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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:06 pm 
Sun Dial
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:hello: Image :hug: :hug:

Without you I am nothing an could never be so bold. The times we've shared, the laughter and the tears. Priceless memories, treasures all. How could I ever fail? With you I don't fear that at all. Elvis Presley!
 Post subject: Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:36 pm 
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Beautiful Pic, Barb. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving too. :hello:

The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
 Post subject: Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 3:30 pm 
Site Admin
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YES thanks Barb for the lovely picture- you are great at coming up with them!

Angeleyes! I am glad to see you post! I was intending to email you today and
see how you's been a while. I have been busy getting the f to f thing
on cds and to Maia and then trying to get the pages to stay where I put them on the cds. Finally managed it I think. I am going to be sending them out soon too... now that I worked it out. They are on rewriteable cds... that allows them
to be more flexible it seems so that words stay put. Jimmie got me a pack of
odd ball ones, that are not rewritable and they messed up here and there...why
I have no clue. Probably something I did wrong.
Have a great Holiday if you have them there, and stay warm. It's flat cold here
but the sun is out and it's partially cloudy. I think we are do more rain coming up. I like winter time, but I don't like being cold. My knee is still not it's self
and keeps me from doing a lot of things. I walked down to the horses corrals
and just about didn't make it back up the hill...and I went the long way as it's
less steep. Oh well, I feel good, so to heck with it.
Our cats like their nice warm beds, that's for sure. And we have the wild one
who is getting tamer by degrees...sleeping in the bed I fixed for him on the porch. His name is Boomer...because when he was younger he would hang out
in the tree next to this office window where I'd be a lot, and at night when I slept over here with the dog (Sugar) he would jump on the roof and it would
go boom-boom. So I told him as he was crossing the yard away from me that
his name was going to be Boomer, did he like it? He stopped and turned to look
at me, and then he went on down the hill. I have had a lot of animals that I
named and asked if they liked it, acknowledge it in many ways, that was his.
And ever since he answers to Boomer and comes when called... but we can't
touch him yet. He's a young tom about a year old and is very cutely marked
in white on his face, he is dark gray and white and is the son of Boyd the big
Siamese cat who's fixed now. Boomer and the kittens' of Li'l Girl are his kids,
the last ones... She and he touch noses and talk to each other every day and
her kittens nearly a year old now, all come and touch noses with him, including
Boomer. So I know they are all related. Cats stick together when they are
allowed to do so...apparently it's natural for them....but humans interfere...
and break them up. When Boomer is fixed he will learn to trust us and he will be when we catch
him, so far he has eluded the cage- his daddy Boyd couldn't be caught in a
trap cage either...too smart. Both of them know that if you flip the cage over
you can pull down the back "trap door" and get out. Now, who told who this
information? Boyd did it the first time we trapped him, and Boomer did it
in less than 2 minutes the first time he was trapped. Did Boyd tell him about
cages? I think so! Otherwise how would they know the "secret" to the trapping?
If not him, then it was Li'l Girl who we caught in the cage also! One of them did. Boomer will not go in the cage even for the most delectable of meats!
But he will come onto the back porch and eat and sleep in the bed. It's up high
so he can't be attacked when sleeping.
Take care,
Have a happy day and stay healthy! Keep smiling, people will be suspicious and
curious about that!
Love always
wanda june

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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