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 Post subject: The world of wondering
PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 6:26 pm 
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I am currently reading an updated copy of Child Bride by Finstad and some of the information and the interviews with the ex and the author and so many others willing to speak on the record, has set me to wondering why the One above put Elvis in Germany where he would meet his almost physical---facial features---twin, who would later divorce him for an instructor of martial arts.
I wonder if Elvis had not struggled so long alone and lonely if meeting the ex not that long after his mama died that he really just wanted someone to unburden himself to who would listen, who he could trust and who would love him for him and not because he was Elvis Presley.
There were many people in Elvis' life but he said himself he always felt so lonely "even in a crowd."
I wonder if he talked about that big part of his spirit with Wanda. He seemed to trust her or he would never have continued to meet with her and also talk with her during long phone calls.
Did he talk about the few months in Germany when he was 24 and the ex was 14, Wanda??
I'd Love to hear his side of that story and until it is my time I guess I will continue to wonder about things that happen in this life on earth.

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 Post subject: Re: The world of wondering
PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:34 am 
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He did Marjorie, he spoke about it more after they separated however he did talk about it some before they got married too. Not a lot, just that she was so young, let him think she understood him and that they shared the fact they both missed the US and wanted to go home. She was he said very pretty, everything he'd always looked for in a girl, quiet, soft spoken and listened to him. He felt at ease with her, and said he missed her alot. He said she sent him letters and he'd call her up and they talked for hours sometimes. He must have had one heck of a phone bill! He laughed about his dad's comments.
He didn't talk about her much at all when she was living in Memphis- or coming over from Germany and I didn't ask any questions. He didn't say she was coming to visit in LA either. But when he was really interested in a girl, he didn't talk about it. For instance, Ann Margret- he didn't say a word about her to me until AFTER word got out in the newspapers that they were "engaged". He didn't have much to say about it to me at all, he was angry and she was a "forbidden" subject.

I thought Elvis was in love for real when he spoke of how he missed Pris and when he showed me a picture of her and then kissed it before closing his wallet. (It was said that wouldn't have happened because "he never carried a wallet"....strange isn't it that Pris would show his wallet on television years after his death- and there were the photos and cards he took pride in showing to people he met... Why would he have a wallet if he didn't "carry one"? Maybe he didn't when making films... but he sure had one on the set! And he sure had one when he died- she opened it to show some of the things he liked to have with him. Anyway, I wonder a lot too Marjorie, and I guess one of these days those things will be explained. I look forward to knowing the whys, wherefors and how comes.

I'm thinking of puting Face to Face on it's own website -where any one can read and/or download the book. For a few dollars it can be taken to a Staples or some where like that and be bound into a readable sized book-including color photos etc; if they want to pay to keep them color. They will be in my book if I put it on line. I really can't afford to pay for color through any book place but could put them on line in color easily and anyone could print them off in color. I am just thinking of the best way to reach people who want to be reached, thats all. Making money from my memories/opinions/ect.was never what I had in mind and on line the book would be available to more people all over the world. I'd like to know if you all think it's a good idea-it's his book and he'd want it available to anyone who is interested in reading it. And I could have a place for photos -especially Zey's drawings where she could make some money from them. They would not be available for copying free however, because they belong to her and it would be up to her, not me to sell them, etc;. Just an idea, haven't even run it by her or anyone else either.

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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