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 Post subject: Elvis in Hawaii 1972
PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 2:48 pm 
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On 5 th September 1972 a press conference was held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, in which RCA president Rocco Laginestra, an upcoming - worldwide TV transmitted - Concert of Elvis announces that should take place in Hawaii..
The date of the conference is often incorrectly given as September 4. Since the conference took place after the midnight show, the correct date is 5. of September.

Elvis and Rocco Laginestra

Media: Elvis, are you awake?

Elvis: I'm still on.. I'm on stage, man.

Media: The Armed Forces Network will pick it up. The Armed Forces will show it.

Elvis: This is the first time that I've seen this myself..

Media: Well, it's just astounding.

Elvis: I beg your pardon? Okay. Ah, well now they shoot me all the way, see instead of just the waist down. Now I would like to think that I am... I have improved as an entertainer. And I like to get the rapport with an audience. 'Cause it's a give-and-take-thing. If you can do that, it works. If the artist, or whoever is performing, can get that kind of rapport going with the
audience, then it really pays off. It's good.

Media: But do you feel you have more of that rapport now than you did fifteen years ago?

Elvis: I couldn't answer that. I really couldn't.

Rocco Laginestra: I really should start this conference off by congratulating Elvis because we will have two new firsts. The first "first" - new first - involves Elvis as the first performer to do a worldwide live concert via satellite, a real spectacular. And the second is that we will have a worldwide album via satellite. All of this has been made possible by the joint efforts of a lot of people, and especially including Colonel Tom Parker. Elvis, again my congratulations. for
this spectacular.

Elvis: Thank you, sir. Thank you. Whew! It's very hard to comprehend it because I.... in fifteen years, it's hard to comprehend that happening. .... out to all the countries all over the world via satellite, it's very difficult to comprehend. A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricy that's generated in the crowd and on stage, but it's my favorite part of show....of the business, is the live concert.

Media: How do you pace yourself?

Elvis: Sir?

Media: How do you pace yourself?

Elvis: You mean physically or vocally or whatever?

Media: So you are up when you need to be up.

Elvis: I just... I exercise every day. I vocalize every day and practice, if I'm working or not. So I just to try to stay in shape all the time, vocally and mentally.

Media: Which is harder?

Elvis: (laughs) Well, both is tough. You gotta work at 'em, but I don’t mind it. It's worth it.

Rocco Laginestra: I might say this about when we first approached the various countries around the world, Elvis is really the only performer that could do this today. He's well known in every country that we sought, in fact in every country in the world. And the acceptance is just fantastic. It wasn't a case of any
"selling". Because you know he's been in demand for live performances around the world, but you just can't do this, so this is the way of approaching it.
The acceptance has exceeded all of our expectations, Elvis.

Elvis: Thank you very much. That’s very nice, Sir.





His 3. and final tour for the year 1972 was almost finished. After his last concert on 15th. November in Long Beach/CA, Elvis set his focus, more and more was directed his focus more and more on the upcoming "Aloha Special", which should take place in January 1973.
After a free day Elvis traveled to Hawaii, in order to complete the last three concerts of this tour, which took place in Honolulu's HIC Arena. The 3rd Show in the HIC Arena was supposed to be the "Aloha Special", but the plans were changed at the last minute. Instead, these concerts were used as "warm-up" shows for the worldwide broadcast in January 73.


On this tour, it was back to admire new jumpsuits. Most striking was the Tiffany suit, which Elvis in Long Beach at 14. November and in the evening show at 18.11. wore. The name "Tiffany Suit“ is derived of Elvis' statement that it looked as if it was bought at Tiffany’s. (Original name is "Aztec Star Suit).

Aztec Star Suit w. white Firework Belt, called also "Tiffany Suit"
18.11. evening Show

White Firework Belt

The most notable and apart was the black jumpsuit with red cape, the "Black Conquistador", which is also known under the name of "Way Down", so-called because it is mapped on the single release "Way Down“. A really impressive suit, which - with the cape and red lining - reminiscent a little bit of one of the Dracula movies.
On this tour, Elvis wore for the last time on stage his famous golden belt, which in 1969 gave him the Hilton Hotel.

