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Author:  maia [ Wed Dec 19, 2007 8:14 pm ]
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Y'know there is another (some say) more accurate astrology using the rel NIGHT SKY. In regular astrology I am a Pisces and yes, it FITS me a lot. But in the "Night Sky" astrology I am an Aquarius, and that REALLY suits me on a deeper INTERIOR level! I believe that Vedic astrology is based on the Night Sky version (far more ancient than our current version), but I am not absolutely sure.


Here is a friend's website who does this type of astrology. she did mine and Simeon's and she is very good, in my opinion!


Author:  Golden Sky [ Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:08 am ]
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That IS fascinating, Maia!

I checked on the link, and while I couldn't assimilate everything, I appreciated all the new information and different scope of ideas. I have always been interested in astrology from the time I was really little (I can remember the first time I heard I was a Capricorn!) but I have never gotten into the intricacies of birth charts. I think the math frustrates me.

The system of astrology I mentioned before...it's called Personology...was developed not from the stars but from a database of I think 25,000 famous people. Somehow this astrologer used computers to track birthdays and personality traits and then marked out the calendar according to where certain traits are prominent. I find it amazingly accurate. For example, while conventional astrology labels Capricorns as hard-headed pragmatists...and many are....this system reveals that people born in the week of January 3-9 tend to be interested in psychic, spiritual, religious, New Age and metaphysical phenomena. My books says, "Nor are their ideas at all conservative. They may, in fact, be very radical, and there is an undeniable tendency to let their minds roam over the broadest questions of cosmology and existence." Very Elvis. Many people would be surprised but even Richard Nixon, born January 9, was a little bit like this. I'm not sure Nixon would have gone for an all-out seance with Elvis when they were in the Oval Office together, but I have read some Nixon biographies and his emphasis on spirituality is striking. It bewilders his biographers, who don't know how to account for the seeming anomaly.

Why am I talking about all this? :D I find myself out on a limb again.

Wanda, I thought about your comment that Elvis, how his life was a Fairytale. It's made me love his song Fairytale even more and I've been listening to it every day. Thanks as always.

Author:  Golden Sky [ Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:31 am ]
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Wanda June Hill wrote:
And too, perhaps Priscilla has moved into another sign and is now changing, understanding more as she certainly appeared different on the Larry King show. I liked her-quite a difference, as if she were reliving the good parts at last, and accepting
more about the whole thing.

From what I've seen of Priscilla, I like her too! She seems very down-to-earth and personable.

Sue, thanks for mentioning Chinese astrology. There are some good East/West astrology books out here in the US, too, mostly by Suzanne White. If you go to her website, www.suzannewhite.com, you can type in your birthday and get a little "reading." :)

Chinese astrology isn't based on the stars, either, except insofar as the stars mark out the calendar. It's based on the personality patterns some ancients observed while working for an emperor. They must have been beyond brilliant, and I marvel to think how in tune they were with both nature and people. As far as my little mind can tell, Chinese astrology is very accurate, too. :D Thanks for the fun discussion.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Dec 23, 2007 6:58 pm ]
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That is one of the good things about globalization - we can share more things of knowledge and learn from each other. Thanks for posting new info and any other will be welcome too. wjh

Author:  Golden Sky [ Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:12 pm ]
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Wanda June Hill wrote:
That is one of the good things about globalization - we can share more things of knowledge and learn from each other. Thanks for posting new info and any other will be welcome too. wjh

I emphatically agree with you about globalization, Wanda!

I meant to talk about the fact that Ann-Margret's birthday is only a day or two after Elvis's mother's, but I forgot. Just to finish in the same line of thinking I was on before: I think it's possible or even probable that Elvis got along with Ann-Margret in much the same way that he got along with his mother. Capricorns and Tauruses usually do get along quite well (being earth signs); in the personology system that I mentioned above, Capricorn IIs like Elvis and Taurus Is like Mrs. Presley and Ann-Margret more specifically have a tendency to spur each other on to achievement. Emotional coziness isn't "native" to that combination, but I think that Elvis and his mother were closer than usual because of circumstances outside of astrology. And perhaps Elvis loved Ann-Margret more simply because she reminded him of his mother, and his special rapport with her was close to the kind of rapport he had with his mother. ...Maybe?

I've often wondered if these kinds of birthday coincidences mattered to Elvis. Any thoughts on that, Wanda? I've wondered if he even cared that Ann-Margret's birthday was so close to his mother's, or that Linda's was the day after Priscilla's.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:13 pm ]
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Yes he did. He spoke about such things, how certain birthdates/signs intermixed, what made them work and knew some wouldn't get along with his sign because this or that. He also said that it mattered where you grew up and where you were born-location and time which is true. those things make us all different even being born the same day and month and year. He felt a report with Ann when they met he said, but he never talked about her much, it was almost like he was afraid to say much as it was so powerful between them. I believe he would have married her had there not been so much other things in volved and too, he was not sure he could get things straightened out so he could be free from the attachement he had with Priscilla. Ann was not a child, I think she may have been the first adult relationship he had with a women -that meant anything to him seriously. Pris was like his little girl he said, he raised her and taught her and he even went so far as to say, "kind of trained" her to understand his life, how things were and what he had to do in this lifetime but most of it he said didn't register with her because she was so young-hadn't been out there in the world and lived on her own. He said it was his fault for thinking he could make her into the perfect woman for him and his career...on the one hand he wanted a family more than he wanted to live, on the other hand he had this career that consumed everything in him at times. No female could cope or compare to the highs or the lows he got from that career. Linda came from the south, she knew his roots and that was a good thing for them. Elvis was more open to pleasing rather than just expecting after what happened with he and Pris so he got along better with Linda, wasn't so much a dictator etc: and that helped I'm sure. Linda was intelligent, sweet and easy going and she made him laugh alot, so it was good for him and in turn, he lavished things on her as well as his affection and love. She was free to be with him, Priscilla had Lisa and the difference was, Elvis expected a mother to be home with the kids...period and to be happy being there, waiting for her man etc:. Southern upbringing, plus the way things were in those days...by Linda's arrival, things were different though she had that background...he was more lenient and more patient. But he didn't fall in love again, he loved her, trusted and cared about her, but not enough to risk getting married again. In his mind, he was still married to Pris and that never left him. He wasn't perfect, but he was loyal to his beliefs, and to his friends and those he loved. Too much so at times. wjh

Author:  Golden Sky [ Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:26 pm ]
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Thank you, Wanda,

I'm SO grateful that you take the time to tell us all of these details. I was just riveted reading that whole paragraph, and have so many comments and questions! What you said about his not talking much about Ann-Margret reminded me of the fact that she has always seemed reluctant to talk about him, too. It's beautiful that they had something "so powerful." I was also touched to read that Elvis knew it was a mistake for him to have thought he could mold Priscilla. I figured that he knew that, but it says something about his humility that he could admit it out loud. I just love reading your descriptions of him and how he thought.
Heartfelt thanks, Wanda.

Author:  Sarena [ Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:09 am ]
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I agree also wholeheartedly, Trish!! :)

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