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Author:  Mydream [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:47 am ]
Post subject:  WHY LISA MARIE AND PRISCILLA......?

After reading a lot about Elvis health problems, I 'm questioning why Lisa Marie and Priscilla never talk about it.
MM "friends" maintain their position about drugs and all bad things they always told about him, even if persons like Larry Geller, Kathy Westmoreland, Wanda and others are evidencing serious problems of cancer, depression and psycological violence on him, which I suppose killed Elvis more than any drug.
I'm very protecting to him and I consider unacceptable the picture MM entourage gave and still are giving about him, to the world.

Why Lisa Marie and Pris don't explain what's really happened to him?
Why they still allow people to picture Elvis in such a bad way, instead of defending him?

I hope you understand my questions.

Author:  Regina- Jewel [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:29 am ]
Post subject: 

Im not sure of this but i dont think Elvis let them know he was sick and in pain... in another thread Wanad said

He didn't go into detail, but his heart was broken, he didn't think he could stand it much longer-he told her he wanted to die and was only living for Lisa's sake, he had to prepare her somehow. And that Priscilla didn't realize, she didn't know, he didn't tell her or let her see that he was gong to die soon.

This is the link to the thread

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:26 am ]
Post subject: 

Sorry this is coming from that "soap box" so please don't feel like I'm shouting at anyone!
I too wonder, but I do not believe that Elvis let anyone close to him as they were, and his father, know how ill he was in that last year and a half. I think they knew he had a "spastic colon" and that it blocked up and caused him problems, but they believe that it was due to the drugs and his diet more than anything else-he didn't do much to make it better in many eyes. Elvis was his whole life under stress, emotional and physical due to the sudden enormous fame that was thrown on him like a heavy net he said, and he couldn't find a way to get out of it for a break etc:. There was hardly anywhere to go so he needed a home, somewhere no one could get to him. He sometimes felt very smothered by the many people touching him, putting their hands on him etc: and he had to get used to that. He was an only child, he had relatives and playmates but as a young adult he wasn't "manhandled" like that by strangers. It is a difficult thing to adjust to when you have not been used to it-I experienced just a very, very little of that when on the book tour and strangers wanted to hug me, touch me and some wanted to kiss me-men even just because Elvis had kissed me! Had touched me! They couldn't get to him any more so I was the stand in and believe me, it was very difficult to not freak out because I'm not one of those touchy-feelly kind of people any way...except with my family and close friends. So I can guess a little of what he had to adjust to-and his experience was totally overwhelming compared to the little short time I had people around that I didn't know.
His entire life he had to accept those kinds of things-he had his guys around to keep people from grabbing at him, touching him etc: but still there were some who got through. He was very good with people, but it must have given him the willies sometimes. He loved them, I am more of an animal lover-people are okay but I don't want them around 24 hours a day! He said he was better with small groups, but they grew into big crowds and then he'd feel tense and have to hide it, or things would get out of hand, the crowd would feel it and think he was leaving and they'd get anxious then he would be very nervous inside for fear they'd "explode" into a riot or something. There were times when he was close to being killed or badly hurt by people who were crazy about him. He never forgot those times.
I think that he kept his true feelings and health problems to himself when it came to his exwife, after all she left him and blamed it on his use of sleeping pills and his women etc: and he felt she didn't care or understand him after all. And he wouldn't have told Lisa anything either or let her see how things were-he made a fairytale life for her with everything beautiful and fun. He wouldn't tell his father for his dad was unhealthy and had suffered in life and Elvis didn't want him hurt so he was strong for him. And the guys, Elvis didn't share his inner feelings and health problems much either-they thought of him as "superman stud" and that was what he "showed to them" as a cover for the real guy inside. He had a few close friends and he might have shared some of the real guy with them, Larry Geller, Charlie Hodge, Jerry some what, and maybe Joe but I don't think Joe knew much either other than what Elvis wanted him to know. Elvis thought he was too close to the Col. and he knew someone was going to him and telling what Elvis was doing etc:. He said he couldn't do anything without that "fat s.o.b," finding out about it and coming after him like a dog after a bone. He was sick of hearing his tales of woe and how he (Elvis) was going to mess everything up with his attitude. He told him flat out that his fans would desert him flat out in less than a day if they thought he was a "religious nut case" and if they knew he read those kinds of books. He made money being a sex symbol and being unatainable except if you were smart enough to get to him, etc: and if he didn't stick to that they'd find someone else better than him. He told Elvis he was getting older and he had to be better, younger and present a strong personality, that was lovable and desirable or else he should just retire and sell the "farm" (Graceland) because he wouldn't have the money to keep it up. And what was he going to do with all his employees? Anyway, Elvis was furious but also beaten down by what the Col. said to him in 76 and how much money he owed him...money he had records of that was spent in the early years and never collected. All related to Elvis' career-hotel bills, expenses and etc:...so Elvis backed down again. But he brooded about it and made up his mind to pay him off and get out from under that guy's rule. Trouble was, Elvis didn't have a clue how to go about things...the Col. made sure he never learned much about it. His "boy" wasn't too bright, but he was good looking...and did what he was told.
I think that the way Priscilla and Lisa are handling things is maybe the best way. Elvis would want his fans to know that drugs, even prescription ones, can tear your life to pieces. He knew he was hooked on pain killers and sleeping pills and he tried to get off them-and had toward the end. I believe he died because he didn't take the liquid pain killer he had been hooked on, and instead took pills for the pain he had in his colon and his back-he had stress fractures in his back and he was still going on staget...He didn't want to be hooked on the liquid pain killer again- and the pills slowed his colon even more and I believe it blocked again and the stress and toxins in his body caused his enlarged and over worked heart to give up- Elvis refused surgery on his colon, he was afraid he would wake up with a colostmy as they were talking of removing part of it that was affected. That terrified him as it would many people. And when he died, he had only the prescribed amounts of medicine in his system...nothing more. It shouldn't have caused him any problems but his heart was stressed, he was emotionally very low because of his appearance, the book coming out and the concerts he was supposed to go and do even though he felt horrible. He was stressed over being alone, Priscilla was not coming back and he wanted his family with him. His father wasn't well, he worried about that, and the Col. said he had to get on that stage no matter what had to be done. I believe Elvis knew he was going to die and almost when. I think that he tried to prepare Lisa, I think he was talking with Priscilla more and trying to prepare her and I think he put her name on the estate in lieu of the money he owed her on the divorce so she would have some say in what happened to it. He trusted her to take care of things for their child and his daddy and other family who lived there. I believe he was saying good-bye to friends, just by what he said when he called them the last times...I know he came to tell me goodbye-but he couldn't do it and I think he knew I was aware and it was too much to discuss. I will always believe the a bove and what I have said here. I don't care who says what-or how well they feel they knew him. I firmly believe in my heart that Elvis knew his days were numbered and he tried his very best to leave the world and all those who loved him, including family and friends, the best possible memories of him and his life that he could. He agreed to the last tv show, which was unthinkable for Elvis to be filmed looking so badly-but he stood up there and did it willingly so we out here, his fans, those who loved him would see past the image and view the man as he was and realize that he had serious problems, health related ones and he was still trying to make us happy, give us joy and sing his song. And to all those who disbelieve and think him just a fool, a drug addict and an uncaring, sloth of a person, and who go around saying trash about him and others who don't agree with you, I say, when you get where you're going in the end, don't look for Elvis-he ain't gonna be there! He will be with his Lord Jesus, the Christ, looking great, vital and happy. Whether you believe in God and Heaven or not, I suggest you start checking out some of the facts as they are fast coming to pass-the day we all learn the "truth" is fast and surely approaching. wjh

