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El'vis whispering a dream in my ear.
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:05 pm ]
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I was awake most of last night, could not sleep and everything was so loud, strangely. The dogs barking, cayotes I guess; Jimmie's half breed red dog was up and out barking every few minutes even after I got on to her and sent her into her dog igloo that has a heated pad in this cold weather-so does the big dog's Flanders and he loves his warm bed! It's neat, it responds and gets warm only when they lay on it-it's electrical and safe for dogs and only works when they are on the bed to sleep.It's great for those with arthritic bones...and they both have that. The other dog sleeps in the house on her theraputic dog bed for her old bones-she's a big dog.
Anyway, in my meditating during the night I think that I know what Elvis was saying and I think I can use it in the near future. So he was giving me a message-and now I have the pieces in place. We shall see, the moon is full and it is now to be fruitful. Have a great weekend! ya'all.

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:31 pm ]
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How great you have deciphered the message, Wanda! I'm so sure Elvis is there for you...!

It's so strange that you are freezing in California and we have high temperatures now, in an unusual way too. I have never heard before of those heated pads for dogs. It must be very confortable for them, indeed! I would have needed it in the past for some old dog of mine.

Three days ago, a female pregnant cat has adopted us without a doubt. She liked it here and didn't want to go. She is beautiful, well cared and loving too, very much used to be caressed. Now that I decided not to have more cats and dogs because they could cause my mother and Antonio fall down (and we don't need either of them again with broken bones) and besides we are about to move soon, Life has put that sweet animal, searching for protection and a secure home to deliver her babies.

Maybe we are needing cats' energy here... :roll:

Author:  Blue Moon [ Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:42 pm ]
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Wanda, I hope you can share what that "message" is with us. Or perhaps it is something which you must keep privately in you heart. Either way, I can't help but be curious! :D

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:56 pm ]
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Maybe in your new place you will need cats-think of that?
Sometimes our needs are greater than our wants and for a reason that shows up a bit down the "road" of life.

My dream was to let me know that there is a time of discord and emotional stress coming into ELC and that it will respond to understanding -each of us is different in thoughts and understanding things going on-sometimes people have periods of being very sensitive about themselves for whatever reason, and in this case Elvis' tears on the Bible pages is symbolic of this sensitivity we all have-each one believing in our own way, and some not understanding or feeling left out in some manner, might be more sensitive than usual and withdraw back to recoup their thoughts. I for instance was raised hard core Bible teachings, black and white. And Penecostal at that time was very strict-no make up, dresses below the knee and sleeves to the elbow, buttoned up neckline and shirts under sweaters etc: and we were to listen to men period. Women were to serve their family and most of the husband etc:...and of course I rebelled...but not until I was 18 and able to work and leave home should I want to do so. I did finally-and it was the best thing I could have done...at that time. But todays people don't think quite that way, unless they are in one of the more radical religions I must say, still for those like me, even the younger ones who have been raised in the Bible thumping tradition, find it kind of difficult to deal with the newer way of looking at things-I guess the term is New Age beliefs-which I understand and can appreciate and even allow to filter through my own thoughts at times, some though can't and they are the ones who have not
lived as long as I have and so are more like I used to be-before Elvis, I might add thought I was already curious and questioning. He though appearing to be very open to the New Age beliefs fell back on the Bible more than not and he had strong faith in prayer, laying on of hands and of trying to live right. He who would according to a couple of his short term girlfriends, knelt on his knees and asked god to forgive him for needing to have "this girl stay with me". What a thing for a woman to hear!
The guy having to ask God's forgivness for what he's going to be doing with her! I might have left the door open as I left! I found it kind of endearing that he would do such a thing, but too found it kind of just a bit off the wall belief and way out there faith but then that was Elvis. He believed, purely and openly with his heart and that's what he needed and that's what he practiced in his faith. I think God would have looked the other way or else put an end to it all-and that didn't seem to happen.
So maybe he was right, Elvis I mean. At least it was honest. Anyway, this is a long drawn out tale and off the path somewhat but still connected to the dream-it boiled down to trust God and his word and it will all be okay. So that I will do. It works best for everyting and everyone to have faith. wjh

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:13 pm ]
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I can't feel God as if it is someone and whatever it is,mustn't be apart and away from us..talkin to God is,somehow like talkin to myself or thinking..
as for Elvis,can't say what was disturbing him at those moments or what else he would have liked to do instead in his deeper self..but one thing is sure,if I were one of those ladies,I wouldn't have let him take another single breath before explaining what he meant with this and how he really felt and my manners sure would've scared him silly .. :wink: :P
Amanda I'm happy for your kitty family and thank you for welcoming them.. :D

