh, he was also on steroids for his swollen colon that was bleeding through the last tour.
Elvis knew he had problems-he was falling apart all the way back to late 74 he thought that something was dire wrong with his colon-the transverse colon that goes across below the ribs-his had a narrow section where it should have been one large section- that narrow part caused whatever he ate to block up and taking the pain killers for his head aches and his guts didn't help any in that area. It made it worse. Plus they had him taking a tranqulizer that compounded the problem... That was supposed to help him sleep, relax and lower his blood pressure. But it slowed down his intestinal processes which he didn't need to have slowed... I didn't know until after his death how serious his gut problem was-from the time he was born. That he had to have help from supositories (prescribed) to relax his spastic colon and sometimes he wouldn't use the stuff because he was doing something or another and didn't want to have to hang out near a bathroom until things eased up-and he had pain in his medsection quite often, enough to double him over and turn his face white- several people tell about that-including Larry Geller-who is about the only one left who will. The others, Charlie and Ed Parker who also saw this happen are gone now. And there were a couple of girlfriends who mentioned that...but they seem to be considered nit wits or something when they say this. I didn't see it-but I heard him talking about how much he hurt a few times... and he didn't want to take pain killers because he had to do a show or something that night. So he would wait and then take it and go to bed... I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have IBS-irritable bowel syndromne if that's spelled any where near close. And he had spastic tacked on to his too. All from being so nervous and stressed since 19 years old not to mention what he lived through be fore that...with the poverty and all the jobs he had going most of the time...just to help his mom and dad and keep a roof over their heads. It was not easy but the way he spoke of it was just matter of fact and he did what he had to do-thing. Often he was funny then too...but it was serious business-their lives depended on it. Anyway, getting back to Linda-he didn't want her to see him fall apart-he knew she knew him too well, he said that. And she would see and be hurt for him and he couldn't stand that-seeing her suffer over him, that way, he put it. He wanted her to have a life-without him. she was young, beautiful talented and he wanted her to go on with her life and be a model or actress or whatever she wanted because hanging around him was just going to drag her down and she'd have nothing when he was gone. He practically said he thought he wasn't going to be around much longer...that in 74. But then at 30 he said he wouldn't live long-"people like us don't"...meaning like himself. When he married and had Lisa and Cilla, he had some hope for a future-but Elvis always had in the back of his mind that he wouldn't live much past 44 or so. It was kind of like he knew some how. He simply cared about Linda and wanted her to move on, to have her own life and not be worrying about him all of the time.
So he pushed her out by bringing in other women-he said he was going to have to do something mean-so he did. Because she wouldn't go-and he didn't want to just "kick her out" so he made her choose to do it herself. And then he was so lonely-missed her and missed her "things"-she took them all with her. And he was alone-no one with him at all at that time. As soon as she was gone, and he convinced her to stay gone by his actions-he was alone. He said he didn't want to get close to anyone ever again....and he didn't really. Ginger was just there to keep him "from thinking too much".
He liked her, thought her beautiful but said he wasn't going to get married again-maybe never- he didn't want to be hurt like that again. So that's my answer-boy don't I wish I could put things in short perspective like Sue A does! She can do that so well-me-I write a "book". wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 9:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

boy don't I wish I could put things in short perspective like Sue A does!

Wanda, I enjoy your long lengthy replies. I learn so much. It was your destiny to write a book or two on Elvis, so it’s only natural that you would have the desire to write a lot. After all, it takes a lot to fill the pages of a book. And you are chalk full of good information!

I've read where Ginger believed Elvis proposed to her. So she must have misunderstood??

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  proposal

you know, he didn't like to hurt people's feelings...and at first he was kind of smitten by her-then someone told him how she resembled Priscilla at that age- and he saw it then and knew what it was about her-he said he guessed he was trying to relive better times or something..."at my age" he said so ruefully, I thought.
Then he said some other things-it's in WR,E most of what he said that at the time, he didn't want me to use. I did some of it-enough I think and I don't think it hurts anyone now-I hope not. Anyway, he was fond of her but she was set in her ways and she stood up to him-something that his "Cilia" would do at times, too. That intrigued him-he kind of liked having a woman who would get "after me some" now and then, I think...if they did it the right way...he didn't like being told what to do. So, if she thought that, he let her think it by just not saying defferently, maybe letting her make plans and going along just to see her "eyes sparkle and her smile" because he thought she was a knock out, head to toe and he "loved watching her". He said there was no red hot love affair, never was...and I think he meant that it was not hot and heavy between them-yet- he added that. And I don't think he felt much like being hot and heavy at that time either...he was doing good just getting up out of bed he felt so bad at times. And too, he was working alot then, on tour often and Ginger didn't like going on tour very much-and she didn't like Vegas either-very much- so he had another one like that again... "trying to relive better times"? He spent alot of money on Ginger and her family- but that got old really fast I think. Anyway, that was his story- I don't know, I wasn't there-but Ed Parker told me that he and Ginger just weren't quite meshed like Elvis would like-she was opinionated and he couldn't "get it just like he wanted" and he wasn't going to marry her-and have it all happen again... That's what Ed told me while we were waiting to do a radio show-seperatly but the same station. I heard his interview and then he stayed to hear most of mine that time-and gave me the ok sign and a big satisfied smile. We ran into each other several times and he'd wait on me or I'd wait on him and once he had me escorted to my car as there was a lot of people in the parking lot for some reason or other. He was a nice man, and I saw pretty quickly why Elvis liked him. Anyway, I'm glad Elvis didn't marry Ginger-she wouldn't have been happy waiting around on him either, too young-her whole life ahead of her-same thing again. He was smart enough to see that-thank heaven...wjh

Author:  ALNA [ Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:38 am ]
Post subject: 

I also think that marrying Ginger would have been a BIG mistake. She looked like Cilla but they were not all the same.
I think Priscilla loved him in the beginning very much.
Ginger did not and if you're not in love that is not good to start a married life.

