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Please Pray For Joplin Missouri!
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Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Mon May 23, 2011 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Please Pray For Joplin Missouri!

:( :cry: I would Like to Ask for Prayer for the Folks in Joplin Missouri! :hug:

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spiritual requests-

I wanted to put this here because it is so real, and often comes as a big surprise
or simply softly and sweetly via a dream...and that is, answers to our needs and requests for ourselves and others.

This is about a bird, my crow that we found as a young fledgling just out of the nest and that had no family left to take care of her. West Nile and poison put out by 'farmers' killed all the crows and other birds off that year. She learned to come
when called, she didn't squawk and hollar like most crows as there were none
around to learn from, so she chortled and spoke in 'dog' like arfs...she had hatched high out in a pine tree where a young dog had been kept and it did
a lot of arfing for a while... Anyway, for 2 1/2 years she lived here and never
left the area...she was very friendly though we had never touched her- and she
had single friends now and then who came and spent some time but they had
family and had to go off with them or face 'the music' which was a loud
squawking and hollaring they had to take f rom their family members- crows are
very very family strict and stick together for life. They do not take a mate
until 6 years old... though usually find a friend who sticks around until then-
Arf was at the age where she was looking. She never failed to speak to us
in the mornings, no matter if it was daylight or not, she'd let us know where
she had roosted- in various trees around the area. She was the first one in the yard before sunrise and went down with us to watch us feed etc ever time
and even at odd times if we were out doing something, she'd come supervise.
She ended up with a badly broken wing and died before anyone found her-
i was upset, could not understand why this had to happen, such a cruel death
and why...she had made it alone for 2 1/2 years, it's very hard for a single
crow with no family, usually they don't live long at all but she had, and she had
a family, us. it was tearing me up wondering, and regretting i had not realized
she was hurt...though we had noticed she was not around that day..but a
family of crows had come here, they were letting her feed one of their new
fledglings and she was happy.
it had been several weeks and I could not shake the grief and questions- i thought maybe a Red tail had hurt her, or maybe even the crow parents of the young ones, but they were letting her watch over one of their babies... Then
finally I just asked, Please tell me what happened, show me, so I can know
it wasn't these crows taking over her area...food supply etc...just let me
know!" She had a friend she had just found a couple of weeks earlier, he was
still here, doing the things she used to do, except he was as trusting and he
didn't talk as she did, he used crow calls...and was loud. But he came when
called and he was taking over feeding the young crow she had been caring for.
And the crow family allowed it. just days after i asked to be shown... i was
putting ant powder on the slope above our driveway, there was a chain link
fence at the property line, a high one...and the bushes/pepper trees we had
let grow mostly wild as it was a good bird place and safety from hawks in
the thick branches. Suddenly the crows began calling and hollering and
there was a mad rush of them flying over the chain link fence as a red tail hawk tried to nail one of them...one of the
young ones was angled like a plane as it tried to lift over it, i saw that it
barely made it without stabbing it's wing into the links, it would have had it
not managed to grab the fence with it's feet and hauled it's self higher and
avoided damaging that wing. i suddenly realized this is what happened to
ARF. She would have protected the baby, she would have let it go first
and stayed between it and the hawk... and that fence could have been
what caught her wing, causing the break that was not anything a bird could
have survived...even a vet would have removed the entire wing to try to save
a bird in that instance. her wing tip went into the link and she would have fallen back breaking the caught
wing with her weight and frightened movements... she was a nicely filled
out bird, she'd had plenty of food and she was big and beautiful, strong...and
so, probably was not as agile and light as she might have been as a fully wild
bird... now i know, and it helps a lot and i have learned it is true that once
we insert our human habits and concern into an animals life, or into a humans life, we alter the
course they should follow, it happens, we learned too late
for the ones we've 'saved' or tried to influence - they loose their 'edge' , the thing that guides and saves them and when things happen, they are subject to being
"caught, hurt and etc" that goes with nature's natural lessons. We love too much
at times, we try too hard, we smother, and we interfere when we think we are doing the right thing, usually too often; we can ask for guidance and also for answers to troubling questions, help in standing aside, ready to help if asked or truly needed. We need faith, belief and a willingness to grasp and understand
when we are shown, told and guided from our heavenly sources, God included.
Answers come if we believe they will, we have to be ready to 'see' and to
understand the message... in my case, a little family of crows and a red tailed
hawk made it very clear. Thank you Lord for giving me faith, hope and most of all, acceptance when things are made clear...no matter the method used! The
crows are all dong well, friend still cares for one, although there is one less sibling and probably a hawk had taken it- it was missing a few days before
Arf died, more reason to think they would have panicked since one had been
caught already. There are 3 fledglings flying well now, and the parents and
friend, and i think friend has a family to accept him now too. They all hang out together
except he doesn't leave the area, he waits for them to return...just as she
used to do...for 2 1/2 years she waited for her family to come home... now
this one sits in the same tree top waiting and watching for the little family of crows.
love, peace and happiness to all,

Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Please Pray For Joplin Missouri!

:hello: Wanda Thank You for Sharing Your Story about Your Crow Arf and How Your Question was Answered about What Happened to Arf, it is like my Girl Friend Nancy's Step - Dad. Here he was doing so Well he was not having to use Oxygen any more, he could even Drive again. But after Heading his head after he Fell out of Bed, who knew when he went to get Extra Fluid Off That Taking this Treatment would Kill Him, like it did yesterday. He was on Death's Door at Least 3 times Earlier this year, and then he began to get so Much Better. It is So Hard for us at times why the Lord Choice's Different way's to Bring our Loved Ones Homes, it Might even be a Pet Crow. But if we ask in Jesus Name the Answer will be Reviled to us, maybe not right a way. But God always Knows Best, and has his Reason's. So could I ask for Prayer, for my Girl Friend Nancy and her Mom? :love:

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Please Pray For Joplin Missouri!

ABSOLUTELY YOU MAY ASK...and those here will pray for their understanding, for peace in their hearts and wonderful memories to keep forever; they can bring them out and know that he and our Lord will always be just a thought away.

Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Please Pray For Joplin Missouri!

:hello: Will it is Good to be Back Home, the Last Couple of Days was Really Rough for Everyone to Go Through. But even though i9t was Such a Real Shock to what Happened to Tommy, he was the Type of Person like our Elvis that will never be Forgotten. Tommy like Elvis they were Both Ready to Go and Be with The Lord, when ever the Lord Called them Home. So Thank You Wanda for your Prayers, and I Hope and Pray that the Lord as Given you Comfort also. :love:

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Please Pray that our Julie will find peace

Julie Joyce, our ElC member from long while ago, has lost her dear mother to
serious illnesses. This was sudden, and I had not heard that she was ill. Please
pray for peace in Julie's and her father's hearts; they were a very close family
and mom was an Elvis fan also. Julie has lost several family members over the
last few years, but losing one's mother is by far the most devastating...keep her
close in your hearts; you can find her email on the membership page, it does not list it, but you can send an email to her if you wish. Thank you,

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