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priscilla dancing week 3
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Author:  Lindsaygirl [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  priscilla dancing week 3


Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:35 am ]
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Thank you so much dear Lindsaygirl for putting up this link to Priscilla's dance for this week!! :D :D I have to say that she did a really good job doing the Tango and even the judges called her performance "stellar!!!" :wink: :D :D

Author:  Sarena [ Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:34 pm ]
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why is her face so puffed up , too much surgery as the paper put it in uk

.....that's the prize for not letting natural old age happen....just un-natural :?

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:34 pm ]
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Well, considering she is 61 years old, she did pretty good I thought and she worked very hard to be able to do it- I know that! I couldn't begin to do that at her age- or anything like it even at 51 years old...so I give her that award for trying and sticking with it.

Yes, she does relie on the Elvis experience, but I just imagine that the show people wanted to be able to use that as well-he is a big attraction even now as we know and they'll do anything to get to "use" him and maybe it didn't cost them to do it? Or less since it was her maybe? I know they have to pay for everything used by anyone for tv or to sell something etc:... Books are the only thing left that doesn't have to share with them- At least that used to be the way it was and I don't think the courts have changed that-though it was before the courts a long while back, If I remember correctly they ruled against the estate etc:...as books are free speech etc:...

Anyway, it is too bad her face is so strange looking at times, more than others. I hope what was done can be fixed-the doctor who did it used something awful and not botox as was supposed to be-that's what I heard on tv Hollywood news stuff, channel 5 KTLA in Los Angeles. She and several others who had work done by him-then I guess he took off for the jungle or something? Whatever, it is too bad-Priscilla was beautiful anyway, she had fantastic skin and beautiful eyes and lips...but I guess in Hollywood one must stay young looking to be anything etc:? She has been keeping a pretty low porfile except for plugging Graceland etc: which is necessary though I do wish they would stop saying he was a drug addict-and explain why he was taking so many pills- for his problems, pain and to continue doing his job etc:....not just for the fun of it because he wasn't having fun...believe me...he sure wasn't -he was addicted but I still do NOT buy the he did it because he wanted to and was just addicted and didn't need it thing. The man had real pain... if he didn't tell her etc: and kept it quiet, thinking he'd just keep it to himself and not worry anyone, well, it was his right to do so. Oh well, I am not in their shoes, never walked in them and like they never actually walked in his...well, shut my mouth.
I hope that she continues and does well on the show and that they can fix her face so she can smile and look like her self again. And that she learned something from it all, too. One being, leave well enough alone now... Age gracefully, with dignity and have fun doing it. wjh

Author:  Ingrid [ Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:20 am ]
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I think the real culprits in that whole "drug addiction" scheme are the physicians who provided the prescriptions. To me these people are more criminal than the little dealer in a dark alley, because they are supposed to be trustworthy and concerned about your health. Some of them have been convicted for abuse and overprescribing after ElvisĀ“death.

It always surprises me that even celebrities with money and connections turn out to be victims of shady people who only want their dose of Hollywood stardust. Priscilla is in great shape and she would still have been a natural beauty even at 62, a few wrinkles couldnĀ“t have ruined her pretty smile. Certain body parts will always give away your age, like your hands.

Age gracefully, with dignity and have fun doing it.

Agreed :D !


Author:  Golden Sky [ Fri Apr 04, 2008 2:27 pm ]
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Thank you all for this interesting conversation- I thought I was the only one who was seeing something peculiar happening to Priscilla's face. I kept saying to my husband, "Is it me, or has she had bad plastic surgery??" I'm so naive, I could hardly believe anyone could mess up HER face, of all people. Well I admire her for getting out in the public eye even with a curious face. It seems her character has stepped in and compensated where her natural beauty diminished.

It's also amazing to me (being naive, again) that people still think an addiction to pain medication is anything scandalous. Most of the time, these people are in actual pain- why is that so hard to understand??? I know a man whose family is always complaining about him being addicted to pain medication. Well, he has horrible pain in his shoulder all the time, and their lack of sympathy and patience just shocks me to no end. How would THEY like it??

So, obviously, I'm just as mad as you all when it comes to people calling Elvis a "drug addict" and never bothering to explain the wretched health problems that made him so dependent on the pills. Is it really so much to ask, that people will listen to a WHOLE story before flying off to the next bit of scandalous gossip?! I guess so....

Anyway, it's curious that Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie, who probably comprise one of the most gorgeous families in history, have all separately been attacked for looking bad or fat or weird. 'Goes to show we're all just human.

:wink: Love,

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