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The Animal Rescue Site / Elvis' communication with animals
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Author:  Blue Moon [ Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  The Animal Rescue Site / Elvis' communication with animals

This site strives to feed abused, neglected & abandoned animals.
You can help by visiting their shop, or w/o having to spend a cent,
just click on the purple box and their sponsers will donate free bowls of food.

http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clic ... s?siteId=3

Author:  FairyTale [ Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:48 pm ]
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Thanks Blue Moon, its a real shame that Animals are treated the way they are. FairyTale!

Author:  Skylar Star [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:27 pm ]
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It is a great website. I've been clicking it everyday for a few years now. I also try to purchase items from their store around the holidays.

Author:  Blue Moon [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:39 am ]
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See link below to help sweet innocent little Scooter recover and to read this little doggie's sad story, as well as a chance to help other victims of cruelty.

http://www.bideawee.org/programs_&_serv ... er_ars.php

Author:  Blue Moon [ Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:42 pm ]
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Animal communicator Bea Lydecker's web site:


I would very much like to be able to communicate with animals. I can sometimes figure out what they want, but I'm not able to clearly hear their thoughts like Bea can.
Wanda, didn't Elvis at times have the ability to communicate with animals?

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:14 pm ]
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Well, he told about learning to put worms on fish hooks and that he couldn't do it because he could hear them "screaming"- and it made him feel sick. He loved to fish, but learned to use bait hooks (like ocean fishing) that weren't real just looked and moved like it. He said he did a lot of fishing as a kid, they ate so much fish he was sickened by the smell but it was free and all they had sometimes. His mom would cook it differently and made gumbo too...using scrapes of other meats with it.
He also had a report with his dogs, and horses as well. He loved to groom them and ride them... in fact he was very happy spending time cleaning the barn stalls, grooming and talking and singing to his horses.
He said they liked it- and they do- he was a perfectionest with them and their care too... I love that picture of him riding his Walker , sitting up correctly, reins held correctly and a look of sheer joy on his face- he is in heaven...he absolutely loves that horse and riding him. It is so great to see that on his face, that says so much to me as a horse lover too, that he was the same, one of us horse people and he was in heaven on that mount. His favorite one that died while he was on tour and they didn't tell him as he would have been devastated. I bet he was upset that he didn't get told sooner so he could have gone to the horse to be with him at his time of need. I would have been. But Elvis would have probably forgiven them for trying to protect him while he had the shows on his mind etc:.
I would have said, take me to my horse- I'll do the damn show after I see my horse! But I'm not like him, nothing comes between the horses we have and their care and our concern. They are my dependants and as such, they come first. But that's just me.... and my problem, if it is one.
Anyway, thanks for the post and link.

Yes, Elvis did at one time have animals communicate with him and he with them... I don't know how often, but we did talk about it a time or two and he was happy that I too, had some communication with them at times...mostly out of the blue. And that's how he put it, it just came "out of the blue" and I could hear them wanting to talk to me...so I listened."

Right now, we have a momma cat- all black with 3 kittens about 7 weeks old living under our evergreen bushes. There is another momma cat with her who has two abit larger kittens- they seemed to have come here as a group. We are feeding them, have a big cage set up to catch the baby's so we can put them in the cat house where they'll be safe and the mommas' will then come there too. Otherwise we can't touch them as they are afraid. They are eating and playing but we have to keep our dogs reined in as they might hurt them since they "don't belong here" in the dogs way of thinking. I think they are strays from people who moved out of their place a few months ago down the road from us...and the cats have come here as it's safe from coyotes and we have birds and lots of rabbits- we've found several half eaten, now we know why./ Anyway, I didn't want more animals, but Starla said, well I'll have the momma's spayed and the kittens too when old enough and they can just be outside cats like the others we had. So it's her place, she has spoken. She loves cats and can't wait to get her hands on the kittens. They are cute- two matched gray and whites, mostly solid gray and one jet black one like momma. The other cat has longer hair and is gray but her babies are stripped oddly with black and one has brown and black mix like a tortiste shell cat. The are cute and the black momma is friendly, she talks to me when I come with food- and she doesn't run away but sits just out of reach and watches. The kittens come out to look at me too, and they are getting more friendly . As soon as the cat house is cleaned up from the wind storm we had, we'll catch them in the cage and put it in there and the kittens will call mommas to come then we can close the door . It's nice, all heavy screen, windows that open to the ground so they can see out and nothing cana get them as it's wired on the floor and all the oepenings are well closed with wire too. A raccoon used to live in there.
There is a platform about 4 feet high with a big dog house they can go in and climb on and a lot of beds and hanging shelves with beds to lie on and look out the windows and lots of room on the floor which is partly carpeted that we put in for our cats. We had 12 outside cats who lived there when we moved here- they were loose in the day time and came in at night, were fed and locked in to keep them from coyotes who would come right next to the fence and carry on as the cats sat on their shelf and watched them. They soon knew they were safe inside there so they taunted the coytoes...who barked and carried on at them. We have one of those cats left, hes a house cat now and wakes me up at 5 am every morning yellowing for breakfast... he's l4...and was a wild cat when he came to us years back. He's making up for those missed years of sitting on laps and whinning for food etc:... wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:15 am ]
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Thanks Wanda for sharing your stories about you & Elvis. They are always so interesting & insightful!

