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Author:  73smile [ Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Updating

Hello all. Most of our ELC family knows our only daughter is to have a little girl sometime toward the end of May. She had an ultrasound on Tuesday and watched her daughter suck on her toes. They estimate grandbaby weighing 3# and 14 ounces right now with 2 months to go.
Elizabeth is keeping a scrapbook for her daughter and I cried when I read her reaction and Matthew's response to the pregancy test being positive many months ago.
There is no doubt they are in love with this baby girl already. That makes my heart happy because as we all know there are many babies born with no one to want them or to love them.

Author:  Laura [ Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Updating

How lovely for you and your family to have a new baby on the way. I can tell from your past posts just how excited you are. Aren't babies fun to spoil? My nephew is now 17 months old and I just can't stop spoiling him. Everything he does is so exciting. His new "thing" is dancing like crazy to the Free Credit Report.com commercials. These commercials are the ones where the musicians have bad credit and end up working at the rennaisance(sp) fair and driving a beater for a car. The beat is so catchy. Well, the world has to stop when these commercials are on because he has to dance to it. It's so funny. You have lots of these fun antics to look forward to. You have so much to look forward to. I never had children of my own, but having nieces and nephews is lots of fun too. I bet being a granny is even better.

You sound so happy. Is is so refreshing and I can almost feel your happiness. :bouncy:

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Updating

I second that Laura! Sucking her toes, so cute- I've seen pictures of them sucking fingers and it's amazing to see that. But why not? Kids grow up so fast- I marvel at these kittens who are 4 weeks today and are up, scrambling, fighting, hissing, squabling and even coming to me, tails up ready to be petted- some even like being picked up now. And they are only 4 weeks old! Babies grow just as fast I think, but we don't notice it so much because they learn so much more in their human ways, and these cats in their cat ways- It is just amazing how life is- from tiny humming bird eggs right up to elephants and the whales in the ocean... totally mind blowing to consider - human babies take 9 months and cats about 64 days-and other animals more than a year depending on their sizes... all of them learning how to live in this world on their own- beginning in the womb's of their mothers. Amazing!
Oh I have to say this--- reminded me of Elvis commenting on babies etc:... the fact is he said in his rambling style, there are males who also "carry" their young... and he named off a few one being a
sea horse-the males have the babies apparently... and others have pouches and carry the tiny worm like infants in the pouch where they continue to grow...I guess they nursed them? in their pouch like other pouch carrying critters? Anyway, what a thing to recall! Whatever, life is designed to live and they begin very young! Sucking their toes no doubt, developing those lips to be able to eat later on.

Author:  73smile [ Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Updating

They do grow tooooooooo fast!! I have not seen the last ultrasound yet but I can picture the sweet little girl sucking on her toes----it is a heart happy!! :bouncy:

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