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 Post subject: In the Garden - 9/07/06
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 4:23 pm 
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From a taped conversation in1977:

Wanda: Tell me something, do you think that by your actions on Earth that you are building up space in heaven?

Elvis: Yes. I’m gonna have a mansion, not a cottage or house on a hill - I want a mansion. Streets of gold, rainbows for windows, blue sky for ceilings, stars for light....I want a mansion - it says (in the Bible), “in my Father’s house are many mansions”, if it were not true I would have told you. I don’t want just a room in a mansion, I want the whole damn thing.

Wanda: “You’re not greedy, huh?

Elvis: It’s not a matter of greedy, it’s just what I want.

Wanda: Rainbows for windows, huh?

Elvis: “Yeah, nothin’ prettier than goin’ outside after it rains, and seein’ the sky open up and there it is, pulsating - God’s beauty - nothin’ like it. You know in Alaska they have Northern Lights - man, it was pretty - God was so near, and I could have reached up and touched him. I was so excited, my skin prickled, my whole body was excited. I wanted so much to take off into that beautiful sky and be part of it. I really wanted to take off and be part of it.”

El'vis / Rhama Azul - my home - 9/07/06

I live in this home now. I have re-created it here (in Numis'OM). I have manifested my own garden surrounding the house. Each flower, tree and plant shimmers in rainbow hues when love enters their being. When people pray or think loving thoughts of my life as "Elvis" it is received in my garden as an extension of my own soul vibration. I send also from my home and garden, the loving streams to humanity and to the earth I left behind. Because I am still very much active as "Elvis" in your world - through the loving feelings of so many people - I continue to "be" him in a certain aspect of my nature and to transmit to your world through "Elvis" the sense of love and peace I so wished to offer and to RECEIVE in that lifetime.

There is a blue rose bush I created (with thought) I call the "Angel Bell," as is rings a sweet and melodious sound whenever the angelics are near (as they often are here).

I invite you to plant a flower in my garden. Think of what that flower may be - what it looks like and it's color and fragrance. It need not be a known variety of plant in your world. You may create your own if you wish. There is always room in my garden for another loving flower. All the love that is sent to me I send out into everything that is, for no one can "own" love. We are only vessels to transport it and, like butteflies, pollenate from one soul to another the loving stream - the nectar of the divine.

In my home I have many crystals. Each one I created to eminate a specific healing vibration. I often use these crystals along with the flowers and tree in my garden, to help souls who have just come across to feel comfortable in their new environment. The crystal especially help to heal trauma from long illnesses and suffering in their most previous incarnation. I was given this kind of "treatment" when I first came to this side as well.


Maia Nartoomid, author of Blue Star Love (Elvis Book)
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