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Mar 03, 2007 12:03 am ]
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Elvis was covering the bases-he knew and had been taught that one should not be promiscous and should abstaine until married-according to how he was taught and the Bible says-but he wasn't married and he wasn't one for abstaining for long either-so he covered the base with prayer and asking for acceptance and patience and forgiveness for being "weak" and needing female company etc;. He did that with Shelia apparently and with another one I can't remember now-she wrote to me in the 1980 or there about. Still, had I been one of them I would have asked him about it-and he would have done his double talk and smoothed it all over and said what ever he thought they needed to hear from him and they would have forgotten the point no doubt. he was good at that scooting the issue and smoothing it over to sound right at the time. It was just something I guess he felt he had to do-admit he was weak and ask forgivness then he didn't feel as guilty maybe. I don't think he felt guilty much anyway, he had it squared in his mind and he felt that he gave to them what they needed in return for them making him feel loved and needed too.
That's what they were the for, he needed to share with them what ever they needed and he needed them to make him feel cared for and loved...if just for a few days.
Each one was there because they were supposed to be I think, something he needed to do for them and they for him, whatever it happened to be-but both received their blessings and both of them got what was necessary at that moment in their lives. Life at work. That's what I think. It wasn't just a freak happening, it was distiny and set out the way it was supposed to be. Just like I didn't move to Ca. to meet movie stars-furtherest thing from my mind-especially him-and there he was-and nothing of my doing brought it about. Distiny. wjh

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:39 am ]
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must admit I'm a one who could never be able to understand what a difference this marriage thing makes..no I don't believe there are rules for two person to share a time together or anyone(priests,judges etc) that is high enough to approve or certify this togetherness..only rules are there, for afterwards and they are in people's hearts for not to hurt each other's feelings once they meet..maybe I never cared for religions since they are full of fear and punishment and double standarts and this is not about God, always wanted to see what's behind of rules or must do's..I'd love to discuss these with him,and learn his thoughts now or in later stages of his life,not only on this subject but anything..after all,who am I to reject the enlightenment that could come from him..god bless his gentle spirit..

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:13 am ]
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Dear Wanda,

I'll try to be as open hearted as you are, when talking about what may lay behind the message you felt Elvis passed to you.

I have been observing how the dynamics of the ELC's forum has been changing. I have considered my part on it too and I have questioned it. I have slowed down to a certain point, in the understanding that to use one's truth as a banner, doesn't serve well to anybody but to the ego of the bearer.

I have come to be a very direct person, who doesn't find it appealing to waste energy fooling around making others believe what I am not. I have had enough of it in my life, to learn from it and I find it disrespectful to others' intelligence and souls. Thus, what I say is what I am (at least to this point). It can't be an excuse for not being considerate to others' feelings and ways to see things differently than mine. My intention is to keep all of this balanced, with more or less success doing it. I'm still learning. I'm not a finished product, which I would like very much to be. :roll: But I guess I have a lot to learn ahead.

Basically, my intention is one of LOVE (as "démodé" as it may sound) and I sincerely believe it is just this energy that attracted all of us to this forum. I sincerely believe that each one of us has a function here and that sustaining what each one IS, we are helping the whole.

I really appreciate when a friend in the forum says what she feels, even when it is against the current. It makes my heart smile in warmth. :)

Sometimes, what I appreciate too and makes me smile inside is what is silenced, like in your case now, Wanda.

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:19 am ]
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Now I'm one more in the club of having a cat wanting to be near my head while writing to post. :P

I share much of what you say and you are one that makes my heart smile in warmth. :wink: :P

Author:  Sarena [ Sat Mar 03, 2007 9:33 am ]
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Wanda told us about the meaning of her dream:
My dream was to let me know that there is a time of discord and emotional stress coming into ELC and that it will respond to understanding -each of us is different in thoughts and understanding things going on-sometimes people have periods of being very sensitive about themselves for whatever reason,........

As I read this I didn't know what to think, but as Elvis made this known to us through Wanda's dream, I got the idea to ask him to tell us how to deal with that upcoming problem, through the oracle Maia created called In the Garden with Elvis..
This is the answer that came:


Contemplate the connectiveness of all people and cultures on the planet.
We all have our beliefs and our preferences, but where is the human thread that binds us?
Meditate on this thought and you may find a door open for you

What should we add to that perfect advice!?

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