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Dream: Elvis shows where to dig
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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:04 pm ]
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Thanks for remiding me about Spirit Om's... I wonder if the "thing" he was leaving me could be a person? I have recently received an e-mail via ElC members from an old friend of days past. She would have been with Elvis had he not become so ill in those last months...she was in line to be his next girlfriend and they shared very similar values and likes, she was very spiritually inclined as well.
I believe he made the decision not to take it further in those last months though at one time he tired to reach her using a telephone operator to track her whereabouts as she was out with a girlfriend that night. He was on tour and wanted to pick her up, finish the tour and then go to Graceland. Sadly they did not connect-but maybe it was for the best for both of them as he was gone soon afterward. She was/is very tender hearted and it would have been more devastating had she been the one there to "find him"...etc:. Anyway, she wrote their story in the book-Joanna is her name. She will be on ELC I am sure. And we are so delighted to hear from her-she was Starla's dear friend and Starla "gave Elvis" to her for her birthday...thus it all began for them.
I wonder...is it she he was telling me he brought back into my life? Geeze, puzzles! wjh

Author:  Amanda Viola [ Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:41 pm ]
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I remember her well from your book. How nice you can still be in touch. I certainly hope she comes to ELC Forum!

But I don't think she is what Elvis is referring to, due you can't "wear" a person, if my English doesn't mistake me. But maybe she is coming with something for you to use... :)

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