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PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:09 am 
Jewel in the Lotus
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Sweet Aloha "Guest"

Thank you for sharing your point of view in all of "this"...

And I´m glad Amanda, so called "friend with the words of wisdom" :wink: (I agree, Kira!!) ... explained you with these words, what we are feeling... in our hearts, our relationship with God... with Elvis
I couldn´t done it better myself...

It´s hard to explain those feelings and thoughts, but I think that it doesn´t matter how you get closer to GOD, to Jesus... as long as you do, everything will be allright... The person or spirit who will help you on your path is not even the issue...
Like Amanda says: "All this can't be done without help, effort and a determinated intention. There must be the "hunger" for something "lost", to start the path. There may come the time for this "hunger" to be awakened. Everybody has his/her own timing for that. But when the time is right, things start to happen."

I truthly hope you will understand what we are saying, dear "guest" .....
"We all are children of GOD" .... and we will never FORGET that.... :D


My Never Ending LOVE for ALL of YOU

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:31 am 
Jewel in the Lotus

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I would like to quote again Elvis' message through Maia one year ago:


PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 11:52 pm Post subject: Graceland & August 16th Reply with quote

El'vis / Rhama Azul on 8/16/06

This date for me is not a day when I "died" but when I became free to be my true and complete SELF. It was such a joy for my soul to soar into the LIGHT and be met by my mother, father and others who are dear to me - not only in my life as "Elvis Presley", but souls whom I knew from other lifetimes and some who have never incarnated, but been true soul mates on the Other Side.

At first, I filled mself with the great LOVE I felt - not only from those who gathered around me, but from PURE SOURCE itself...and I knew then, beyond a doubt that I was still VERY MUCH ALIVE - more alive than before. I knew beyond a doubt that "God" was everywhere, in everything and in ME - the enduring Self. I was to come to understand later than even the "Self" will eventually merge with the ALL, but that is further into the Sacred Deep than I dwell at this time. I am still experiencing the "I AM" in a greatly expanded version as it is here, where I dwell.

The first place I "was" was not where I am now. At some point (time is not a factor here) I was somewhere else - somewhere more expansive - what Maia is calling "Numis'OM." No matter, for it is ALL the ALL. Such a joyous feeling to never feel separated from anything or anyplace. You do not go from "here" to "there" but envelope "there" into "here." NO SEPARATION.

So I am also with you all when you think of me or call upon me. I am with all those who pass through the gates of Graceland -- especially on August 16th, due to their intense feelings then. I feel their LOVE, but I also recognize that they really come to Graceland to honor the Spirit within them. Their conscious minds may feel that they are coming to honor and remember me, but deeper, it is that through my soul, my incarnation as "Elvis" they felt THEMSELVES - the part of them that is sacred - that they love and respect. When they journey to Graceland with their candles and processions, so they allow themselves to FEEL SPIRIT within their own beings.

So when you think of me, when you send me your love and remembrance, know that you are really honoring and loving yourselves through the memory of one who honors and loves you!

As an aside....Graceland is upon a Native American sacred grounds, where only priests and preistesses lived and others came to do sacred ceremony with the "Gods" (natual forces) of the earth. These "natives" had originally migrated from the Yucataan, and so were a mixture of Mayan and Cherokee descent.

In my lifetime as De-Ka-Nah-Wi-Da I visited this place then, as it was known to be a gathering ground for sacred pilgrimage.


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:19 pm 
Jewel in the Lotus
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I always feel it very useful to bring in front of our memory El'vis Aaron's words, channelled through Maia or other friends of this Forum. We easily forget, and all of them are pieces of a puzzle that help us to have glimpses of awareness of how LIFE really is.


Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
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