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 Post subject: Our New Puppy
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:48 am 
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We already have 2 dogs but me and my parents thought he have enough time and love to have a third dog, so we got another little Jack Russell and called him Zack.

He's adorable but I swear ever since we got Zack, he is the devil incarnate, never known a dog full of trouble and mischief, he's into everything around the house. He's still going through house braking and he had a little accident the other day and as I was cleaning it up and turned my back for a few minutes he had destroyed 2 big rolls of toilet paper :lol:

I find dog treats all around the house, he steals the other dogs toys and stuffs them all in his basket so the other two have nothing to play with. His latest obsession is trying to pick a fight with the television :lol:

I don't even know what he thinks of Elvis, was playing Elvis on YouTube and Zack went insane :roll:

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 Post subject: Re: Our New Puppy
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:20 pm 
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He is very, very cute! You have a dog who is scared that he will "lose" his "things", toys, food and who is also very intelligent, hears exceptionally well and
who probably lived where it was noisy...or else very quiet. Often these little
dogs who are active and into things are like little kids who are hyper active and
constantly doing something...they have active brains, sensitivity and get bored
easily. I think it would help your dog to have "lesson time" if possible. You could
do it: get a harness for him with a lead ring on the top area of his shoulders...also
a collar that fits nicely but not too tight- not a choke type. start by walking him
and keep the leash short so that he is at your side, always praise him for trying, just
say a firm no and tug him back if he tries to get ahead of you. Keep him walking
at your side. This can be difficult at first, do not move to another lesson until
he will walk at your side...even it if takes several tries, he will understand that if
he does, you will pet and praise him but only briefly. Keep a calm attitude and
voice... Once he walks for you, you can then practice walking him a bout, stopping and saying a quiet "wait" when you stop. when he does wait, say good dog and then say "walk" and start walking. This is just the first lessons
a dog should learn. You can move on to sit and stay and always if they fail
a lesson, go back to it from the won't take long and a puppy is
never to young to learn once they are running about the house...etc. They
are like hyper children, and they become excellent and trustworthy dogs...
who will take care of you, your property and do so with out causing a ruckus.
Never scold them harshly for being "bad" or doing something wrong...Just say
NO! and remove them from the "mess" or whatever. A dog should have a place
to call his own...where he can go for peace and quiet, or punishment. They also need their own toys...something they can "hug" is good. NEVER give them rawhide chew things, vets make a lot of money removing those from the dogs guts because they do not digest. and never give them the "treats" made of chemically treated pig ears etc... not good for them. Some dogs die from them
quickly- we had one that did. And check the dog food, don't buy any with BHt
or BHa as the preservative. Not good for dogs or people! BHt is what they use to keep oil from congealing - they used it in the Gulf after the big oil's still killing fish and anything else in the ocean bottoms. It causes tumors and bladder cancer in animals...even people. It's in almost every kid's cereal on the shelves today... and it still causes illnesses. If a kid or a dog eats it daily-it won't have to worry about "aging" because chances are the tumors or bladder
cancer will take care of "getting older" the time they reach full grown.
Well, enough of's just the "mother hen" in me I guess- that and I do not buy into the "corporations are people" theory... real people would not intentionally poison other people or their pets just to make a buck more off something they sell. I am so glad to see you posting! Missed you kid.

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
 Post subject: Re: Our New Puppy
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:58 pm 
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Thanks for the advice Wanda, I always appreciate it :) he's due to be castrated when he reaches six months has he tends to be aggressive if the other 2 dogs try and claim their stuff back. He is going through lesson time, its either me or mum that does it, never my dad :roll: he's slowly getting there but he's VERY stubborn, I know the main thing is patience but I have days and I have such a short temper, find myself raising my voice which obviously isn't helping Zack or myself.

Our dogs used to have dog meat but all the dogs we've had over the years, every one of them gets a upset stomach with it and informed by our vet that dog meat doesn't have the necessary amount of vitamins that's needed in a dogs diet so eventually we moved them onto dry food, can't remember the brand right now buts its all natural, a little more expensive, its about £6-£7 for a small to medium bag and with feeding 3 dogs doesn't last very long :lol: I guarantee every week or so dad gets a text message off mum to get more dog food on his way home from work :lol:

Fingers crossed he's doing all his business outside, still has odd accident but 8/10 of the time he sits by the door and cries, so fingers crossed he keeps that up :D the personality between Zack and my other Jack Russell are so different, Toby the 1 year old one is very clingy, he's like my shadow, I turn around he's there, jumps on my bed every morning about 6AM after sleeping between mum and dad and then sleeps with me until I get up about 10AM and he's so calm and relaxed and he's that clingy he's here now as I type this shoving his face in mine waiting for kisses :lol: where as Zack, he's one that happily ignores you, if you tell him off and I know he hears me because he looks at me and carries on, such a attitude such as "I'll do what the hell I want"

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