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Author:  Amanda Viola [ Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:54 am ]
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I can only say Wanda, that it is a veeerrry interesting dream, indeed, and that I think you hit the head of the nail there!

Lets add a little more:

Hawaii = the place Elvis loved so much to go for vacation where he would be left in peace, a place of primogenial beauty and strength. It is often related to Elvis as the place of his peak in his professional expression –The Aloha Concert- and the place where he could relate joyfully with Nature and people more freely. Hawaii may represent for you, Laurie, the "peak" of your personal free and successful expression in this world, born from your own nature and its strength. It may be right now your aim, your urgent need, your call.

The cave = the inner YOU, your source of expression.

MM = people that don't see the valuable aspects of you and simply ignore them, wasting them in their ignorance and blindness. Don't forget that Elvis was Elvis, even with the MM around!

With Wanda's and my comments, I think you have a lot for reflection, Laurie. Which I guess is exactly the purpose of your dreams. :wink: :P

Author:  Blue Moon [ Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:19 am ]
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Amanda Viola wrote:
With Wanda's and my comments, I think you have a lot for reflection, Laurie. Which I guess is exactly the purpose of your dreams. :wink: :P

Yes, Amanda, between Wanda & your comments, I have received more insight into the meaning of my dream. Thanks to you both.

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Wed Aug 08, 2007 7:57 am ]
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Author:  Blue Moon [ Thu Aug 09, 2007 6:57 pm ]
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Last night, after lying awake for hours due to sharp shooting pain in my hip & leg, I was rewarded for it all by finally falling asleep to a kiss from Elvis.

In the dream Elvis I and others were in some kind of movie or play. And a woman was producing the show. She is an impatient control freak. Elvis is young, a 50's Elvis, and I look young too, in my 20's, though I state older later.

So Elvis & I do the kissing scene, with him lying right on top of me (we were fully clothed I might add, Elvis wearing a brown suit). We were both really enjoying the scene, but then another actress comes up next to our faces, and I end up breathing her air. As a result, I can no longer breath, had to stop the kissing scene just to gasp for air. The woman producer gets upset and has 2 other actresses try out. I can tell Elvis is not happy, as clearly the producer is being too harsh (and besides Elvis was really enjoying kissing me :wink: ).

Then a couple other actors pull me into a bathroom to talk, as they are afraid of the producer (female version of Col. Parker perhaps?) and feel I have been unfairly treated. Just as I try to lock the door, the producer opens it and keeps asking me where are the other actors. She is suspicious. I then ask her for a 2nd chance. I was wearing a wine colored velvet dress, so the producer calls me winer. She appears to be quite jealous of me & says she doesn't like my attitude. I tell her I'm 44 and unmarried; the implication being if I was the seducer type I would have been married by now.

Somehow that comment softens her, so she agrees to give me a 2nd chance and the actors behind me relax, start talking and all is well again. Darn if I didn't wake up before I had a chance to do the kissing scene with Elvis again.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:58 pm ]
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Wine colored dress, velvet yet-hummm, that's my kind of clothing. It would seem to be kind of a backward kind of look at your "past" experiences in working relationships maybe? Or it is telling you that to have pleasant (kissing Elvis kind of job) you might have to deal with a "combative personality types" out in the work force??? Now I don't know, those just popped into my head-I can't see anything right now that jumps out about it. But will think about it some more. And as for the shooting pain in the hip down the leg-that's what I have-it is old "Art" in the joints and you need to get more vit. C into your system...and try some Bayer back and body asprin-they help me quite well. I take one in the am and two before I go to bed so I can sleep and not wake up with hip and leg pain. It's mostly my right leg that tends to act up but it can be either hip joint and sometimes both at the same time...that makes it rough getting up and down the hills here. I can't step up or down the stairs any more-have to go down the slope carefully and up the slope equally carefully. But that doesn't hurt my knees or hips so I do it. Works fine too.
Same reason I can't ride the horses anymore-my hips and knees just won't allow it. Plus the last time I was totally numb from hip to feet and didn't know how I was going to get off my horse, Bourbon. I couldn't get my right foot out of the stirup-it just would not move...kind of a pinched nerve in my back or something I guess. Whatever, hasn't come back and I don't ride in case it might. So I would get some good Vit. C's and take several-I take 2000 miligrams a day-I know the human body can only use so much, the rest is flushed away and all that-but how do we know how much the human body might be needing at any given time? And maybe the body isn't getting enough so it's turning on it's self?
Whatever, it works for me. I don't have blood clots in my legs either-When Nixon was having that problem he was told to use Vit. C. and he did and it helped him walk again. You know who told him, our boy.
I am no medical expert-just my own experiences here.
You know, I can relate-and remember that well. wjh

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:35 am ]
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Dear Laurie, I'm in a hurry now, as I have to go to town. Yet, I let this thought open for you:

Consider the possibility that ALL the characters of your dream -even Elvis-represent different parts of you, different egos, as we truly have and that set often battles within us. Consider what each represents to you.

(Maybe later I'll have the time to comment more by email, but I'm not certain it might be today.)

Author:  Blue Moon [ Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:59 am ]
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Well Sue, I have experienced jealously in the work place from some folks, including in my last job, even though I had never said or done anything negative to have had this "chip" against me. So strange, but I could pick up a spirit of jealously from them. At the same time, it was an enigma to me because I couldn't understand why they would be jealous of me. It's not like I got that much going for me. Anyhow, thank you for offering your insight! Much appreciated. :D

Author:  MaryInTheMorning [ Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:10 pm ]
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Rainbow Light wrote:
It's not like I got that much going for me.

...............but I have to disagree with your thoughts, dear Laurie! You are a very special lady with a LOT going for you and many special qualities that make you, YOU and thank God for it! In addition, you're a very special member of our Elvis spiritual forum and have contributed so very many important, beautiful, caring and loving words and deeply spiritual posts since you joined us here!

Thank you for being you and contributing SO MUCH!!! :D :D :P

My heart is in complete accord with EVERYTHING you've said here dear Sue!! :D Sweet Laurie you have contributed so much to our ELC family through your precious and loving spirit. :D Please never doubt that you are loved, and know that I am so greatful for the LIGHT you have brought to us all. :D

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:35 pm ]
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You only have to dare to believe in yourself and in the greatness of the essence we have as HUMAN BEINGS. When that feeling stabilizes deep inside oneself, then Life changes 180 grades and we are not more these to whom "things happen"... We make things happen! :wink: :P

When one trusts oneself, then it's easy to trust others and to be open to the good of Life.

(I know you know that quite well. It's only that you are forgetting it, as usually we all tend to do. :roll: )

Author:  Blue Moon [ Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:53 pm ]
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Thanks ever so much ladies for your kind & encouraging words.

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