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Please pray for my friend Cindy's family
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Author:  Elvis'SweetSweetSpirit [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Please pray for my friend Cindy's family

Hi ladies if you could please pray for Cindy's family! Cindy passed away her in sleep Sunday night! Thank you very much!

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 9:28 am ]
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Many, many LOVE's bubbles go to them for comfort and warmth!


Author:  Elvis'SweetSweetSpirit [ Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:39 pm ]
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Thank you Amanda!!

Author:  Sarena [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:28 am ]
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I enclose Cindy's family in my prayers, Fran.

Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:39 am ]
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I too will pray for comfort and peace for Cindy's family. May God's blessings and love surround them all. :)

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 1:14 pm ]
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Grandma Suzy is now living in her beautiful little apartment over looking the pool and she has one of the few that has a view of the mountains and sun rise-which she loved having at her other home. It's a beautiful place, and my dream! To have a place like that and be able to have room service or go down to the beautiful formal dining room and order and not have to pay! And friends can come to eat with you - they pay but only 6.00 for anything they have to offer there. There is everything anyone could want right there in the complex. without leaving the place. Suzy's oldest son got her one of those fancy walkers with the hand brakes and a seat if she tires and needs to sit. And it's very nice-she seems to be adjusting though I know she misses her home, her things. Her daughterinlaw who handles most things, had surgery to take care of a mass in her bowel, it wasn't cancer - it was a cyst from diverticulia we get as we get older. And she's been stressed over Suzy's health for over a year now. Anyway, things are coming together...Suzy has met some other Elvis fans, one of whom has her apartment all done in Elvis decor etc: and even her front door of her apartment. And Suzy has her drawing of Elvis in the front room and she has some snap shots of him and some autographed in frames...I am sure when her daughter in law is better they will bring a few more of her personal mementos and things over to warm the place up some. Right now it's sparse so she has to go downstairs to eat and will meet people. She's already becoming a celebrity due to her past lives as she puts it-when she traveled with Gene Autry's band with her husband who played guitar for him. She's had quite a life-she says, 3 lifetimes, two with husbands and one with Elvis...okay, sounds good to me! Thanks for thinking of her and she said to say thank you to all of you as well. She said to tell you that Elvis is one of her sons and he was the middle one-and she loved him the most. wjh

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 2:21 pm ]
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Wanda such good news.. if she'd like to have another Elvis drawing,I'd be most happy making one for her to put in her new room..just let me know.. :)

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 4:09 pm ]
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It's FANTASTIC, Wanda! :P

Such good news about Suzy! I think she is starting her 4th life right now!

Thank you for letting us know. (I'm sure she had 3 wonderful sons, the middle one being quite splendorous.)

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

She said he was her "special child" and he needed her the most...they other two were more worldly but Elvis was her baby boy who needed to come home to mommy and get hugs and cuddles so he could go face the world. I always got a kick out of that one when she'd come up with it. He did call her when he felt bad, when he was lonely for his momma and if he wanted to talk personally about something and needed a more experienced woman's opinion and he cried a few times and said he was scared, he didn't know what to do about his health and he didn't want surgery. He was scared it would end his career-he'd live, but wouldn't be able to perform any more. He also talked to her about Pris and the last time he saw her-she came to visit him.
And said he wanted people to understand that his wife did love him, she just couldn't live with him, his life style.
And said she had tried her best to please him, to be his wife, what he wanted and that it was his fault, he liked being Elvis better than he liked being a husband. He couldn't see her needs for his own wants and career.
So he wasn't perfect, just working on it. He also told her slightly naughty jokes and stories and she told some to him just as racy and they'd laugh. She said he'd laugh and giggle like a kid and sometimes couldn't talk for laughing. And when he was sick and fell asleep she left the phone laying on her pillow and didn't hang up in case he woke up and needed her. She told him later on and he told her she could hang up, people always checked on him. And she told him she was going to tell people she had slept with Elvis and he said, You do and I'm gonna say it's true-we done did it!". And of course they laughed over that one too. I'm so glad she is safe there but I don't think she will last much longer. Her legs are so puffy, her feet and she can barely walk on them. She is having heart failure, fluid retention and can't get most of her shoes on. I am going to throw away all her flats with the pointed toes that cut the circulation off her toes and get some that are soft and giving and safe for her to walk in-more like walking barefoot. I think she would be more comfortable and more stable on her feet. I sure don't want to live to be that old-it's not worth it. wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:43 pm ]
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It seems like Grandma Suzy helped fill the gap of Elvis' own mother dying. Plus adding & exchanging a bunch of laughter to boot. :lol:
When it is finally her time to go, Elvis I'm sure will be right there to meet her. She sure sounds like a special lady. I wish I had gotten to know her.

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