Black Conquistador Suit, alos called "Way Down" Suit

The concerts received rave reviews in the local press. The "Star Bulletin" for example, wrote: Elvis performed for an hour and ten minutes at the HIC Arena last night and showed a capacity crowd of 8500 why he is the hottest show business attraction in the world today". Other reviewers were also very positive as these by Wayne Harada of the "Honolulu Adviser", which was published in the edition of 20 November:


“Presley legend alive and very well”
Elvis Presley remains one of the most electrifying show biz marvels - an incandescent musical force who's a legend in his own time.
And the 26.000 fans who took in his three sellouts at the H.I.C. Arena over the weekend will long remember Presley's mystique, the charisma and that indelible animal magnetism that combined to make him a Big Leaguer nearly two decades ago.
THE HYSTERIA HAS subsided somewhat, as the Presley legend has grown over the years. His hair now is fashionably coiffed - you and I can recall those controversial sideburns back in the 1950s. His repertoire has expended. He is now 37.
But when he hits that stage, there's no denying: Elvis is champ, the king of rock, a living American myth.
To the eerie strains of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - more commonly known as the "Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey" - Presley emerges in a flashing powder-blue one-piece bodysuit, sequined and studded and ever-glittering. He resembles a grown-up Osmond Brother. slickly and lavishly clad in gear that reflects his show: a real sparkler.
I took in his final performance Saturday night, and he began his hour and five minutes with "See See Rider", momentarily getting behind his ol' guitar.
Oh, you should've heard the screams. The screeches. The howls of delight. Why not? Houn' Dog man had come to town.
CERTAINLY, THIS DUDE has mellowed. He psychs out his audience; and one sweet little thing in the balcony kept squealing all evening, so even Presley found it humorous.
He's come such a long way, he even spoofs himself. The body movement lake on a choreographic stance: even that wicked mouth is twitched at precisely the right moment.
Backed by a large (about 20 pieces) orchestra that's augmented by his usual six-piece rhythm section, Presley now is able to put on a better show, musically speaking. And like the guardian of Fort Knox, he is surrounded by gold - in the form of hits past, present and even possibly future. Quite a chance from his Honolulu Stadium showing years ago.
These are the memory-makers: "Heartbreak Hotel", with a more sophisticated first verse that eventually leads to that proven twang; "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", which exhibits his incredible fluid baritone; and you name it, he did it, from "Polk Salad Annie" to "Love Me", from "I Got A Woman" to "Blue Suede Shoes", from "All Shook Up" to "Little Sister", from "Teddy Bear" to "Burning Love", from "Love Me Tender" to "How Great Thou Art".
"FEVER", A MOVING PIECE of Presley blues, is a particularly chic tune that enables the Pelvis to jerk and churn. This hip; then that one, this leg; then the other. Too much!
Hawaii has been kind to Presley (and vice versa), so when he offered two Island-related ditties, the applause and cheers were notable warm. The tunes? "I'll Remember You", which Presley first introduced in his act at the Madison Square Garden (but unfortunately not included on that particular live season for RCA Victor Records) and "Can't Help Fallin' In Love With You", from the "Blue Hawaii" movie, filmed in the Islands.
Throughout the evening, Presley hurled souvenirs scarves into the audience - which set off mini-shows of tug-of-war among the fans, mostly young girls. At one point Presley even hurled his wide white belt. In exchange, the singer received an occasional lei (thrown, because of the height of the stage. He tossed these back as more souvenirs.
COMIC JACKIE KAHANE turned out to be a pleasant opening surprise. His gags are witty, timely, and above all, clean. And unlike so many others, Kahane quits when he's ahead, never overstaying his welcome.
The Presley gigs were coordinated in Hawaii by RCA Record Tours.

Wayne Harada - Honolulu Adviser



Hilton Attendance Belt


Aztec Star Tiffany Suit) w. Hilton Attencance Belt

Black Matador Suit





Show-Ticket 17. November

Show-Ticket 18. November be continue

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The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
 Post subject: Re: Elvis in Hawaii 1972
PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 3:31 pm 
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On the same day (November 20) Elvis attended a press conference at the Rainbow Rib Room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel. The present Media press representatives were mostly Japanese. Also present were Rocco Laginestra (RCA president), Don Madsen (Vice-President of the Hilton Hawaiian Cooperation), as a representative of Honolulu Mayor Frank F. Farsi came Matt Esposito and Colonel Parker, who amused the conference with the remark: "OK people, sit you down. If you remain standing, you are paying $ 5. The Elvis booklets on the chairs are free- that is very unusual for me ".

