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 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:38 pm 
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That he was, yet he felt so uninformed and said he "struggled with understanding the differences between the old versions of Biblical text and the newer versions. In my opinion, he was very clear in how he viewed Bible teachings, spiritual and scientific and intertwined them together and made perfect sense. Sometimes I was feeling very feeble minded when he took something I had been taught at
church by many different college trained preachers a totally different way of looking at the same things Elvis came along and gave a more clear, precisely wise and
different view of the same things. His way in fact was down to earth and clear
whereas the view I was taught was vague and just cold facts that didn't make the "scene clear" as to whatever was being said and done. Elvis made it into
a kind of "moving picture"...with depth, and feeling. He would have been a wonderful teacher- if he could keep the audience from mobbing him, that is.
Well, had he not become "Elvis" that might have been a little easier to deal with-
you think? One thing for certain, he'd have drawn a crowd of listeners!

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Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:28 pm 
Jewel in the Lotus
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Wanda June Hill wrote:
One thing for certain, he'd have drawn a crowd of listeners!

Certainly! 8) When one speaks from within through the heart, it magnetizes the audience...

I would add that longer would have lived Elvis, deeper and wider his vision of what Life is would have been. Because I think that Truth may be like an onion and one gets closer to its core going through its different layers, each one showing something of the total, being true itself, yet not giving the whole vision. Experience and inspiration take us along that way and it requires time, usually. :wink:

Yet, I believe there are some aspects of Truth that are difficult to tell because our actual brain is not trained and/nor evoluted enough to comprehend them. Religions often use metaphores and images to approach these issues. I think that the spiritual reality is far more complex to us than what our language can explain. Intuition draws in our mind something like "flashes", but they vanish before we could define them... :roll:

So I tell to myself that "my understanding" is provisional and mutable. :wink:

Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:09 pm 
Jewel in the Lotus
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:hello: You bring Up a Very Good Point, Amanda. That if Elvis could have Lived Longer, the Thing he would have Learned and Understood about the Spiritual Side of Life. :love: :love:

 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:05 pm 

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I was just reading through some posts again and I wanted to comment and get Wanda's thoughts on this. I wonder why I hear again and again that Elvis was on a spiritual search. The way it sounds to me is that they don't think he was a Christian. I am thinking about Joe Moscheao from the Imperials(don't think the spelling is right) He talks about giving him a bible(NIV I think) that would be easy to understand and telling Elvis all the answers he was searching for were in there. That is one story I was referring to about people saying Elvis was confused. It always seems strange to me that they would not know he was a Christian. What do you think about this?

 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:40 pm 
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I also was wondering what Elvis thought about the belief of some Christians perhaps the more fundamentalist churches, that the spirit doesn't go anywhere at death but the body lies asleep in the grave without any consciousness, until the day when Jesus returns and then all will be raised up from the dead. I don't really understand this view so maybe I am misrepresenting it, but there seems to be a big difference here, between being asleep and not aware and living and experiencing another spiritual life on a different plane.

So I am curious if Elvis ever talked about this, or if any of you dear friends can explain it a bit more. What do you think?

 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:26 pm 
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Well this is my second attempt here! I don't know what happened to the other
Elvis was one who liked to get all sides of things, he questioned, listened and read and compared all the time. I guess to someone who did not know that side of him, his queries and thoughts might seem that he didn't "get it" somehow...but
he did- he just wanted to see what other religions and other people felt about
various things, especially religion and the here after aspect.
He was raised Pentecostal but he also liked hearing and reading to compare and
invariably would go to the King James Bible, even the old versions not altered
or turned into "easy to read" versions. He liked hearing other views, yes and
sometimes he might change his if it did not vary too much from what he'd been
reading and thinking.
We discussed death and returning to life, etc and he felt as I did, the body dies,
the spirit goes to Heaven where it came from; at the end times the Bible does
say that the graves open and those who are dead are rejoined with their human and physical forms. However, those who have lived as God wanted
for them, are already "judged" and do not have to go the route of those who
died without turning their will over to God while on earth but were instead
out doing wrong to others, etc. and even those who refused to accept that
there is a God etc... those people all have to face judgment for their actions
and deeds- Elvis felt that people would have second chances if they had been
"ignorant and taught wrong by others", they could "see the light" as he put it,
and get a chance to join those who had believed. He thought that because
he felt God was a forgiving father, that a parent always gives his child a second
chance when it was as important and how more important could it be? Elvis
liked to give those chances, he did so even when he shouldn't have but he was
practicing his faith by living it. He said, if there was a hell, could it be less
than awful for the human with a living spirit and physical body, to be cast into
darkness for ever and ever? The spirit is light, a part of God, and to be cut
off from one's parent with no second chances, and never to have light again,
it would be like a fire of remorse and regret- eternally with no his
view that would be the greatest fear and dread of the spirit of mankind because
we all are spirits, what makes us who we are, what we are and how we live is
our living spirit. He believed the spirit enters the human body the moment a
baby takes it's first breath- and forever then they two are one- even when
separated at death, they must reunite with the body if they fail to try to
be "good children" and practice what they are supposed to do and he said
just because they fail to read the Bible, it's everywhere, all they have to do is
listen, ask and learn and those things are available to every person in one way
or another- that was why God said to take his word to all the lands so every
one of God's children would have access to how they were to live on earth and
treat one another. anyway, I agree that there is today true access to truth,
be it one religion or another...the main thing is we are supposed to do good
to our fellow man, to love one another, and to help those in need and expect
nothing in return. And we are supposed to love God, try our best to follow
his teachings and accept the fact that we are his children and as such, we
should at least try to practice doing good and also, to thank God for what we
have, and if we need help, accept the fact that he promised to help- but we
are expected to believe he will. Like little children believe... Elvis said they were given to us as an example of what we should be toward God, his kids
whom he loves very much.

