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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 8:52 pm ]
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I would love to have you and maria as guests. To talk about your friendship with elvis and your plan of your next book.

Great! After I get the manuscript sent in and it's in production for real. So a little later-o key dokey.

Author:  Regina- Jewel [ Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:05 am ]
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Wanda June Hill wrote:
Hi, and a top of the morning to you all! Hope it rains there-a storm is out there approaching but it may not get that far down or to us-or it may? Who can tell in today's system? I was thinking about things (Grandma) Suzy told me over the years about Elvis and we spent some time together yesterday. She started talking about Elvis. She said that he told her about the last time he and Cilla were together-just before he left us, a few weeks before, when Lisa came to stay with him through July. And I guess Pris had a relapse or something because he told her he didn't know what happened, really, but she took him upstairs, hanging on him and so forth, (his words) and they ended up making love-and it had been a long while for them, and for him with anyone. Suzy said he was crying, but he wanted to tell her that his wife did love him and not to feel badly toward her, it was his fault she couldn't live with him, not hers. He told Suzy for the "first time in their relationship" she made love to him because she wanted to be with him, wanted him to know that she would always love him regardless of the things they had both done to each other. He didn't go into detail, but his heart was broken, he didn't think he could stand it much longer-he told her he wanted to die and was only living for Lisa's sake, he had to prepare her somehow. And that Priscilla didn't realize, she didn't know, he didn't tell her or let her see that he was gong to die soon. It's funny, but Suzy remembered that-in detail-and she wanted to get it off her mind, so we talked about it and cried, of course. She felt better, perked up and felt that she had helped him when he needed it. He was laughing when they got off the phone...she told him some funny "road" stories that she hadn't told him before because they were "racey" and didn't want to shock him. He wasn't shocked, he laughed and she did too, she said. And he told her some that were just about the same and they giggled and laughed like two naughty kids. Wb

Wow this is VERY new to me...wasnt Ginger there by that time??!! okayy Im quite confused now :?

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:22 pm ]
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Ginger was there, but Elvis had decided she was not the one for him, he wasn't going to marry her. He truly wanted his wife to come home and bring "the baby" who was a young girl but always daddy's baby etc: you know. Anyway, he had hope that since they were talking and he was explaining himself more and she was listening and understanding more, that perhaps they could be a family again. He loved Priscilla right to the end, and he wanted to have his family with him...I believe he knew his days were short and he just wanted to be with his family more, as any one would at that time in their lives. Priscilla didn't see any changes, he was still gone, working, doing the usual things and she didn't realize that he had to do those things, and knowing him, he wouldn't have said he had to, he would have said, he loved his job and enjoyed working etc: and that was how he earned his money, it was his job and several other people's job as well. Anyway, she didn't think he'd change, that he'd always want other women etc: and be out and gone like always and he couldn't not do the jobs. They'd all been broke if he had quit cold unless he could get something else up and going fast which he thought he could if he got Tom paid off etc:...that was in his mind. Anyway, Ginger was there off and on, it was over he said, she was a nice girl and her family too, nothing like that, but it wasn't love and she wasn't one to cater 100% to him, she had things she wanted to do, friends etc: and a life besides his and he couldn't be part of it either. So he kept her around because she "kept him from thinking too much" and she was beautiful to watch etc:. And I think he probably did say they'd have a Christmas wedding, and he gave her the ring and other things and was talking about marriage but he knew he wasn't going to do it.
He just wanted to leave her the best he could, memories of good things, and plans for a future with him.
That's how he would have thought and I think that's what he did-since she tells those stories and it sounds like him...he always wanted to be married at Graceland and at Christmas...he and Cilla had that planned, but it got changed and hurried into a Vegas wedding which he wasn't happy about...but for Pris' sake, he went ahead and pulled it off well. Then he was happy, he was the happiest I've ever know him to be that first year they were married...and after the baby came he was so happy and excited and loved his job, had fun and wasn't moody etc:...he was just worried about the future and knew he had to get his career reved up again or they'd all be "looking for a place to live" meaning he wasn't going to be able to provide the lifestyle for all of them if he didn't get something going to bring in the money again. The movies were not making as much, just paying for themselves and a little more and he wasn't happy doing them. So when the tv show came along, Elvis jumped at it and when he found that Steve Binder knew what he wanted and it coresponded with what Elvis wanted, he trusted him and went against the col to do it. That show as the result of Steve's foresight and Elvis' raw talent and willingness to buck the odds and pull it off the way only he could. It was some of the best Elvis anyone had ever seen and still is very vital. ...Right up there with the Vegas shows etc:...And the world wanted Elvis back, loved him still and he was flying on happiness after that. Pris said he changed-he did-into a guy she didn't know since she had not known the young hot guy in the early days, she only knew the blue, miserable and lonely army dude and then the movie making dude who came home every night to her. I can see how she would be shocked and scared when the turned into Elvis Presley, superstar practically over night.
He admitted to being totally obsorbed by his career and getting it back, he wanted that feeling again, the excitement and the audience response. It was his life.

Author:  ALNA [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:44 pm ]
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I love that story about him and Priscilla making love for the last time.
At least he had that memory to take with him.
She was the love of his life I do not doubt about that, despite their past difficulties and many argues.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:28 pm ]
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According to Ginger, she and Elvis never had a physical/sexual relationship...and according to several other sources mm guys, Ed Parker, and others, that is also what Elvis said. He would wait for marriage-IF and that's a big IF with Elvis and women, he was really thinking he was in love and wanting to marry the woman of that moment in time. He did tend to be old fashioned in many ways-one being if you were getting married you waited for "God's blessings" perferably in the House of God. wjh

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