DOLPHINS may be closer to humans than previously realised, with new research showing they communicate by whistling out their own “names”.
See link for more info:
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/u ... 714144.ece

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:50 am ]
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THAN YOU for the link to that very interesting website, Laurie! :) (Just in a quick reading, I found out explanations and solutions for a couple of things useful to me and to people very close, healthwise.)

Wanda, I appreciate very much your comments on the relationship between Elvis and animals. Again, I find some similarities with him:

- Once, when arriving very early to the Fish Market (in Menorca, in the Mediterrranean Sea), just in time to see the fishers comings with their captures, I "connected" spontaneously with the fishes' screaming. Antonio was by my side, but he could not hear anything. I had to get out running from there, because I could not stand it. It took me a very long time to be able to eat fish again.

I had also to stop fishing, for the crueltry I felt when putting the worms into the hook and after getting the fish, to let it die out of breath.

- I have many experiences of telepathic communication with animals, when they were with me alive, and I have also experienced their presence on my bed, or by my side, when dead, last time a few days ago.

Again, I confirm that we are the ones to create limits to our posible experiences. The fear to make a fool of ourselves is one big limitation and this fear comes from the one BIIIG FEAR of not being accepted by others if we do something that is not generally accepted. We know everybody needs to be loved and we may dwarf our true possibilities, in order to get Love. (More reflections might be made about this issue... :roll: )

Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:36 pm ]
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Thank you so much sweet Laurie for all of the very helpful and interesting links you posted for us! :wink: :D I clicked to help feed our poor little animal friends and will try and make sure I do so every day! :wink: :D My thanks to you also dearest Wanda for sharing the stories with us about you and Elvis and your special connection with our animal friends!! :wink: :D :D As dear Laurie said they are always very interesting to read!! :D :D

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:48 am ]
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I like dolphins but Starla loves them and wears things with them painted or in jewelry. We went when she was little several times to the ocean life park that used to be on the edge of a cliff and beach in Palisades (spelled wrong no doubt) and she got to pet dolphins there- that was my first time to see them up close- they have the most human looking eyes- and they show expression in them. They were very gentle and playful and came right up just to be friendly and be touched by humans. We weren't feeding them nor was anyone else- and they still came to "talk" and be touched and touch back.

The cats turned out to be ONE momma cat with 5 kittens and one momma with one kitten- she and her kitten went "home" but are wild and she hunts for food but has come here to get some "free" when she's hungry.
I haven't seen her kitten in days- it's hiding over at the neighbors I guess. The black momma has two matched stripped grey with white and one jet black and one pale gray like a gray pearl and that will be her name. Then there is a bigger male one that is weirdly striped and looks gawky and Starla named him Spider as he resembles one in a lot of ways with the long legs and tail and the weirdly striped body. So far the other's haven't named themselves but I think, because from a distance their little faces look like a bat's face the way they are marked- they will be called something related to bats- maybe Vampira and Elvira after the two young women who used to portray themselves as those names in their movie careers etc:... Depends on if they are girls or boys or one of each- whatever, they are a "matched set" in color and markings. Momma will just be Momma....she answers to that. She is tall and thin and has big, big yellw eyes-very expressive. Her eyes kind of protrude and I think it is due to her being very thin from having 5 kittens and having to feed them etc:. She's weaned them now that we feed them all. A big sigh of relief I'm sure! She takes them on "trips" to different areas around the yard -the two littlest ones run after her, the other's are more apt to play and hang out. I'm hoping our nearest neighbor will be home soon and since the kittens were born at his place and he was heard talking to them- he can catch momma and them easily and we won't have to "shock" them traping them in the cage. They all go in there to eat now- even momma so I can do it, but they will panic I know and I hate to do that to them.
Especially with Momma in there with the young ones. It won't be fun.
so maybe he can handle them and we can get them a few at a time gently. wjh

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