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:50 pm 
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You also mentioned, "planes" in "a shelf like or stair case etc" but I kind of
like to picture it/them as different levels where we reside while learning what
we need to know before being a "higher inspired being"...? Hard to put into words- anyway, he did. He thought we all were in learning modes and here to
resolve things we might not have in "another lifetime"- yes he believed that we
all have lived on earth before, and that we are here to learn, he even toyed with
the idea of the fact perhaps that we are all "going through a type of hell on earth" so we can learn things we should have the last time around". {It got complicated;
we didn't stay there long!} He and I think that we may have lived before, and
we might be coming back to redo or to help someone else redo so they can continue climbing the ladder of learning to be what God wishes us all to be? I do not know that much about it; however I have "died" or at least was dying to the
point I did leave my physical body, hung out at the ceiling in the operating room
recovery area, saw everyone running with big equipment to the far corner and
watched nurses wiping and cleaning up other surgery patients and heard what was being said by nurses coming and going, about the "CodeBlue" area where
all the commotion was going on. I was feeling the best I ever felt, had no
pain, no thoughts in my mind other than curious about what was being done
to the people who had staples from neck to naval etc and the fact I was up
on the ceiling area and discovered the walls in surgery did not reach to the ceiling- so I saw everything-even recovery and the code blue area. But the
minute I knew that thrashing body that was being held down by people, straps and lots of things going on-was ME- I did not want to go there, to go back-
I remember that, I absolutely did not want to return to that body- but I had
no choice- it was like a leash was attached to "me" and I was yanked back
so fast and hard it was a hurtful thing-worse than any I've ever had. And I
was still fighting-the body always fights to live-every time even if the brain
part that can think is out cold, the body wants to live-that's it's one purpose
for being- it lives to house the spirit. I recall seeing a man with the paddles
poised over that body, while they were trying to hold it still so the paddles
could be used-but I flew back too quickly and as I was just regretting having
done so, the nurse who was giving me oxygen and checking my breathing said
"She coming back, we aren't going to lose her"....and the next thing I knew I
was hurting all over, very exhausted and could not speak. I did hear well
though through it all- and when I repeated what I'd heard to a nurse a bit later
she said I had to tell (forgot the name) about this and she left to get them.
three nurses came back, one asked me about my "experience" and when I told
her what I'd heard them saying, one of the nurses ran almost screaming from
the room. The other two were just interested, it was not the first time they
had heard of such experiences- some much more dramatic and longer than
my own. One involved a man who had been pronounced dead, a sheet put over
him and he came back, and was calling for a nurse after 47 minutes of 'being dead'. he told them he had gone to heaven, spoken to his mother, his brother
and an Aunt who had been killed in a car wreck-he also saw his beloved dog who was there to greet him. He didn't want to come back either- I still don't.
But I do not fear death- not at all. Yes, that happened after Elvis was gone,
no I did not see him- I didn't leave the top of the ceiling or out of the hospital
otherwise I might have. The thing was, the operating rooms were 3 levels below the "basement" of the hospital- I couldn't have gone out through a
window or door-and being below ground, maybe it would have been difficult
to get "out" if I'd wanted to? I don't know. All I know is I do not fear dying.
I look forward to that feeling of freedom and total peace and acceptance
again. And next time, I will look for Elvis. And my pets who have gone on
before me, especially my horses! Oh, there is a long, long list to look for!
Just so you all will know, "accidents can happen, even in hospitals/surgery
rooms for the most simple and mundane reason for being there. I was having
a metal plate and screws removed from my leg and ankle from a bad break a
year and a half earlier. It was "routine, nothing to worry about" etc...and I
nearly did not make it back. A year later I did have those metal parts out-they
were causing problems-but I had a spinal block-no way do I ever want to be put "out" by anesthesia or have some "intern trying to stick the tube into my windpipe"...he tried 3 times on me, 3 times they gave me the paralyzing stuff-
thus my heart and brain couldn't work right-what was scary to hear, I was the
3 patient that morning that the same guy had failed to hit the mark and they
were the other two patients I was watching the nurses take care of while I
was "hanging around" - That I knew what they had been saying about it all
was what sent the one nurse screaming behind her hand as she ran out of the
Guess what, my "records" were "scrubbed clean" and only one sentence remained-that said it was "routine" and not a word about the "trouble that
went on". The other two people had nothing on their "records" either-
My doctor would not discuss it with me. But they can not erase my memory it
remains as "fresh as the day it happened and I won't forget how good I felt
or how hard it was to "go back".

