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I would like to share this with you all
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Author:  renenutet [ Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  I would like to share this with you all

Yesterday I met an old friend that I did not see for about 15 years. She just phoned me and asked me to have a drink with her.
We started talking about 'the old days'. Strangely she started to talk about spirituality. She told me she was looking for the meaning of life. She told me that her mood got depressed whenever she thought there might be nothing more to life than what met the eye.

So I asked her if she remembered me telling her in 1983 (she was 10 at the time) that I heard Elvis voice. And she remembered.
I told her about the forum and the website and about what a strange coincidence this all is.

My friend in Elvis (we were once like sisters) who I haven't seen for nearly 15 years suddenly phones me and starts to talk about spirituality.

She remembered that I heard Elvis. To my great surprise she didn't make fun of me. I thought she would have had. But she took me seriously now, as she did 23 years ago.

At the time I heard Elvis she told me she saw him. He appeared before her dressed in a jumpsuit, he didn't say anything.
So yesterday asked her if the story she told me when we were both children was true? She confirmed it.
In time came to believe that she just told me this story because I told her that I heard him. But yesterday she told me that she didn't make this story up. She saw him.

I asked how she explains this vision. She has no explaination for it. It never happened again.

I think it is a strange coincidence. At a time when I start to think back about what happened all this time ago she phoned me and started talking about spirituality.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you.
Maybe in the near future she'll join us on this forum.

Author:  Barbara Lea [ Thu Mar 16, 2006 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Thanks!!

Such an Interesting Story, to me it seems like that in someway Elvis was involved in you seeing your Friend again after so many Years, Maybe because of your Friend having Questions about Spirituality. Especailly after you to talked about what happened with you hearing Elvis's Voice, and your Friend saying she Saw Elvis. You said that your Friend didn't make fun when you reminded her about what happened when you two were Younger, everything happens for a reason. So I feel that by you and your Friend getting together again and with the Help of Elvis, your Friend recieved her Answer about Spirituality. That there is more, after we die. Barb

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