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me meeting marilyn my penpal for first time may 5th 2008
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Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:25 pm ]
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Rainbow Light wrote:
You are both very special loving hearts and spirits and send lots of Love Bubbles to two Earth angels in human form! :) :P

From one Earth angel to another, :wink: (A) my heart thanks you so much for your kind and loving words my dear friend!! :wink: :D :love:

Sweet Julie Sharon Rose I cannot believe that Marilyn had the nerve to say that SHE would give YOU another chance and not even apologize for the way she has treated you and the hurtful things she has said to you!! :o :roll: I am so verry sorry that she did that hon for you didn't deserve that either. :(

juliepresleyfan wrote:
take heart mary in the morning , these people do to us only what we let em do

To quote our dear Elvis"ain't that the damn truth!!" :P :roll: You are so right my sweet friend in that it definitely is time to gather ourselves up and not let people treat us in this disrespectful manner anymore because like you so beautifully said we are all so very special in God's eyes!! :D :D Here's to all of you my sweet angels who are all so very special in my eyes too!! Image :wink: :D :love:

Author:  Di [ Tue Jul 15, 2008 6:45 pm ]
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Hi Julie:

Just read your last post and so glad to see you are moving on. Sometimes you meet people you cannot or ever will be able to understand and than you meet wonderful people like those on this forum.

Stay true to yourself.



Author:  Amanda Viola [ Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:13 am ]
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Dear Julie-Sharon Rose,

I'm not going to judge that lady, nor you. I feel to try to look for the blame takes us nowhere. We are ALL co-responsables of everything we live... and it's a great thing, may we be aware of it or not! :)

What matters now is to get a way to calm down and soothe these emotions... First, know that the energy rolling now in the planet IGNITES all our emotional circuits, even those that were not active anymore. This failure in the understanding between that lady and you, has been the trigger for you to connect with old emotions of not being important to others, of being put aside, etc... In resume, of not being loved enough. (Many have felt this way when a child or a kid, the first: myself).

Why that feeling? Because WE humans, ARE BEINGS OF LOVE. The no-LOVE impacts we receive when we come to this half-Light reality hits the most sensible area of all our Being, and we are not ready to take them lighly. We register them in fire in our circuits. The pain felt, becomes anger, but we hide and hold back it, 'cause as a child, we don't haave power enough to easily express that anger.

This is the anger you are feeling now, Julie. It's an old one repressed and covered by layers and layers of disguise. You may be happy it is RELEASED at last, so you can let it go...

I didn't mean to become personal, but that dynamic is being produced right now in millions of persons around the world. I felt like coming into it as a way to prevent an excess of suffering.

So, if I was you, I would play some gospel from Elvis -that connects us to higher emotions- and would say good bye to part of the past, represented in that pen-pal. Your heart seeks to be able to express true Love and you'll be guided to find its resonance somewhere else. Because YOU ARE LOVE. Image

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:33 am ]
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Julie, Amanda always has wise words of wisdom. I would just like to add that probably your penpal friend was herself illtreated at one or more times by a person or persons in her distant past. She likely has held on to the anger and resentment toward those people, casuing to be the bitter judgemental person she is today. She may not even realize what's going on with her. At any rate, I think you will be happiest if you do not hold on to your anger and resentment toward her. Let it go, and if you have trouble, ask God to help you to forgive her. This doesn't mean that you have to be her doormat and allow her to continue to manipulate you. Be strong, do not judge her, & yet do not receive the negative pull from her. It may be best for you to completely let go of her if you find that you are continually being upset, but that's up to you.
As long as you resent her, you will feel the need to overcompensate & give into her manipulations.

I had a similar situation with a friend of mine, a long time friend. She got easily offended over an email I sent & thought I was attacking her when I was not. Not even close! But she chose to see what I wrote in a negative light. She then cut off contact with me as a form of manipulation, assuming I'd come crawling back with an apology, as I'd done in previous times when she'd get offended over the smallest things. She'd blow things way way out of proportion. So I realized this time I had to let her go. It was not easy at first, and I had to battle anger & resentment, but God helped me to let the anger & resentment go & yet also to let her go. I knew I had to do it, as the friendship had become an unhealthy one. At the same time, I felt it important to try and not judge her. Something happened in her distant past to which she is still holding bitterness, giving her a critical spirit, and I realized I was not helping me or her any by enabling & feeding that spirit.

