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Author:  ALNA [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:44 am ]
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I had a very nice dream of Elvis last night.

I saw him with his T-shirt on from , the home movies, and he was walking on the beach hand in hand with little Lisa. She was still a todler. And I just watched them and enjoyed every minute of it. That was not a big dream but it was very special because I always wanted to see him once and I am always been more intrested in his private life and his family pictures etc...

Now i had the two combined I saw him as if it was real and he was strolling together with his little daughter and he looked so happy and relaxed. :D




Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  dreams

That was a pretty good dream-I'll bet it was Hawaii or Malibu maybe because I think that's a coconut by his head? He didn't take those shirts off much-his face and neck and arms got so tan...but that ended at his shirt line! But he always got "tan" before performing in Vegas etc; so he didn't have to wear so much make up to show up on stage under the lights. He had a tanning bed-and laid in it he said-though I never heard anyone else mention this, I don't think. I kind of think he maybe had one of those taning lamps or just went to Hawaii and lay out in the sun...he liked to do that and look at the waves he said...and just clear his mind of everything. He tanned very nicely and quickly. He said that he went to sleep once under the taning "bed" and he wasn't wearing much-...and burned areas that had "never seen much sun" was how he put it...and of course he said "thought I was gonna die -hurt so much for a day or two." and he never did that again! I liked that picture too-he looks happy and so natural... I watched some video from a tape my daughter has of home movies from his family- and he was so tender with Priscilla, the way he looked at her, touched her and put his hand on her to support her and she looked ill at ease and insecure even in those family films... Elvis just looked natural as always... I'll never understand that situation either and I don't think it was because he was cheating on her regardless of what the "guys" say and think- and I would never believe he did until after things changed between them...her flings. I will always remember how he said, "I didn't, but she thought I did and it doesn't matter now; she'd never believe me not now-too many things have happened." That was before the divorce was filed. That happened so early into their marriage that the guys probably just thought he was cheating on her from early on-because he didn't talk about what was going on with them-he said he didn't think it was any of their business- I almost "died" over that comment! well, anyway, that was a great dream and I think he may very well have paid you a "visit" by showing you his memories of the beach with his little daughter in hand. He loved taking walks with her, as much as she liked taking him away from the other people around so she could have him all to herself. He told me about the tide pool where they spent hours looking at the creatures in it and found a star fish alive and how much both of them enjoyed doing that. I don't know if he ever got to take her back as he said he wanted to do when she got a little older. wjh

Author:  Guest [ Sun Apr 23, 2006 6:23 am ]
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Some more to enjoye

Just loved his smile. :D





Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  peace of mind

Great interpertation Julie-I like that...go in your mind...
I've never been to Hawaii but it sure looks beautiful and Maia and Simeon are lucky to live there! I'll never go-have to fly over the ocean or float on it-no way! not me!
I told Elvis that I would not cross deep water for anything- and he tried his best to change my mind-even offering to "fly you there, go with me-you'll be safe" and I said are you kidding? You don't swim well yourself-and you're going to keep me safe! Forget it! He about cracked up laughing. wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Sun Apr 23, 2006 4:51 pm ]
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Wanda June Hill wrote:
I'll never understand that situation either and I don't think it was because he was cheating on her regardless of what the "guys" say and think- and I would never believe he did until after things changed between them...her flings. I will always remember how he said, "I didn't, but she thought I did and it doesn't matter now; she'd never believe me not now-too many things have happened."

Makes me think of the song "Suspicious Minds". I bet the words of that song were very real to him. How sad that Priscilla was not able to trust him & realize how much he loved her. Clearly she was insecure.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Sun Apr 23, 2006 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Suspicious Minds

Yeah, they came to be I'm sure. Pris said she "found that song" and got him to do it. It was her talking to him through the song-but he "didn't get it". I think he did-after all as he started ad libing that "never lie to you-no not much" line in there. As she lied to him... and hid things from him. I often wondered if he didn't know that most of the guys knew about it all along-and didn't tell him... I kind of think none of them ever let him know that they knew or suspected... I know I didn't tell him anything either... but I didn't work for him or live with him and kept secrets like that. I couldn't tell him-No. 1. I didn't want to upset him and cause him more trouble. No. 2 I had no real proof-other than my daughter's friend being a waitress at the Hawaiian restaruant where she went often and then had a party for Mike after he won something or other. Elvis was playing Vegas at the time I believe-and had signed to do the Astrodome at the end and he was so nervous about filling that big place-not selling enough tickets! He had plenty to worry about anyway... and maybe she was just drinking too much??? Besides, I didn't want to be the one carrying bad news to the "king"-you know messengers get the "axe" in such situations.
She apparently was saying some wild things about Elvis and making everyone laugh-except Mike who was said to have appeared kind of embarrassed at times. It was about then that Lisa told Elvis-too.

Author:  ALNA [ Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:29 am ]
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Oh my God, did she really made a fool of him while he was busy and working. That women really had no shame, How is something possible. I really tought she had more class then that :roll:

I think Mike was a bit blinded by her but I do not think he was a bad guy. I think he even respected Elvis but what can we say he was overwhelmed by her attention I guess and the flesh is sometimes weak :wink: I know she also left him and wouldn't even speak with him when he wanted to give it another try. She even had the audacity to visit him when he was still with his wife and his wife was pregnant when they alreaddy had an affair going.
Was he the big love of her life, I don't think so.
She betrayed Elvis, and left Elvis for him but does anyone know how long they stayed together. I don't think it was very long. I think she was alreaddy with someone else at the time Elvis died. I think she was with her hairdresser Ellie Ezrerar...

It must have bothered him a lot, to know all these other men were coming in the house when Lisa was around. It is not a very good exemple you give as a mother to your child.

Does anyone know which man really was the love of "HER" live. I think it was Michael Edwards.

Just my opinion of course...

Author:  Guest [ Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:24 am ]
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White Swan,

You may be right, I know what you feel. And about Mike Edwards, I also read his version and their relationship was very much based on sex. :wink:

Author:  ALNA [ Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:25 am ]
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oeps did it again

:oops: :oops:


Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Mon Apr 24, 2006 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  books about boyfriends

I'm inclined to agree that Pris has a little trouble or had I should say, finding someone she truly cared for and who cared for her. most of those guys were "using her" as a trophy I think... I hope she has or will start to grow up and see past the rosey glasses thing too. I wish her to be happy- and to have an awakening of heart and spirit so that she can become a whole person again. She had the right ideas wanting Lisa to have a "normal life" and it would have been a hard road to stick to all the way...
I think what happened must have been a part of Elvis' destiny and we all can't really know exactly what that was- But we had the good fortune and luck to have been able to "See him" through open eyes and open hearts so he reached us- just as he did millions of other people all over the worldl- even many who don't speak a word of English and couldn't understand lyrics-his voice reached them-and still does. It's amazing to hear about isolated Islands out there somewhere with people on them that speak no English, still reside in grass huts and who know who ELVIS is! Who weekly go to a mud buidling that has a generator for electricity and they sit and listen tohis music and watch his movies-and can't speak English! It's amazing! There is a guy who studies ancient history and tribes and he said that happened! That was years ago- the Island is probably civilized by now but those early times was enough-you know their kids like Elvis and probably speak English too. just amazing and so great- he would be so freaked out -in a good way about that! wjh

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