Author:  Regina- Jewel [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:40 am ]
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In EBTP I was touched when Ann (Pris mother) said with tears in her eyes that now she knows that Elvis had a feeling that his days were numbered... that part just moved me to tears

Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 12:56 pm ]
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Wanda my dear friend, every time you post something, it comes from your heart so please never feel like you are on a "soap box". :) Your thoughtful, insightful and detailed posts, like the one above, are always so appreciated as they show us so much about the man and not just the image. :D Thank you so much for your wonderful explanation to Mydream's questions. :D It's no wonder Elvis loved talking to you as much as he did---things always have a way of making sense whenever you explain them and I have no doubt whatsoever that that was a very special quality that Elvis not only needed but also received from you as his very close and trusted friend! :D :D

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks. I still come off sounding like a big mouth know it all of some sort but I get frustrated and it has not been a good day as I have been biting my tongue to keep from snapping off a couple of heads that dared to show their selves after several months of saying nothing.
I got a couple of e-mails from some know it all's who because they happened to have the pleasure of partying with Elvis' boys on tour a few times and in Vegas, they think they know everything. Heck they spent about 5 minutes talking to Elvis by their own admission-and that makes them experts because they knew some of the guys-and shared some women with them. Elvis was not there. He had taken "downers" as one said and was out cold in bed sleeping them off. He had worked 5 shows in two days-why wouldn't he be tired out? Anyway, those two will most likely have to paint on their eyebrows and eyelashes because I'm sure my reply singed them off...they both do the comb over hair do and I hope some of that burned off too! I am a Dragon, fire throwing one at that- I ain't nice when I'm angry. Sorry if it kind of leaked over into ELC.
I am shutting up for a while. bye, wjh

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Glad you gave the answer they deserved Wanda..I too,left lately some forums in disgust just because they crossed the line of worshipping that lousy MM characters, attacking Elvis,while they're still claiming to be Elvis fans and of course for the way they attack you too and your book.. I'm out of words and only want to kick their worthless a$$es badly,I'm not proud of but I have a very bad temper ,so I left for the sake of a few ounces of sanity left in me, that I'm trying hard to keep there. Then again,it doesn't mean I won't ever blow some of them away,with a storm of fury..Unbelievable how those people couldn't digest the truth of the existence of such a beautiful soul ..

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Wed Oct 03, 2007 3:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm so sorry Wanda, that you have to suffer that kind of confrontations. They are not the trail a soul like Elvis' leaves behind, one of never ending Love.

People that acts so blindly, simply doesn't belong to Elvis' or your world. I smile remembering what he tried to make you remember, when he gave you the ring he designed as your birthday present: "You know better than that" (I write it just by memory, sorry if I'm not exact). :)


I applaud you left those sites were you could not find eco to the positive Elvis produces in your heart. Why to stand negativity if one can choose...? :roll:

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

thanks Amanda but before you applause me I'd better admit that I left those forums,after giving them some bruises and purple eyes :lol: :wink:
a good ole slap on the back of some necks,give them a clearer vision sometimes..take it as,"helping your neighbour".. :lol:

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Thu Oct 04, 2007 1:12 am ]
Post subject: 

:) I do believe we are going through a highly emotional time as humanity as a whole:

Image Image Image

Sometimes I'm tempted to just... Image ...Then I simply try to remember who we really are inside,

Image even when we tend to ignore it:

Image Image Image Image

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