He should have married Linda, perhaps things would have been different. Perhaps having another child and everything. I do not know exactly how ill he was in 1974 of course , I always think with Linda around he might have lived longer, but again I'm not a doctor. Sometimes being happy married is not enough to stay alive. A lot of young people die of cancer while being happy married and having kids.

So sad.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Apr 29, 2006 12:19 am ]
Post subject:  Mrs. McComb

I either didn't know or have forgotten that Mrs. McCombs was gone. How sad, but too, how happy for her because she was a great lady in every way and her poems will live on long after we're gone. And, you can bet she is with Elvis- and is at peace and happy for him-she was so saddened by his life's end and it was in her eyes that teared up just talking about him. I won't forget how warm and kind she was to me-when all else were hopping up and down like chickens looking for a roost. wjh

Author:  ALNA [ Sat Apr 29, 2006 12:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

If I'm not mistaken I saw the poem on display at Graceland together with Lisa's toys and cradle etc...

That is strange, such a beautigul gift for Lisa why doesn't she keep it with her or could it have been a copy??

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Apr 29, 2006 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Poem

She probably has a copy or that one is-and the real one in a fire safe somewhere- I certainly would! I think she has it "burned onto her brain" as she so loves her daddy-and respects him too. I believe she does the best she can and keeps her love for him and memories of him close in her heart, for her alone because she most likely doesn't trust the "public" for what has been done since his death by so many of that public. It would seem that she would play it safe where he is concerned. When you open up-that just opens the door to good and bad, in these times for sure. The press over does everything-makes the most insignificant thing into a big deal by twisting and turning it in the wind... been there, got my "feet wet" and didn't appreciate some of it... and I wasn't an innocent kid as she was when he died. It must still be very very difficult at times. wjh

Author:  ALNA [ Fri May 05, 2006 1:29 am ]
Post subject: 

somebody restored that thorn picture. I tought you all would like to see it in a better way


Author:  Golden Sky [ Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Everyone,

I just spent about 20 minutes reading this whole thread and I'm all emotional about it. Thanks to all of you for your touching insights and posting those pictures. Thanks especially to Wanda for the inside look at Elvis's life. I marvel that Elvis' ailments don't get much recognition; I think the MM at least could have helped their friend's reputation by pointing out that the medication was to a large extent necessary for pain control. They're harming him by what they don't say.

I was also very interested in the talk about astrology here: considering the two types of Geminis and how Elvis (Capricorn) got along with them. If anyone is familiar with Gary Goldschneider's system of astrology, you might find some insight there. His book The Secret Language of Relationships is one of my all-time favorites. He maintains that there are 5 types of each sign: two long (about five day) cusps, and three middle "periods." In this scheme, Priscilla is a Taurus-Gemini (also called the cusp of Energy), but Linda Thompson and Wanda are Gemini I (Week of Freedom). Elvis is a Capricorn II: Week of Determination. (And so am I). In this whole system there can be great differences in how we get along with each of the five different types of each sign. If I remember correctly, Capricorn II and Taurus-Geminis like Priscilla will at first blush seem to have the very essence of romance, but their relationship may become very flighty and fanciful. "There is an air of unreality to it," said Goldschneider. There isn't much danger of that happening when Capricorn II meets the more level-headed Gemini I: in fact, their relationship is something like a font of honesty. So I would guess that while Elvis' relationship with Priscilla appealed to his romantic side, he had something more real and substantial with Linda. And on a friendship level with Wanda.

Wanda, you wrote that you felt more like a Cancer. Another interesting astrology theory I've read is that we move through the signs as we age; that about every 20 years or so we move into the next sign. So while I was born a Capricorn, I'm more like an Aquarius by now. And maybe when you moved and found yourself feeling more Cancer-ish, you were indeed moving into the Cancer stage. I hope that's not so speculative as to be pointless.
Sorry if this is boring or over the top! And thanks for the conversation..... :D


Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

No Trish! Facinating and totally new to me although I suspected that there were more than just two types of Gemini's and based that assumption on those I knew and myself. I do like those specific terms from that gentleman and thank you for posting all that info. Boy, wouldn't Elvis have loved to have known about that-it certainly fit his circumstances/marriage/relationships etc:. And too, perhaps Priscilla has moved into another sign and is now changing, understanding more as she certainly appeared different on the Larry King show. I liked her-quite a difference, as if she were reliving the good parts at last, and accepting
more about the whole thing. We have to learn-sometimes the hard way.
He said his life was a Fairytale-and then mused, "they don't all end up good...." Then changed the subject completely. He was good at that.

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