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:58 pm 

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Thanks for the all the additional information regarding Elvis' beliefs and also what you went through. I am wondering though how you knew what was in your records and especially the records of the other two people? Camille

 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:32 pm 
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Hi, I had after affects, due to having been without oxygen for a while I have optic nerve damage in my vision; was then and is now affected. Also I woke up two mornings later completely paralyzed; Jimmie was asleep on the other side of the
bed, I woke up laying on my side, I could see out of just one eye a little bit and
the clock was sitting in view. I could not move anything, not even that eye but
fortunately my eyelid was opened enough to view the clock and so I knew the time. My mind was clear but unable to move a finger or anything. I was still able
to breathe but not take a deep breath or even open my mouth! I couldn't do anything, speaking was zip- and I could barely swallow and was drooling after a
while but couldn't do a thing about it. It was about 45 minutes or so that I had
to wait and hope Jimmie would wake up or it would wear off. I was not told this
could happen, because I was given so much of that drug that paralyzes a
patient for surgery and having the tube put into one's windpipe/lungs, this was
not something I was prepared for; the anesthesiologist came over right when I was "waking up" after the fighting etc leaned over me, saying "if you have any problems, trouble breathing or feeling that you are weak, you come straight to emergency, you'll be okay but some people have some after affects." and he left. At the time a nurse was holding a mask over my face that was giving me very cold air to "help my throat swelling". My voice is also changed, I no longer sound like I did, (no more "Ann Margret" sound alike here, not that I ever thought I did), and I can't yell at my horses very well-that's a plus probably- my family thinks so-ha. Being me, I did not panic much at all at the time of the immobile incident, but the "voice" in my head- that does the thinking and so forth- we all have that and it's ours usually but sometimes not the same as we hear outwardly, it kept telling me to be calm and it would wear off-how I knew that I don't know.
Any way finally I could open my eyes, especially the one that was able to see and
I could look with them at what was visible in the immediate area. It was a long
time before I was able to move my fingers then wrist and arm and
finally my entire body just "loosened up" at once. Jimmie was still sleeping-
I got up and felt really light headed and had to hang on to things to steady
myself. I went into the bathroom to look at myself-everything looked okay but
I was having trouble swallowing and still do at times...but mostly okay. I do
have the optic nerve thing that takes away my depth vision quite a bit-but I
manage fine...and I am a very good driver-I don't ever get too close! And it
can be hard to park so I park where I have lots of room and I do not drive on
freeways unless absolutely necessary-and that's seldom happens now as there
is greater depth loss as time passes. I am very careful where I go walking and try to be careful when eating or swallowing things especially when drinking.(not alcoholic drinking!)
As I get older things show up more but-one can compensate.
The reason I knew what was in the records? Well, I checked into the legal issues because I was permanently impaired and it was the fault of the trainee doctor doing
the anesthesia -and there were 3 of us that morning who had problems with
me being the one who nearly died- and they thought so enough to have every available machine and person there trying to "save me"-I saw it happening, it was like a mob around that thrashing gurney, that was having to be held in place on both sides so hard was my body fighting for life. And my ankle that
was severely broken in 6 places was badly sprained again and had re-fractured-the metal bar in my leg had broken screws also-x-rays proved that - but of course, the hospital records state "it was being removed because it was loose and the screws had cracked" and "bothering" me; not the case-the x-rays earlier showed it was perfect, but it was preventing the full function of my ankle and I didn't like it that I could not hold my foot properly when riding-
or working horses so since I didn't need that metal in my leg, it was time to remove it. They always cause problems as one ages-I wanted it hurt a lot when it was cold outside-I didn't need it to tell me the weather!
I had my lawyer friend do some investigating
and he filed to obtain the records for that morning/patients at that time. They
were also "scrubbed" and had nothing at all to show what occurred. The only hospital employee who would "talk" was one of the nurses who had been present at two of the three
attempted surgeries- she was immediately suspended and has never found another hospital job but does work as an assistant to dying people and she
founded her own company hiring other nurses who can assist those cases-she
