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PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:26 pm 
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73smile wrote:
Could be Elvis would be the entire orchard. :) :) No matter which apple one picked it would be part of him.
That would be fun :D on a sunny day---to go apple picking with Elvis and then share a picnic lunch and just sit and talk and talk. With him being 6' tall a ladder may not have been needed---just a basket or two. That would be so amazing---to be able to have the chance to just sit and talk and talk with Elvis.

AMEN and oh how right you are sweet Marjorie about how very much fun it would be to go apple picking with Elvis on a sunny day!! :wink: :D :D It sounds like an absolutely beautiful way to spend the day---walking around picking apples then lazing around over a nice picnic lunch, sharing laughter and precious conversation about whatever may have been on Elvis' mind and in his always loving heart!! :wink: :D :D I wish much love right back at you my dear angel!! :love: :D :D

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:48 pm 
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you have a little bit of a mix up here. the 60.000 was what Dick Grob wanted for a song he was selling. it was said to be Elvis but i would have to disagree. i would never pay anyone for an interview. i have turned people down because they asked to be paid. Dick always does his interviews for free.

joe k

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:55 pm 
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Hi Joe! I think people might think the opposite because Dick Grobe's book is so expensive ---even though it is detailed and took a lot of hard work putting together ( I haven't read it or even seen one but I've heard it's very interesting) And rumors abound about every one these days- it's amazing. Some of the guys do charge and ask for perks etc:... that was what I noticed in the past when I was out book touring way back then- We had our own transportation for the most part except a few times when I flew- I don't like flying much-and now will not get on a plane...period. But I will happily "astro-trip" - that's totally freeee----

It's so hot here today- hardly a breeze and when it does it's like the breath of hell and dries everything up. And water is getting in short supply around here- Lake Mead is lower than it's ever been since being built- and Las Vegas housing and job market is in the ------ "crapper" as EP would put it. Lots of people out of work in the hotel business right now too... even the Indian gambling places out here are laying off and closing things up some trying to keep the doors open.... people just don't have money for those things these days. I can't believe the food prices-I spent $71.00 and didn't get anything but some bread and milk for Jimmie and me- the rest went for things we use- and horse, cat and dog food!
Crazy- Fortunatelly I freeze veggies and have frozen chicken too and we like fruit- Starla brings home samples she gets all the time so we do have that and it's high priced as well in stores. We're feeding 6 cats we've "taken in" and boy, they eat alot- they were starving and the kittens are growing fast- So cute too, and they are so grateful to have a safe home. Last night they all followed me down and right into their "cat house" to eat and were no trouble getting them to go in for the night- see, 3 days and they've learned! They are learning their names too- Starla named 5 of them and I named Pearl the gray one- she knows her name- she learned it fast. Moma cat likes her name too- Jezabelle and the male is here- we are trying to "tame" him so he can be caught and fixed-
One little boy kitten is Bat- so his daddy is going to be called "Masterson"
so I can say, Oh that's Bat, Master"s Son... Nutz huh? Maybe Elvis "knew that" right off and that's why he liked me- we are both a bit "crazy" at times...idea wise any way! I mean it runs in the family- Starla named the weirdly striped one who looks like his daddy- "Spyder Man". And the other little "bat faced looking one" who's a girl is Elvira after the Witch off television. Then we have Spook who looks like her mom whose named after a cat that was in a movie a while back. wjh

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:10 pm 
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Oh, Joe, I am so embarrassed. :oops: :oops: I must look like a real gossip monger. I apologize to anyone I may have offended with my mistake. When Lee Dawson says in the second interview session (right after Nancy Rooks) that Dick Grob wasn't known for being truthful and that he wanted $60,000 for this, I thought he meant the interview. He meant the song that followed. I didn't hear the part that said he wanted that money for some demo Elvis did. (I need to clean my ears out I think)

See, my mom was right. She always told us to check our facts before we make fools out of ourselves. Well mom, if you can hear me from heaven I just did it but good. It's funny because I am a person who double and triple checks my facts before I do anything. Joe, thank you for setting me straight. I am so sorry. Here I am a newbie here and I am causing a ruckus. Yikes!

I really love your interviews Joe. I have had many happy hours listening to them, but from now on I have only good things to say. You are a nice man to bring all these wonderful interviews to all of us. I do appreciate you. :)


Walk gently, speak softly and let the radiance of your soul speak for you.
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