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 Post subject: Riley Keough Presley interview
PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:58 pm 

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well she is Elvis's first Granddaughter and here is an interview that she did for a spain magazine, i think it was about 2 months ago.

Before entering, they warn me, kindly, that I must not ask not at all on Scientology, creed that evidently the interviewee professes, not on supposed sentimental relations. Sittings along with Riley, who visits for the first time Spain, his publicist and a friend are, and they are not ready to get up. To the fund the translator is, of listener.

-Riley, what name so ... original. Does it mean anything?

It's a Irish name, It goes along with my dad, and his surname is pronounced...
'Kío', also it is Irish.

-But do you use more Presley?

No, not at all. Presley is the maiden name of my mother. I am Riley Keough, to dry seasons.

-I can see in your face something stays of his famous grandfather.

See? I do not need the surname (laughs). I have written it in the face!

-It has worked for Dior, Dolce and Gabbana... How is it to handle for you?

Its nothing. It is an honor that they have chosen me as their image. I like very much the quality of clothes and at good price.

-In one month you will be 20 years old. How does it feel?

Since... The truth is that I like to be very much a 'teenager', I do not want to see the 20s come.

- What is good about being an adolescent?

They are allowed you to do more silly things... It is a prank.

- The adolescents are usually difficult, no?

It is not my case. I have never been a difficult adolescent. Seriously, I have always been a quite good girl. I have my moments of rebelliousness, but in general, have been obedient.

- Despite having been the rebellious one, your mother, Lisa Marie Presley, has reputation of being very strict in the education of her children, no?

She was up until 18 years, it put me enough limits; as for example not coming late to house. But now I already have the adulthood, I am an adult.

- Is it true that at the age of 14 you paraded in Milan against the will of your mother?

Not so much. But it is true that at first she was very skeptical on this matter. She worried because the business of the fashion can be a hard ambience for a girl. In the end, she allowed me to do it.

- You have worked with Kate Moss. How is it?

Brilliant. I love it.

- Do you wish you look like her?

I do not think I will do this work for the rest of my life. I do not know yet what I will pursue...

- To the music, perhaps?

I like to play the piano very much, but I would never devote myself to the music of professional form.

- To avoid comparisons?

Yes that's why and because I have never thought to be a singer. I have wanted to be a classic pianist. But I would have it difficult because I did not learn lessons. I play piano by ear. I suppose that I have had something left in the genes of my family...

- Elvis, your grandfather, is a myth. For you also?

I think about it rarely. I feel towards him what any granddaughter feels towards their grandfather, love and rememberance... it sometimes differs.

- You have not met him, but what image do you have of him?

In my house they never said to me: " Elvis was your grandfather and it was a big legend ". Simply, I grew with it, seeing him throughout photos. And I ended up by accepting it as something natural. Of course, I admire him. I love his music. I grew up hearing of him. It is something that is still alive.

- The music or his grandfather?

(Laughs) his music, of course, not him.

- Do you understand the fascination about Graceland?

Yes I do. It does not seem odd to me, like a madness, but slightly logically, because he made everything truly big.

-You have posed on several front pages with your mother and your grandmother, Priscila. Is there anything similar in the Presley women?

As for personality? No. We are completely different. My mother is probably the strongest of the three. My grandmother is more sweet, I think I'm more like my grandmother but I am more outgoing then her.

- Your mother has married several times...

Here the publicist takes control, with a matter of fact tone: " Do us a favor of asking questions that speak about fashion ", it orders).

- Riley: do you not want to answer that?

Fine, what did you want to ask me exactly?

-Are you afraid to see if the same happens to you that your mother had in her marriages with Nicholas Cage or Michael Jackson, that lasted only a few months?

I do not know. I have not thought of marrying yet.

« boyfriend enters »

-On having entered, they have asked me not to ask about your boyfriend.

You can ask. But the fact is that in this moment I am not going out with anybody.

- also they have warned me that I should not ask about Scientology.

(Again the publicist intervenes: " Riley, do not answer that ").

- Excuse me, but: is it a question of a secret sect or something like that? I do not see that Tom Cruise conceals it...

No it isnt, not... (Laughs) Of course, it is not a secret at all. But it is a personal option and I would not be able to explain it well.

- Speak to me then from the beginning.

My beginning is: integrity, to be faithful to your credence and not to hurt other persons.

- Do you think you are considered to be conservative?

I do not know. Allow me to think... I think not very much.

- Have you seen recently your ex-stepfather, Michael Jackson?

No I have not. I have no contact with him.

- Any bad memories?

No surely not. All but good ones.

There is the interview it was in spanish so the traslate is a little Weird, but I think she is a great person.

 Post subject: Re: Riley Keough Presley interview
PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:16 pm 
Thanks for Sharing this, Riley Speaks very Good about Elvis! :love:

 Post subject: Re: Riley Keough Presley interview
PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:23 pm 
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Great interview and not sure how I missed this one! :oops:

Ah well, I've picked it up now and read, very interesting, thanks Rachel! :D :) :P

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