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Older Lisa article( Lisa and priscilla) talk about elvis
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Author:  Lindsaygirl [ Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Older Lisa article( Lisa and priscilla) talk about elvis

With Priscilla & Lisa Marie, 1968 "Elvis by the Presleys" (Crown, $24.95) could also be titled "The King and Us," as its text consists of family members longingly recalling life at Graceland when Elvis was in the building.

This book, a companion piece to the two-hour CBS documentary that will air May 13 at 8 p.m. (see opposite for information on the miniseries), also houses wonderfully intimate photographs, such as the one of Elvis in white glamour-garb, holding his toddler daughter Lisa Marie upright on the sofa, or the one of a TV screen he'd shot at one night.

Elvis grows up, grows older and ultimately disintegrates as the pages turn. But what stays in the mind are Priscilla Presley's memories of her husband and Lisa Marie's of her father. "Daddy" was only an idol to the rest of us.


Priscilla: Looking back, I wondered whether he was afraid of his public image as a husband and father. I say that because when I was in my seventh month [of pregnancy] he asked for a trial separation. I was shocked. ... But he never left, nor asked me to leave, and never mentioned it again. I was relieved, but things were never quite the same after that.


Lisa Marie: You'd hear him before you'd see him. You'd hear these noises at the top of the staircase. He'd slowly make his way down. ... The thing about my father is that he never hid anything. ... Never put on airs. If he was crabby, you knew it. If he was angry, he'd let you know. ... But if he was happy, everyone was happy. He had that kind of charisma. He'd never bore you.


Priscilla: Twice he spanked her [Lisa Marie] on her bottom. ... The spankings were restrained and also warranted. But poor Elvis was a mess afterward. You would have thought he had committed murder. I've never seen him look so guilty.


Lisa-Marie: I don't think anyone really had any control over me. They all tried but no one succeeded. My father slept in the mornings, which meant I could do whatever I wanted. I remember Pauline the cook once made a chocolate cake with orders not to give me any until after dinner. So I said, "Pauline, you're fired." My father, who was always respectful of the staff, hated this behavior.


Lisa-Marie: His temper was scary. His anger would build slowly. You'd hear a rumbling in his throat, and then this explosion. The times he reprimanded me were devastating. But then in the middle of the night he'd come into my room and, with a puppet in his hand, sing me a song like "Can't Help Falling in Love."


Lisa-Marie: My father and his entourage had the run of the entire floor of the hotel. Suddenly the lights went out. We heard that someone had pulled the power and was coming up the back steps. Immediately, my father grabs me and ... races into a small room where he sits down - with me on his lap - and closes the door. Then he takes two semi-automatic shotguns, puts one in each hand and aims them at the door. Fortunately, no one came in.


Lisa-Marie: I could feel that he was very sad. He'd come into my room walking so unsteadily that sometimes he'd start to fall and I'd have to catch him. He had his own chair in my bedroom where he'd sit, watch my TV and smoke cigars.


Lisa-Marie: I don't like talking about this. It was Aug. 16th at 4 a.m., I was supposed to be asleep actually. And he found me and said, you know, go to bed. And I said, okay, and I think he kissed me goodnight and I ran off. And he had come in and kissed me goodnight after that. That was the last time I saw him alive. Originally published on May 1, 2005

Author:  Sarena [ Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:23 am ]
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Thanks for posting this, Lindsaygirl!!

Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:21 am ]
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Thank you so much for posting this for us dear Lindsaygirl. :wink: :) It was so very touching to read. :)

Author:  FairyTale [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:15 pm ]
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I have heard Lisa talk about when Elvis Spanked her and how she could tell that her Daddy was Mad, I think this Prove just want kind of Father Elvis was. He tried to Teach Lisa to Respect her Elders! I think he has Done a Fantastic Job with being who he was with the Image Part, and it shows how Truly Human he was and still is.

Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:57 pm ]
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I'll 2nd that AMEN dear Sue!! :wink: :D

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