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Author:  Ka´rala [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 6:08 am ]
Post subject:  THE GOLDEN AGE is given BIRTH

Sweet Aloha my Angels :D :D


All troubles in the heart now cease, as Mary's love brings great release.
The rose of twelve in fullest bloom, the soul is free to meet her groom.
The throat is shining oh so blue, the will of God is always true.
God's power is released in love through Christ direction from Above.
The solar center is at peace, as fear and anger we release.
The sacred ten will now unfold a glow of purple and of gold.


All troubles in the heart now cease, as Mary's love brings great release.
The rose of twelve in fullest bloom, the soul is free to meet her groom.
The brow emits an emerald hue, Christ's perfect vision we pursue,
and as we see God's perfect plan, we feel God's love for every man.

The soul is basking in delight, as violet flame is shining bright.
The soul is breathing God's pure air, she feels so free in Mother's care.
The crown is like a sea of gold, as thousand petals now unfold.

We see the Buddha in the crown, arrayed in his celestial gown.
The base is of the purest white, four petals radiate your light.
The Mother bows in purest love to God the Father from Above.

When Mother Light and Buddha meet, the force of darkness they defeat, with Jesus and our saint Germain,
they bring the Golden Age again.

I feel the Mother's gentle kiss, as I am in eternal bliss,
floating in a space sublime, in harmony with sacred chime.
By Mother Mary's endless Grace, we conquer time, we conquer space.
The Buddha Nature is in all and thus we rise to heed the call to be the Christed ones on Earth....

The Golden Age is given birth..... :D :D :D


Taking Care of Our Father´s Business :D :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqQgSgaTszA :P :P


Author:  Ka´rala [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:49 am ]
Post subject: 


God is Father, God is Mother,
never one without the other.....

Your balanced union is our source, your love will keep us on our course.
You offer us abundant life, to free us from all sense of strife.
We plunge ourselves into the stream, awakening from this bad dream.
We see that life is truly one, and thus our victory is won.

We have returned unto our God, on the path the saints have trod.
We form God’s body on the Earth, and give our planet its rebirth,
into a Golden Age of love, with ample blessings from Above.

We set all people free to see that oneness is reality,
and in that oneness we will be whole for all eternity.
And now the Earth is truly healed, all life in God’s perfection sealed.

God is Father, God is Mother,
we see God in each other..... :D :D


Beloved Jesus, we are sealed, as every heart on Earth is healed.
Mother Mary, we are free to bask in your great harmony.
Beloved Buddha, in your peace attachments we can now release.
Archangel Michael, in your love we are protected from Above.
Saint Germain, in your own name we claim the Earth for Freedom’s Flame.
The Christ within us is the Lord, wielding now the Sacred Sword.
The Golden Age is manifest, completing now our Sacred Quest.

It is finished.... it is sealed....

the Holy Purpose now revealed.....
:D :D :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyvqx-L3QRg :D :D


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY3G3KcwwF4 :D :D :D

Image A New Star Image

Bright Star shining in the night,
a calm wind whispers through the branches of a nearby Birch tree.

Illumination all around,
as the Stars above tell the Stories of Ages gone by.

What is this Story as it is unfolding,
the Star growing each and every night.

Traversing Time and Space,
seemingly full of Grace,
it does move on its own accord.

Revelation will bear witness,
as that final Day draws near.

The Love, the Joy, in its full Glory,
will be felt that Day all around.

The search will be over,
the Story is told,
and all share in that wondrous Light.

A Proclamation,
a Truth revealed,
as those still in that Light disappear,
and God's Home shown to those that are so Dear.... :D :D

Sacred LIGHT..... oh so BRIGHT
Everything is now set RIGHT
EARTH is FREE.... now to BE

:D :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3PngHp1ysM :D :D :D

Author:  Ka´rala [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:22 am ]
Post subject: 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqg3y7TS8Jo :D :D :D


Listen, to the wisdom of the ages
Listen, to the words of many sages

Live each day, as if it were your last
It's written in the stars, your destiny is cast
And that hourglass, runs too fast no doubt
For the sands of time are running out

Listen, to the wisdom of the ages
These words, can be found in history's pages

Live each day, for happiness can't wait
And love while you may, but heed the hand of fate
If the finger points, it's too late no doubt
For the sands of time, are running out
But the man who turns, and escapes somehow

