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Author:  73smile [ Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:31 am ]
Post subject:  Prayers

Our ELC member Elvis'sweetsweetspirit or Talia needs prayers this night. She saw a doctor today and he has ordered a cat scan for tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. California time. She is scared and I know that all of us will want to add her to our list of people to say "please help her to get through this safely." She has been having physical problems for awhile and today she did get to see her employer's doctor.
Frannie has helped me so very much through just being there to listen and to help me before becoming a grandma, during having a grandson and now 'jelly bean.' She is Aunt Frannie. We have never met in person but as she approaches her birthday on December the 22nd we are hoping to meet---to hug up soon. She is a loving woman and I like to think in little ways that I have helped her as a listener, a sounding board just as she has done the same for me.
Please send a prayer with love for her.
Thank you,

Author:  Blue Moon [ Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:26 am ]
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Author:  Ka´rala [ Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:52 am ]
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"Dear Almighty Father, here is our precious "Fran". We turn her over to You. She is Yours anyway :D We very much want her to live in good health.... That is our desire and our need. We thank You for putting her under our care too, and we know that she is, above all, under Your care.
Help us to know how to make her life richer and help her to know You Who loves her. We remind Fran that You are her God, and that we, all of US :D :D are Your helpers.
We pray that Fran knows what a gift she is to us, and how much we love her and appreciate all she has done for us.. :D
We thank her for all You have taught us through her. And we thank You for listening and loving us and our friends, and may everyone know the sweet intimacy of Your love, Lord." AMEN

ImageWe are ALL with you, sweet Fran :D :D

Thank you sweet Marjorie for letting us know about our Fran :D :D I´m very gratefull :D Everything is going to be allright.... Fran is in God´s hands.... is there a better place? :wink:

Finally I´m a little bit back, my Angels of the Blue Rose :D :D :D .... I´ve missed you all soooo much, but you all were very much alive in my heart.... :D Ohhh Lord, do I LOVE YOU ALL.... :oops: :D :D :D

Sending you all PEACE... LOVE and LIGHT.... all of YOU... hope to be with you very soon again :wink:

God is blessing YOU

My Never Ending LOVE

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-S3K6wXYpg :D

Image Manja-Gi and Dreamer sending their LOVE too :D :D

From the heart of Mother Mary to YOU :D :D

My dearest children…

Turmoil comes and turmoil goes.
The ups and downs of life are growth periods
showing you how to weather any storm.
Do not be afraid when life does not flow as expected,
but embrace the experiences of life
knowing there will be periods of rest, as-well-as upheavel.
My dear children,
you are loved through every experience you encounter.
Rest in the knowledge that love does not change.
It is safe and secure, embracing life as it is.
You will survive every fearful situation you face in life — even death.
Laughter will always return, Peace will always return.
Hope will always return.



Picture Yourself in God's Light

God said:

It is easy to trust Me when all goes the way you like. Trust Me now whatever befalls. Comfort is not the extent of Me nor the test of Me.

I do not test you. I do not put you through things to see how you do. Nor do I put you in the fire to temper your steel.

There are certain things that come along with living on earth, and there are many you do not like. They are not in your path to give you lessons. They are there in Human life, but not to trip you. However, you might as well learn from them while you are at it.

There is one thing to learn and that is love. It is not a how-to that you have to learn. It is love itself, the recognition of love itself within you. There is no learning how to in terms of loving. Love manifests without a plan in your mind. Lit light lights. And you are one of My lights, and you are already lit. Remove the shade, and My light within you will shine in all its glory. That is love.

Whatever your condition, you are light. Remember that more than what's going on or how you feel. Remember My light, and you heal the world and you heal yourself.

My light is a Great Purifier. It purifies thoughts, and it purifies what your thoughts have done to your life, your body, and those around you.

You pray for healing. Healing is a constant. You are healed every day.

Pray for more than My light to shine on you. Pray for My light to emanate from you.

My children like shiny things. You are a shiny thing, so like yourself.

Picture yourself in My light, My light surrounding you. Step right up into My light. Now picture My light entering every pore, crevice, and cell of you. All you are now is My light. Now picture My light radiating from you. The rays of My light shining from you now circle the universe several times. The rays of My light shining from you kiss the stars and faraway planets. The rays of My light shining from you reach all the way to Heaven, and angels pull you up like fish from the sea.

All is light, and you are My light. That is the extent of you. No more than My light! But My light reaches everywhere, and then so does yours.

My light cannot dim. Accept this concept. My light is ever-shining. In sickness or in health, in richness or poorness, My light shines, and it shines everywhere. Wherever you are, My light is.

You are not just a dab of My light. You are My light entire.

What is there to trust? How easy it is to trust! How complicated to distrust! In God you can trust. Know that I AM, and that I AM within you and everywhere else. Trusting does not mean to be blind. It means to see.

Use Me. I am here to be used. Refer to Me. I am here to be referred to.

