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 Post subject: Jane Elliot on Working With Elvis
PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:14 pm 
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General Hospital's Jane Elliot on Working With Elvis: Jane Elliot is mainly recognised for her work in TV's 'General Hospital' however she also co-stared with Elvis in 'Change Of habit' when she played the part of Sister Barbara Bennett. TV Guide Magazine recently spoke to the Emmy-winning actress about her legacy. In this part she recalls her time with Elvis.
Jane Elliot: Do you know that I didn't want to do that movie Change of Habit? I actually turned it down because I didn't want to be in a film with Elvis. Who does that?
TV Guide: How could you pass it up? It was his last film, right?
Elliot: I thought it was beneath me. Yes, it was the last movie on his contract and he hated making movies and never did another one. He wanted to get back to his music, which he did right after that. But it was not the kind of work I'd come to Hollywood to do. Laughs- I was a snob raised on the upper east side of Manhattan, who went to private schools and only listened to real music. My favorite aunt started the legal department at the William Morris Agency back in the '50s and she knew Elvis's manager, the Colonel, and he would give her all kinds of great Elvis memorabilia, autographed photos, scripts, movie posters, you name it, and she would give it all to me and I would throw it all in the garbage because Elvis was not my genre.
TVG: That sound you hear is millions of diehard Presley fans collapsing in a dead faint.
Elliot: I was an idiot! And I now understand why those millions are still devoted to him, why their hearts broke for him, why they cried for him. It was my stupid blindness! I wound up doing the movie anyway because it came as part of a multi-film deal, which never amounted to anything, but on my first day on the set I did a complete 180. Elvis was a lovely, lovely man, a real gentleman and so sweet and fun and funny. I had the best time working with him and everyone else. Mary Tyler Moore and Barbara McNair were also in the movie, and they were fantastic and the ultimate professionals! I was just 21 at the time and learned so much from that experience. It was a real privilege, a thrill. I am so glad the universe saw fit to make me get over myself.
TVG: Did Elvis make a pass at you? Elliot: (Laughing)- He made a pass at everybody!

Go HERE for the full TV Guide Magazine interview. ... 79908.aspx

(News, Source;NP/TVGuide/ElvisInfoNet)

"Value are like fingerprints. Nobody's the same, but you leave them all everything you do" ELVIS AARON PRESLEY
 Post subject: Re: Jane Elliot on Working With Elvis
PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:57 pm 
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:hello: Liliane, This is one Awesome interview from Jane Eillot. I always thought Elvis was talking to me in The Movie Change of Habit because of this Actress Played Sister Barbara, :lol: :love: :love:

Without you I am nothing an could never be so bold. The times we've shared, the laughter and the tears. Priceless memories, treasures all. How could I ever fail? With you I don't fear that at all. Elvis Presley!
 Post subject: Re: Jane Elliot on Working With Elvis
PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:53 am 
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It is AWESOME! I'm happy to know that she changed her mind and realized what a decent and nice guy Elvis was-as for his "making a pass at everybody" it was part of his sense of humor and also to make light of his image; it also was kind of a "self esteem booster" for the women in his films... Elvis often did such things to "break the ice" and to
give them self confidence... That may sound silly or stupid
to say, but doesn't it make us females feel good if some guy flirts and shows an "interest"? Sure it does, he knew that and it was part of that "image thing" and he knew that also... he thought it was "expected" as after all,
he was ELVIS. But when push came to shove he might have turned and ran if the lady was too obvious etc... He
was very playful with his image, sometimes it got him in trouble when women took him too serious and then HE had
to "turn and run". I read somewhere that he was said to
have "used the sex appeal and "stud" image" to break the
ice, to loosen up the atmosphere and get people to laugh
or to boost their confidence. He thought it was the only
thing that worked; he liked making people laugh and feel
good about themselves too. It was and still is, amazing
how many people he "touched" with his sense of humor,
his spontaneous "naughty boy" playfulness and the fact
that he was also intelligent, serious about his beliefs and
willing to do just about anything to keep things balanced
and fun on the movie sets. He treated everyone equal and
he liked to tease, joke and laugh...very often people who were "there on those sets" have said they "loved his sense of humor and his interest in their well being". They felt
awed by his humbleness and willingness to listen to them.
I am certainly one of those people...Elvis was special and
he was very much my "big brother" and I miss that friendship and understanding way that he related to every- one he came in contact with...even when they didn't like him or know much about him before working with him...
they changed their views readily and almost everyone on those sets and those who met him other places, NEVER
forgot those moments in his presence. There are not a lot of people who make deep impressions on the masses but
a few have done so in our lifetime and before... ELVIS
is most certainly one of those unforgettable men... and
will remain so thanks to his wonderful way with a "song".
Love to all, wjh

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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