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sat Jul 26, 2008 3:32 pm ]
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As long as you resent her, you will feel the need to overcompensate & give into her manipulations.

This one above Sarena, is quite a remarcable and wise commentary! It speaks of a dynamic very often present in people that has to learn to set limits to the others.

A similar circumstance has happened to me the last months, with a friend of mine. I, too, had to let her go, as do not create a dependant relationship: that of me paying attention to her negative demands of attention. She invaded my limits while my mother was ill the last days of her life -when the priority was my mother, not her- and I had to STOP her. She could not stand it, because I was quite clear marking the limit, and she has dropped our friendship. I hope she will be able to hold unto LOVE towards herself -which is the rooth of the question- and put the fear to not be loved aside.

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:45 pm ]
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As long as you resent her, you will feel the need to overcompensate & give into her manipulations.

Just to comment further on my quote here -- I came to understand this from listening to Roy Masters speak on the dynamics of relationships. Very wise man.

Anyhow, I have found the above quote to be absolutely true. I have seen it happen in my own life. I had a friend, different than the one I mentioned above, who moved out of town. She & I kept up email communication for awhile; then she suddenly dropped me for no obvious reason. She may have been too busy or whatever, as her life did become busier, but it would have been nice for her to at least say she didn't have the time or whatever. I'm not even sure of the real reason actually. Regardless, I found myself resenting her. Then instead of letting her go, I'd periodically email her even though I knew I'd never get a response. Then I thought well why don't I call her. But I never did because I realized what was happening. My own resentment of her was drawing me back to her. And resentment is really just a quiet form of unforgiveness & judgement.

Then too, I got to thinking -- why would I want to keep the friendship going anyway? Our engery paths have completely diverged. She has a very black & white religiously rigid view of the world. When I told her of my Elvis experience, she said I was into idolotry. Then one time about 5 years ago I bought some expensive cards to help improve my psychic abilities. These were not Tarot cards. They were simply cards of various places & things, hidden in white envelopes. The idea was to try & draw what I'd think I "see" in each one (using my 3rd eye) w/o actually looking at the picture until I was done drawing. It was training for Remote Viewing actually. Anyhow, she said it was evil, occult stuff & warned I ought to throw it away. And, not trusting my own instincts then, I went by what she said & threw them out. Now I really regret having done it. Live & learn I guess. So, back to my point, if she wanted to cut off communication, I should gladly oblige w/o any resentment. She & I are on different energy paths now, so I should joyfully go with the flow!!!

PS I did not do very well with those cards. The only one I got exactly right on the money was one which was a picture of a lighthouse. I love lighthouses, have pictures of them on the walls of my apartment, and I lvoe going to visit them on the rare occassion I'm visiting the coast. So it was obvious why I got that one right. I had an emotional connection with the picture, so the 3rd eye link was much stronger.

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:39 am ]
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I just wish to make right a mistake I did in my last post:

I referred my answer as to a "Sarena"'s comment, when it was really LAURIE the one that posted. :roll:


Author:  Blue Moon [ Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:04 am ]
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No, Julie, I am not at all saying you should take her back. There is no need to keep a toxic relationship going. If she is hurting you one minute, then manipulating you with compliments the next, you are like a puppet on a string in her hands, and you will no doubt be in continual emotional turmoil. She needs to face her own demons first, so you don't get asaulted by them as well.

I know you are understandably hurt. All I was saying is that as long as you remain angry & resentful toward her, you will be pulled back to her. It is a strange king of relationship dynamic that happens which most do not even realize exists. You will actually find it more difficult to end your friendship with her as you hold on to anger. The less you allow her to upset you, the easier it will be for you to let her go.

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