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 Post subject: Re: Why Don't Psychic's ever try to contact Elvis?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:17 pm 
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I know that many people don't believe nor will allow themselves to open up to what ifs. I think some of them at some point in their life might have an "awakening" but they will be afraid to admit it and maybe not even to themselves. My sis in law's husband was like that, he was spooked by it all I think and if he hadn't done it, well, it can't be done kind of attitude.
they miss so much, and it could be the most reassuring part of being human and alive- it has been that way for me quite a few times. But some things do scare me, mostly they are on tv or in films...I don't like some of the story lines because they seem to dwell on being too weird or strange, thus scary. I've seen those shows too, and the ones that bother me most are the children who are psychic, I think because in the story line they make it seem kind of "dark and spooky" more than enlightening and helpful. I've never had one of those scary experiences other than with the table that has been good and done nothing odd since. My sis in law wanted me to take it because she had a "weird kind of feeling" when she went in that room. She used to hold it over her knees and use it like a little writing desk when she was transcribing medical information onto files from recordings made by the doctor she worked for...
I'm not the least offended when I'm called a "kook" or thought to be "crazy" because I don't believe the same as others might- it just makes life more interesting to be different. I do feel sorry for those closed minded because I think they are missing a big portion of spiritual growth. Science is not perfect- if it was, there would be less pain and grief in this world. Speaking of science, they have recently concluded that horses can see some colors, and so can dogs and cats- when for years they thought they could not because "their color receptors" are different from ours. They also acknowledge that animals can "reason" and "remember things" and can recognize each other even after years of being apart. Also, they remember former owners etc:...places etc:. Well, I knew that when I was a kid and being around animals. I've learned so much from them since and still am learning things I didn't know. We have a wild crow that comes when we call it. It was hatched in our big pine tree up behind us and new neighbors bought the land above it, had puppy that was tied at night and housed about 50 feet from the tree. It "arfted" a lot about being tied up until it got used to the routine. The crow's family must have died from West Nile and one of the older siblings from the last hatch must have fed it until it was able to fly. It's all alone, no other crows so it has no siblings and the older one must have died also leaving it on it's own. It doesn't speak "crow"- it "arfts" like that puppy! It was hanging around our trees in the yard -I put out bird feed as there is nothing growing and few bugs here. Well, we began to answer it in puppy afffs so it comes and arfs back Now I throw out rolled oats and dry dog food every evening for it-sometimes it's not in sight so I just call it and here it comes and always answers me. When we do the horse chores it's in the nearest tree arfing and watching us. It finally has a friend crow who is "dropped off by her or his flock early each morning as they go to the pig farm a couple miles away in the valley. The visitor stays with arf during the day, their parents restrict young crows to a certain area- our place is usually it...and the young crows stay too. If they should stray they get verbally reproached by their flock. And now we feed the friend too. Arf and it sit in the tree or on the fence and wait if I'm a bit late in getting down there. I think it is so odd that it doesn't speak crow lingo-so do the other crows who have nothing do do with it, except leave their young crow at our place. The big pine tree has a huge crow next in the top where many have hatched. Most of them have died due to West Nile, those who don't seem to do okay.
Well, enough, have a great week.

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
 Post subject: Re: Why Don't Psychic's ever try to contact Elvis?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:34 pm 
:hello: Laura I to like watch on TV Ghost Hunters, on TV. I also at different times in my life, have predicted things and they have come True.

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