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 Post subject: Re: Hello, been a-while...
PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:42 pm 
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Hi ya'll, I hope that everyone has a wonderful winter time and that the states will get the rain they need, and those that have had too much with flooding etc, will dry out some and make life much easier for the residents. Our world weather has changed drastically; a lot of it due to the seeding of the clouds above the US and over the ocean
area at the top of our earth. These people who are putting vast amounts of money into "making it rain in the mid section of the US (where the money crops grow) and seeding the clouds heavily, plus those oil spills both down in the southern gulf area and up in the oceans below Greenland...which we hear very little about ??? have altered the weather conditions by either lowering the temperatures of the waters above and then down below
with their gallons of crude oil laying on the bottom of the oceans, and the many oil "slicks" on the surface...all of which heats up the water that should be at lower temps.
This changes the wind currents as with warmer waters so
goes the air temperatures that respond to sunlight warmth and also earth/water changes in temperatures. And it all causes havoc on earth's dry lands...and wet lands...and we the people contribute with our wastes of all kinds and so also do the animals and birds...but the vast and dire stuff comes from those who are trying to "control Mother Nature" who has been in charge for eon's and eon' dare a mere humans believe they can turn around something that has worked well for hundreds and hundreds of years? There is no other creator powerful and great enough to change things without making a mess of it...and that is our Lord God. Now I know some folks don't believe there is a "god" who controls and guides...but really, how can we not wonder and come to believe there IS when earth has done quite well for years and kind has progressed...and now to the point of thinking they can out smart what's been here for longer than we can count.
I believe that it is wrong to try to make changes all for the greed of it...and that...we need to wake up to the fact that
money can not and never could control what has been here longer and worked well, for eon's of time. What right do humans have to alter what works so well? It's when they start screwing with things to make the changes so those who can afford to buy those changes...can pocket more cash that it gets to be dangerous and absolutely stupid.
Of course I am an old crone now, maybe I see things darkly as a result...but I have come to the conclusion that we, the people better wake up and stop being blinded by what we are doing to our world. It is crying for help...and no help is forthcoming that makes a real difference in quality of our earths air, water and land...only what goes into those deep pockets counts. You can help out our earth by not being
"dumb" and taking it... write letters to your congressmen, senators and anyone else in a place of importance, not that they get listened to all the time. But we, THE PEOPLE do make the difference...especially when it comes to what counts... If we don't speak up and say NO to those who only think of having power over us all. One day down the road, it's going to all come to a rousing finish...make it worth while...let's don't end up choking on foul air, being ill from dirty water and chemically altered foods... and it is coming - but we can stop it. Refuse to buy genetically altered food, that includes flour and anything else we use to cook and eat. Don't buy those ingredient labels...not advertisements...and always read carefully what you take by mouth, doctor prescribed or not! If it's
more dangerous to your health or your loved ones to take the stuff in the "hopes it will help" -don't do it. Go natural, make sure what you eat was raised naturally and not injected with bug and fungus killer...because we do not need to eat that is more than just insects! I am a farmer's daughter, we truck farmed, we grew all natural stuff and didn't even know it then...we never poisoned anything for years, but the last year I was home my dad was puffing arsenic on to our tomato plants!
Arsenic is deadly... it only takes a small amount to make one sick as possible...I know. I had arsenic poisoning from what little I inhaled while "puffing" it onto tomato leaves....
I didn't die, but for several hours I wished I hurt
and I thought my guts would turn wrong side out... I was told it was the flu...but a blood test showed otherwise when arsenic turned up during the testing. After that, my dad wore a scarf over his nose and if that stuff doesn't get into our skin!! He ended up with serious skin cancer in later years...and arsenic still showed up in the tests, some years after he no longer grew plants outside but had a big greenhouse so he didn't have to use pesticides. Wake up folks, you still have time. Read carefully, make sure what you eat, drink and cook with is
chemical free... if it doesn't say so...don't buy it...that stuff builds up in the body, over time there will be enough to do harm. Write letters, complain, stand your is YOUR money they are trying to get hold of...and they often do not care how or what they sell long as you buy!
Thank you all for coming and for reading on ELC...this is a site for Elvis...who would be walking in those lines to stress the importance of caring for our country, our fellow humans and the animals that live here with us.
God bless and keep you all well, happy and thoughtful...
Love always,
wanda june hill.....

I never said I was perfect, sane or even very smart...but I do read, I do pay attention and I will step up and say what I think-especially when it means so much to those coming along after we are gone. All of this "stuff" has came to be in OUR generation... it's up to the younger ones to "fix it". I hope they will before it is too late. If you doubt, go on line and take a look at what has happened to Appalachia and other areas where "mining for chemicals" goes on and on...all in the name of "helping out mankind"... destruction that takes hundreds of years to repair if ever...NOT what they say it will is plain and simple... it is GREED... not the "love of money" but the "love for money" - in their pockets...and nothing matters any more but that... the bottom line must reap them cash...anyway it takes. Pay attention...or lose your life as you know it- and also the life of your children's kids as well. Earth is crying...and no body is listening.
wanda june

 Post subject: Re: A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:02 am 
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THANK YOU dear Wanda,for your reminder.

It's time to take responsability upon our lives and create the conditions to improve what needs to be improved at any level at our reach -which is quite a lot, when one adds to what other, and other, and other do. We have grown up in awareness of what goes wrong and as grown ups we are not so dependable and can take iniciatives to change things, in our personal and collective live.

We can empower ourselves practicing meditation, sharing with others thoughts, educating our children, organizing ourselves into groups (to grow healthy food in our comunity, to create a bank of time, to create new ways of handling our environment, etc. etc. etc.). There are many iniciatives around the world that are easy to find in Internet.

Elvis stood and stepped in front for whatever he thought to be just. He dared and was brave in doing so. He is such a fine reference for all of us...!

Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
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