is like a Hospice nurse consultant now. And loves being able to really help
people, more than she liked being a surgical nurse etc in a hospital...where
she says, "It is so hard to keep quiet about so many screw ups". She would
have helped me with the "case" had there been one but without any kind of
evidence and I don't look damaged-there would have been huge delays and
all kinds of things going on for years and years and probably nothing would
be resolved even today! We were not rich, nor did we have the kind of money
it would have taken to actually go toe to toe with the hospital and all of it's
supporters and people who made money via it's I said let's just
forget it and we will NEVER ever go there! I didn't want to go there, I had told
my doctor I did not want to go to that hospital, and had chosen another one.
I had for some while had a weird feeling about the place, a friend was there
and I visited her, it was a strange feeling walking into it and I just felt I should
never be there. Well, my doctor knew this, but he worked there and it was
handy for him to have patients there, and it was a simple procedure, safe and
hardly life threatening etc- and so when I found out the day before I was to
go in, I finally gave in to his words even though I didn't want to go there. On
the way to surgery, when I learned it was in the lower 3rd floor basement-
I really didn't want to go but I was already partly sedated, couldn't make much
sense and so I began convincing myself it would be okay. I was shaking like
a leaf in the wind, nurses brought a heated blanket for me while I was waiting
and I saw inside the room, was aware of being strapped down etc and yet even
at that time, I wasn't able to say or do much about it. Then I "woke up" floating up at ceiling level- and felt wonderful about it all! I have never felt so good physically or mentally in my life. I look forward to that feeling and I know
it will be forever a good thing.
I don't trust doctors anymore, I will not take their word for anything-I have
to research and research and have often found them wrong or misguided or
simply not "wised up" to knew research and methods. Our doctor always listens to what I say, then he agrees with me because he knows I'm usually right- I
keep seeing him because he does listen, especially so after the "incident" and
he believes what I said about floating etc because other patients have also
had such experiences at times. He has had lung cancer surgery and so he
now knows what it feels like being a patient- he is 75 or so and looks pretty
good. I don't have any big problems medically, so he is good enough for
what we need so far... but I will NOT ever go to that hospital and if ever I have to have surgery again-I will find
out who the anesthesiologist will be and I will check out his past performances and
I will NOT allow a trainee working on me because I will ASK. It is something
everyone ought to do- especially in today's world of -what ever makes money
do it first- attitudes. My lawyer was told by the hospital head guy, that the
problem was minor and due to my having a "bulldog neck" in other words "my fault?" I do not have one of those long, graceful necks-I DO have an average sized neck in length and circumference and the two other people (males) who were also affected had "normal length necks" as well. It was NOT our necks at fault-we were all "dummies" for training that morning...none of us were there for "serious" operations-and everything ought to have gone smoothly.
Well, as usual, I run off at the mouth... hope my experience will help those who
read this understand that we have to be our own advocates when it comes
to our health and our personal well fare-especially in medical situations. Don't
be one of those big birds who buries their head in the sand; stand up and
look them in the eyes and ASK questions-then check and double check the
responses. And ALWAYS listen to that 'still small voice" when it says, "warning! warning!" it's there for a reason-I try to listen now-even if it seems silly.
May God bless and protect you all, He certainly has looked after me-I am living PROOF! I was 52 at that time and I'm going to be 71 this year-and am not on any drugs for anything-just all natural minerals and vitamins- that's pretty good care!

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
 Post subject: Re: A little message.....
PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:51 pm 
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Hi Wanda, what you undergone was a so-called near-death experiences. That mean that your life and your destiny here on Earth was not fullfilled.There was some work to do for you. Everybody has a reason for living here and when the time comes and your work is done, so God will call you.

There are so many things going on in the universe, but human tendency is that all what we cannot explain, not understand, not touch, not smell, not hear or imagine didn't exist. But this is not the truth. IMO the human spirit is not so developed to fully understand the universe or the spirituality of a higher being.

The biggest part of Elvis Presley was his big heart. It was full of love for everyone
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