You look at the moon and the sun from time to time. Now look at Me. I am to be looked at. You will see the light of Me when you remember to look. Look for Me within you.

You are a light already switched on, yet you keep looking for the light switch. You will find light. You will find Me. But there is no outside switch, for there is need of none.

You are a light beam from Heaven that looks Heavenward in order to see itself, but you are the light beam.

Regardless of your position on earth, you are My light beam.

You are more than Santa's elves. You are God's light. :D :D :D

from http://www.heavenletters.org/picture-yo ... light.html


Ohhh El´vis you are soooo right :D :D :D HOW GREAT IS HIS ART :D :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIMUWKc6XX4 :D :D

Author:  73smile [ Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Beautiful treasures

All of you and your words are sweet and precious treasures. I just spoke to Frannie. She is to have an MRI tomorrow before work and I believe they are doing the MRI contrast test. She will know hopefully tomorrow the results. The weekend is coming and I do pray that Frannie does not have to endure the wait until Monday. A weekend under these circumstance can be horrific for the person and for all who love her. She thinks of others first. Here is an example: Frannie's dad does not know she is to have the MRI and she said she did not want to call him tonight because then he would worry all night. I told her that is what makes it so easy to love her. She has a heart like Elvis in putting others before herself.
She needs our prayers, our love and our faith that all is going to be okay.
I told her we have not met in person yet so she better not be thinking of bad things that dwell in one's mind during times like this.
I wish I could be in California to give her a hug and look her in her beautiful eyes so she would know that she is in good hands. The One above is watching, he is making decisions and he knows that Frannie is too much needed here to think about taking her anywhere.
HE has placed her with a good doctor who gave her a hug as she left today so the One above has made sure she has a doctor with compassion and one with the ability to try to make a patient feel she is in good hands.
She is always telling me, when I have a difficulty, "Just believe" so Frannie has to 'just believe' wherein all things are possible.............
I know Sue, what a loving and a caring person that you are. Frannie knows that and the illustrations and the song put up, Carola, are so tender and so loving.
I will update everyone tomorrow.
FRANNIE: "JUST BELIEVE..................."
with love always, Marjorie

Author:  73smile [ Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Prayers for Sweet, sweet Frannie.

Hello all.

I have spoken with Fran. The doctor called to tell her that she has ovarian cancer. She needs all of us who are ELC members to pray for her. I know and she knows that she is in God's hands but the human parts of all of us also need to be considered and the love from our ELC family will bring more comfort than I can express in words.
Frannie will see 2 different GYN/Cancer specialists before a decision is made as to what will happen next.
I called Frannie back after she called me and I asked her permission to tell you that her sister died of cancer as did her mother. This may be, and I EMPHASIZE may be, genetic in light of the history of cancer in her direct family.
I will talk with her again this evening at 6:45 Michigan time. She has not told her father yet and he has not been in the best of health. He will worry that it is her "time" no matter what and we must all try as hard as we can to pray that God does not want her home right now and to keep her father feeling positive so that his health does not decline when he is told the news.
I told her we are going to Graceland after the holidays and she knows I am afraid to fly but for Frannie I will get on a plane again so that we meet in person and so we experience Graceland together.
With all of the advancements made in technology, I believe that she will be okay. I do know when caught early the removal of the ovaries stretch the amount of years for her and for others that have this kind of cancer.
I told her that her stomach bloating may have been God's way of telling her to listen to her body. Had her stomach not bloated she would not have seen a doctor. God knows all and it is God's hands but I believe that she will be okay. She is a fighter. A real fighter.
I have some recent enough experience with cancer. My eldest brother, Robert, died of cancer of the pancreas and my sweet sister-in-law, Irene (married for almost 48 years to my brother, Victor), died of a brain stem tumor. God took them home within two weeks of each other in October of 2005.
Walter's cancer is responding to treatment and I believe that Frannie's will, too. We only must believe...
I am closer to Frannie than to I am to 3 sisters----2 live in Michigan and 1 resides in California. I believe it was Elvis who brought Frannie to me because I would never have opened an email from someone I did not know but one day, a few years ago, she sent me an email and I opened it and I will always believe I was supposed to open that email even though it could have had a virus or something. It was through Frannie that I came to believe that there is life after our physical bodies can not go on any more steps.
Our love has built brick by brick over the years and it is NOT her time yet. I know this in my heart.
Please pray for Frannie. She gave me the PRECIOUS gift of being able to believe in the One above and now it is my turn to pay it forward. There will be dark days but the light will continue because Frannie's work on terra firma will not be completed for quite some years yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. Frannie. I am praying and I know that any ELC member who reads this will also pray because we all love you for different reasons and in different ways.
always with love,

Author:  Blue Moon [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Prayers

Thanks for keeping us updated of Fran's condition Marjorie. I am so sorry to hear of her being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Let us believe the best for her, that she be healed and made well again.

Author:  FairyTale [ Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Prayers

:( I 'm So Very Sorry to hear this about Fran, she well be in my Prayers! :love:

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