Elvis announced that the Aloha Concert on 14 January 1973 is taking place and that it was a benefit concert in favor of the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. “Admission to the show will instead of admission be possible by donation only" added Rocco Laginestra. "All donations will benefit the Kui Lee Cancer Fund".
Elvis and Colonel Parker opened the charity by exhibiting a check for $ 1,000 in favor of the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. RCA donated as Elvis and the Colonel also $ 1,000 and Don Madsen and Matt Esposito donated each $ 500. At the press conference also Kui Lee's widow took part.

Letter from Parkhill




Media: I’d like to ask you….
Elvis: I’ll try and answer you.
Media: How do you like HIC (Honolulu International Center) for location?
Elvis: There couldn’t be a better place.
Media: How can you record the sound?
Elvis: Well, it’s not bad. We’ll work on it some more.
Media: On your worldwide telecast will you try and speak in different languages
or will you primarily stick to English? It’s a big task, Elvis.
Elvis: You’re not kidding? I’ll probably stick to English mostly. I’ve done some
songs in Spanish and German but I don’t know yet.
Media: Elvis, do you think your style has contributed anything to the new
morality that we have today?
Elvis: (Elvis’ response was lost in the noise)
Media: Thank you (laugher). On the press release, do I read this right, at twelve- thirty am?
Elvis: That’s correct.
Associate: That is correct. The reason for that time, twelve-thirty AM is because
we’re being beamed live around most of the world. Australia will be
picked up at seven-thirty local time, which is prime time in Japan. In
Europe they will be viewing it at twelve-thirty PM in the afternoon.
This is the reason for that particular time in Hawaii.
Media: What time will be the tickets go on sale, for donation?
Associate 1: We will leave that up to the gentleman over here.
Associate 2: We will announce that detail of this in the very near future. It will
give you all the details.
Media: Is this being broadcast live here? We’re wondering…..
Associate: NBC has picked up the U.S. rights for the the fifty states and we are
currently negotiating to have it live, live here but it’s still open to
negotiations at this time.
Col. Parker: Mr. Roy Houston, I asked Mr. Don Madson, the general Vice-
President of all the hotels (Hilton Corp.) to give us a larger place.
He couldn’t do it, so he wants to make up for it by (donating) to the
Kui Lee Cancer Fund, so please I had to use a little pressure but we
got it.

