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 Post subject: The paranormal investigation of Graceland
PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:31 am 
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The paranormal investigation of Graceland. Long live the king!

Some of you know my family's connection to Graceland and Elvis Presley. I had family members who attended school with him... another who photographed Graceland for Memphis Homes & Gardens when it was still in print... another worked across the street from the store where Elvis religiously purchased his clothes... and I have family members who are friends with a woman who worked for Elvis for a long period of time and has given the VIP tickets, access and tours of the Graceland mansion after Elvis's death. (I used to give names to reference the above but family members and the former employee of Elvis were being contacted so they requested we don't do that anymore). I grew up with an affinity for Elvis Presley being told often what a charming, amazing, talented, kind-hearted, fun-loving and sometimes misunderstand man he was.

I felt an instant connection with Elvis and of course have been to Graceland so often I could give you an entire tour myself. It is easy when you see a star of Elvis's stature so many times and everywhere from billboards, keychains, bumperstickers, mugs, textiles... heard on television, movies, radio and records... to forget he was a human being - not an impenetrable megastar. And it is the man, not the machine I connect with.

Even from an early age I could appreciate that he was merely a caged entertainer... incapable of living a normal life. Unable to simply drive to the market and buy the food of his craving for fear of being mauled, attacked or otherwise assualted by fans or enemies. Of course he could hire someone to run his errands but isn't there something to be said for the freedom of movement? The ability to walk anywhere and enjoy the scenery or place for what it is as opposed to having the ever-present shadow of photographers, journalists, fans and crackpots following you around.

His resentment in being kept from experiencing a morning walk, buying a newspaper, getting lunch at a diner, and other normal activities for any adult became more and more apparent the longer he remained in the hot spotlight of stardom. And even as a young girl it was easy to see. I felt truly sorry for him and his family not to have the simple, basic privileges the rest of us enjoy without thought.

Well, the first time I went to Graceland I did the obligatory tour and listened intently to what the guide had to say in regards to Elvis's life. About halfway through I realized that I wasn't really learning anything important or noteworthy about the man... but more his idiosyncracies and eccentric behaviour. It was all fluff and stuffing as you could plainly see his taste was lavish and eclectic. I finished the tour and enjoyed the day.

Since then every time I have returned I do not listen to the guides or wear the headphones to hear what has to be said of the mansion or the other museums. I take it for what it is and for that I have had more moving and greater experiences. For if you are listening to why he picked out a shag carpet you might miss the little details around you that are screaming to be noticed but are overlooked in turn for a sensational story about velvet.

The most recent trip in August 2007, yielded some of the most moving and unforgettable experiences to date. I had my camera with me but the battery died outside of the mansion. At first I was really upset for not packing a spare but I realized that in my quest for photography I had become preoccupied and wasn't truly taking in the experience of a man I have long admired.

The photographs and information provided are from our investigation in 2003.

Through all the times I have visited Graceland there is one place in Elvis's home where I feel the most personal, connective energy and that is the kitchen. The front rooms are beautiful but a bit cold, the jungle room is a madhouse of decoration and the den and playroom are interesting but the kitchen holds this sort of embracing energy that wraps around you and makes you feel that you are at home. For some reason I often have the vision of Elvis and sometimes a few extra men leaning against the countertops in discussion. It is a trivial event but important to the living of a life. It is an experience, albeit small in the big aspect, but a human act.

In whole Elvis's home is a low-level buzz with the vibration of spiritual energy. The next place I felt a great deal of energy was in the empty store room out side of the mansion next to the office. It is a room not decorated by anything important and it doesn't reflect Elvis's wild taste in the least. In fact, it is a small cove that looks as though it could be photographed in any home, anywhere in America. However, despite the energy I felt of homelife for Elvis in this small cove I was under the distinct impression something large was missing from this alcove. An object of importance that has long since been removed but was a somewhat permanent fixture.

There were two places in Graceland I felt an overwhelming amount of energy. The first, and certainly most paranormal activity on the property, were the steps going to the pool in the backyard. I had started to wander around as there was a line to see the graves of Elvis and his family. I took a seat on a bench opposite the pool and immediately had a vision of a party, not a large party but a soiree of friends. I didn't see anyone in particular it was more of an experience. My eyes were drawn immediately to the few steps leading to the pool. I walked over and as my foot fell on the first stair I nearly collapsed from the overwhelming wall of energy. My knees buckled and I took a seat on the stairs. The energy was palpable. I suddenly started to have a flowing stream of visions... one running into another, on top of each other and my right knee started to burn a little bit. I felt as though I was injured on the stairs. It was a nearly breath-taking experience that lasted a full five minutes. By the end of the energy wave I was exhausted and we sat at the little terminal for the buses while at least 3 separate tours were picked up and taken back to the Graceland center.

The second place I experienced a wave of energy was exiting the Lisa Marie plane. Boarding and seeing the plane was interesting and I felt a small shockwave of energy when I saw the blue bed at the back of the plane. I had the urge to laugh as though being tickled... it was playful and fun. As I exited the plane I was about halfway down the stairs when I thought I heard the sound of bulbs flashing. It was disheartening and I felt my chest take on this enormous weight. Of course there weren't but a few families wandering around the planes and none were photographing. So I knew as I went to take the next step that it was part of a visionary experience. As I descended the stairs I heard the very faint murmur of many people talking at once and with each step I felt the burden on my chest grow heavier. It reduced me to tears.

As a whole the trip was incredible. Seeing his costumes, cars, clothes, toys, and seeing the place he loved and called home was earthmoving for me. His was a life that was waiting to be lived and he wanted to live so much more than he was allowed. It might sound crazy when you consider he was a man who could have had anything but fame comes with a devastating price and for someone who was homegrown, boyish, friendly, kind and generous as Elvis was a life in a cage is certain destruction. God bless him and his family... he was one of the great people of this life and should be remembered for his character as a human being as much if not more than his music, movies and scandals.

Here are some of the photographs taken during our expedition:

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 Post subject: Re: The paranormal investigation of Graceland
PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:43 am 
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THANK YOU Liliane, for sharing that article.

As we know from Maia, the place where Graceland was built was formerly a pilgrimage site for American Native Indian. Those places around the world, use to have a quality of their own (geologic or whatever) which "attracts" people and activities. It all "charges" even more the site with energy.

Then, there came Elvis -with his own high vibrational energy and the great deal of thought and emotion people generated around him, living in there, waiting at the doors, from afar... Again the place was -and still is- gathering high voltage emotional vibrations, thus easily perceptible to someone sensitive. Once more it becomes notorious how nothing disappears, everything is "there". It's our perception that selects and filter what must come into our awareness.

Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
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