Is the wisest of men
And to such a man, I'd bow


Author:  Ka´rala [ Wed Jan 09, 2008 8:33 am ]
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:D :D :D :D All Glory to God, sweet Angel.... My CUP is overflowing.... pfffffffffffffffff :D :D :D :D


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1y53-tsuhE :D :D :D

This is my heaven
Being here with you
Make it last forever
This is my heaven
It's a dream come true
Make it last forever
Come to me now
And take my hand
This is the paradise I plan
You're like an angel
Sent from up above
Let's stay close together
You brought me heaven
When I shared your love
Make it last forever
Here 'neath the sky beside the sea
This is my heaven
When you come to me




Author:  Ka´rala [ Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:00 am ]
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Image :D :D :D


Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:35 am ]
Post subject: 

Ka'rala my dear angel I give my heartfelt thanks to you for all of the loving words, pictures and links that you have shared here with us. :D :D :love:


Author:  Ka´rala [ Tue Jan 22, 2008 4:45 am ]
Post subject: 









Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:40 am ]
Post subject: 

You are so very welcome my dear angels!! :D :D His smile in this picture is just too endearing for words!! :wink: :P :D

Author:  Ka´rala [ Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  Saint Germain’s welcome message


Saint Germain I am, and I welcome you to my website, which is sponsored by me for the bringing forth of the teachings that can awaken you – and many others – to your purpose for being here, at this crucial time in the history of this planet of ours.

My beloved, you may never have heard the words “Saint Germain” or “Golden Age” before—at least not with your outer mind. But surely, you will know in your heart that you are more than the outer mind.

Thus, I ask you to look beyond the outer mind and its tendency to reject that which is unfamiliar. I ask you to tune in to your heart and feel if there is not a stirring in your heart, a longing for something better, a longing for freedom, my beloved.

For surely, if you look back at your life, you will see that you have always had a sense that it is possible to bring forth a better society and better conditions on this planet. You have always had a sense that things should be better, that there are certain manifestations on this planet that simply should not be there.

Thus, my beloved, why have you had these longings, why have you had these dreams? Could it not be because, in your innermost being, you have – not a longing, not a dream – but an inner knowing, my beloved, that bringing forth a Golden Age is a distinct possibility, a realistic possibility, and not some utopian pipe-dream.


My beloved, finding this website is not a coincidence!

You see, my beloved, if you have a longing to bring forth a better society, it is most likely because you are one of my own. You are one among millions of lifestreams who volunteered to come into embodiment at this time, specifically to help manifest Saint Germain’s Golden Age on Earth.

My beloved, the teachings on this website have only one purpose, and that is to reawaken those who are part of the Golden Age. Thus, I ask you to tune in to your heart as you study the teachings I, and other masters, have brought forth.

For surely, my beloved, you should know by now that you have an ability to go beyond the outer mind, to go within, and to KNOW what is true. And when you know that truth, my beloved, the truth shall SET YOU FREE! It shall set you free to be who you are and to bask in the Freedom Flame that I AM.

For my beloved, I, Saint Germain, am holding the Flame of Freedom for this planet—and for you. Thus, tune in to your heart, tune in to your higher being. Dare to be free to express your God-given spiritual potential.

For I tell you, my beloved, in order to manifest the Golden Age, I need a critical mass of people who dare to express their higher beings, their highest potential—to tune in to the Golden Age and to bring it into physical manifestation through their outer beings.

Thus, my beloved, dare to BE!

Dare to be free!

Dare to be here below, all that you already are Above.

Dare to be the open door, so that the Earth can be here below, all that she already is Above in the heart of Saint Germain..... :D :D

To know all about the Saint Germain´s GOLDEN AGE, please click on the link below :D :D

http://www.saintgermainfreedom.com/ :D :D :D

Christ LOVE

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uONF0zJz2Oo :D :D

Quote: "The Age of Aquarius, or rather the Golden Age of Aquarius, will not manifest until a critical mass of people embody the consciousness of Aquarius. The consciousness of Aquarius requires people to fully recognize themselves as sons and daughters of God with the role of serving as co-creators with God. Only by doing so will they be able to serve as the instruments for bringing the Golden Age of Aquarius, what I have also called the kingdom of God, into full physical manifestation on this planet"...... :D :D


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