Media: Elvis, I have a question. Col. Parker has intimidated in the past that you
might be considering retiring at the peak of your career. It seems like
reaching a million and a half… a billion and a half at one time would be
considered the peak. Does this bring you any closer to retirement?
Elvis: Well, I… that’s just a rumor because I go right into Las Vegas when I
finish that.
Col. Parker: I can answer that. Did you say it’s the peak of the career? We’ve
got a long way to go yet. (laugher)
Media: How long will the concert be?
Associate: One full hour.
Media: Elvis, for someone that has for the past seventeen years, if not longer,
dominated all the charts, country, pop, rock – if not dominated, at least
had a big factor in it for seventeen years – we have seen artists and
other performers come and go, people of the magnitude of the Beatles.
Yet Elvis Presley is right there for seventeen years. What do you think?
Elvis: A lot of praying….(laugher), I just….
Media: Judging from your performance Saturday night (18. Nov.) you have
really gained and grown.
Elvis: Thank you. I really like it. I enjoy live concerts.
Media. Is that part of the reason you decided to make this a live concert, the
satellite tele-cast?
Elvis: Yes.
Media: How long will you be in Hawaii this time, Elvis?
Elvis: I will be staying here. I don’t know. I will be here about… just a few days.
Media: I have a question. You have a project to get a Kui Lee movie out. If
feasible and you offered a part, would you consider it? I think you are a
natural, having been three times in Hawaii already.
Elvis: I might, ‘cause everybody likes that song. I do it everywhere and
everybody likes it.
Media: Mr. Presley, do you have any intensions about going to Japan? If so,
Elvis: Well, I go on satellite but as far as a personal appearance I don’t have
any definity time. But I would like to come over there, I would like it
Media: Mr. Presley, how do you think about many Japanese fans who came to
Las Vegas and those in Hawaii?
Elvis: I love them.
Media: What will the format be?
Elvis: It’s hard to tell, it’s going to be just a live show.
Media: Are you going to capitalize on the fact you are in Hawaii?
Elvis: Well, not so much as doing a good show. I mean if they are good songs.
Media: Mr. Presley, have you bought any property in Hawaii?
Elvis: No sir, haven’t.
Media: Previously someone asked you about your morality. Have you
contributed to the morality. I noticed in your movie “Elvis on Tour” and
also in the H.I.C concert you featured a gospel tune. You highlighted it.
Is this commonplace with you and is there some significance behind it?
Elvis: Well, it’s played a major role in my life, gospel music. I was around it and
I like it. A lot of times when we do concerts, after the concert we go up to
the suite and sing all night long, just for the sheer enjoyment of it.
Media: Elvis, what kind of religious background do you have? There has been
rumors that you have….you have a lot of things.
Elvis: Well, I was brought up in the Assemblies of God, but I’ve studied a lot of
books on religion.
Media: Elvis, how does marriage figure into your future?
Elvis: There is really not that much about it, to t3ell the truth. I have a little girl
three year old and it’s pretty hard to work the two together.
Media: (unclear question. Think it’s about the throwing of scarves).
Elvis: Not enough, it’s just part of the show. I throw it to one person and it
usually ends up with about eight people pulling at me. (Laughter)
Col. Parker: OK gentlemen, we have a few words from Elvis’ friend, Mr. Eddie
Elvis: I’d like to say before anything else that it’s a great privilege to do this
satellit program and I’m gonna do my… my best and all the people that
work with me, to do a good show. It’s just pure entertainment, no
messages and no this and no that, just try to make people happy for that
one hour that it comes across. If we do that, then I think we’ve done our
Eddie Sherman: I’d like to say it’s a pleasure following Elvis. Highlight of m life
and I want to shake his hand and thank him for everything he’s
done for Hawaii. For those of you who may not recall the
Arizona Memorial there was a lot of publicity. It was ten years
ago that Elvis and the Colonel came to Hawaii and performed at
Bloch Arena, raising over fifty thousand dollars, and as a result
we got the Arizona Memorial built. I wrote a letter two months
ago to Colonel Parker, asking him if there was any way he could
consider helping the Kui Lee Cancer Fund since it was known that
Elvis was coming to Hawaii. I was lucky enough to get the letter
to him personally and when he got to Hawaii he called me and
the end result is that this morning a press conference was
agreed upon and it was decided that the proceed from the live
concert will go to Kui Lee Cancer Fund. And all we can do is say
thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the Cancer Society
and the Kui Lee Cancer Fund and before I leave would like to
introduce Kui Lee’s widow, Nani Lee. Nani Lee (applause). So,
that’s it, we will be very happy to have his money stay here in
Hawaii for cancer research. Thank you.
Col. Parker: I don’t get the kind of money, Mr. Presley get’s, so I don’t do
interviews and no pictures of the family. (Laughter)


Elvis and Nani Lee

Elvis and Eddie Sherman

Eddie Shermann



In this last week of November, there were a lot of press about the upcoming event, which repeated themselves in the tenor.
On 13 December Kathy Titchen from the Honolulu Star Bulletin announced under the headline "Presley Benefit ticket plan already" how the concert tickets would get distribution. "The HIC office is now accepting checks in the mail for the 7000 available places. The checks must be made payable to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund and will be sent after the date of posting receipt stamp - regardless of the amount of the checks.
But the 200 most generous donors - seated in a special section, the so-called "golden circle" - according to Matt Esposito”.

On 4 December 1972 authorized Elvis in a letter Col.Parker to complete the contract for the Aloha concert and a contract with RCA over the "Aloha from Hawaii"- album.


Dear Colonel,

As I have to leave for Memphis on short notice and was unable to meet with you to sign the contract for the worldwide satellite program from Hawaii, for RCA Record Tours and the special agreement for the “Aloha from Hawaii” Album. I would appreciate it if you would sign for me, and
Hereby authorizise you to do so in my best behalf.

Thank you,

Elvis Presley

So we looking forward to the Aloha from Hawaii concert. :hello:

The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
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