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Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue May 16, 2006 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Dreamer- Elvis

As we know he loved to read; kept his mind busy and filled so many hours of waiting. One such book he was reading for the second or third time, Rags of Glory. He started talking about it and had this to say?

Elvis: It's kinda thick but I like 'em that way so I don't have to go lookin' for another one real soon. Can read a little one pretty quickly but bigger one's take some time to think about and maybe learn something useful.

W. What have you learned so far-if you've got the time to get into it, that is?

Elvis: (Soft chuckle) Yeah-know what you mean. "It's only the young, the very poor, with so much left unseen who die hard." What does that tell you?

W. It's much sadder to die with so many things left yet in a young life, and poor people often go early for lack of care or over work.

E: That's good, but doesn't it say more than that-let me explain it some from my thoughts, okay?

W: Go ahead, I'm listening.

E: In our world, those who are young and those who are poor are usually one and the same, not always mind you, but often. For instance in today's newspaper there was a story about young men dyng in this damn war goin' on over there.(Vietnam) They were all between the ages of jus' 19 and 23 and they were all Army but one who was Navy-what he was doin' there in the blank-blank swamp hole I don't know except maybe he had knowledge of the rubber dingy's and so forth. They use them onaccount of so much gunfire from the shore lines-place is full of rivers and swamp land..'n all that goes with it.
So what that line tells you is they are dispensable-comodities that can be "replaced". Gawd... got friends with kids dyin' over there-girls also-for what, I'd like to know? Since it's not a war we went in to win-blankity blank.. political scam and cause we're doin' somethin' they need to hide with somethin' more serious like killin' our young people. It'd be different if the intent was to win-but it isn't. Ever war we're gonna get in from now on is gonna be like that-not to win...but to make a point or to take somethin' away... Mr. Agnew talked to me bout that on the plane, was real honest about things an' wantin' to make changes but didn't know if he'd get to do it. On account of so many were benefiting over the way goin' on. I asked him what he thought about the many youngsters dyin' and the killin' of so many civilians. He said he hated it, but that's the way of our government and so many benefit-more'n we'll ever know. He said in 20 years we'd be doin' it all over an' this time it'd be for engergy resources an' after that it'd be fore land and people, bodies to climb up over their sweat and labor. Gawd...he made me feel sick tellin' the things he most likely outta not said but it was me 'n he knew I'd keep it to my self. Hard not to really, gawd awful. Don't want to ever be in politics on account of how things get to feeling more important than people an' their every day needs. Anyway, that statement I told you means, just that. People don't count 'less they got influence, money, friends who have those two and who can make a stir for hidin' things with. He told me I'd be a good'n for that- bein' as how I got both qualitifactions and that it would behoove -what does that mean exactly-be-hoove- me to stay clear and clean or I'd go right in to the boilin' pot if they needed a good stink."

jW. Really-he must have trusted you to say those things-especially now!

E: Yeah, we got to get a good 'un in there to clean this mess up...it ain't gonna happen soon he said. An' we may end up with our tail between our legs an' runnin' like hell!

W: If you were in the army now and were to be sent there would you go?

E: Damn sure wouldn't want to-but if I was in and they sent me, would do my best to live up to the job. I'm no different than any body's son or daughter and this is my country even if it is somebody's crazy notions puttin' it in jeopardy! I used to be a crack shot-could hit anythin' I could see-damn still could with a little practice. Loved firi'n them big guns! Sittin' in the tank an' feeling it shake an' quiver-lord! Like doin't the machine guns also-great feelin' of power an' mayhem also. Wouldn't be easy to kill somebody-but if they were comin' to kill me, I'd do it.

W. God would forgive you-He forgives all of the fighting men-I believe that, he wouldn't hold killing the enemy.

E: Me too, He wouldn't-he gives that option on account of He understand war and need for it to protect other human beings. But it's not to be taken lightly- countries ought not be involved in civil war between peoples-it is a natural thing and has to go it's course. Sometimes it's a-a like the hand of nature...the weak go so the strong can stay. God gave us the ability to make choices an' we make 'em and then we have to live with 'em and hope not to make the same mistake again. This country is feelin' it's power after bein' a young country-but it's not yet ready to understand the other countries who have been around thousands of years-hundreds more than this one. But like a young stud bull-it's feeling it's self an' not thinking. Guess it's like Karma, this country has to over come it's karma and then that of it's roots as well. We had our civil war an' look what happened-had to spend all this time an years to come, to accept the results of that war. It ain't over yet, will come back around and it'll be like the South risin' up again. God help us. Only next time it's gonna be over seas and here as well-too many mixtures of people here now-an only gonna grow. One day, we'll all be havin' to learn a new language...or else.

W: Which do you think it will be? Russian or another?

E: Gonna be ...eh... most likely the language of Spain I think, cause they have the fastest growth rate in our continent-an' bein' as how they are just off our southern coast line-South America an all, plus we got Mexico sittin' a neighbor too. We got so much to learn... 'n so little time to do it.

W: If there were a war here-if our country were in danger and you were recalled-would you go?

E. I'm not in the Reserves any more...but if they needed me, somethin' I could do, yeah I'd be there-on the front line. This is my country and my people, damn right I'd be there! But not as a-a-a token entertainer type, I'd be wantin' to have the full armor, weapons and throwin' those gernades! It ain't no fun standin' around holdin' a damn rifle an' marchin' back an forth, let me tell you! No damn fun...especially in a blizzard!

W. Nope, I know it wouldn't. Did you have to do KP and clean up too?

E. Regular Army honey, 'n I did jus' what they all did. Once had to clean the latrine with my toothbrush on account of the Sargent though I wasn't bein' respectful. I had gum and didn't get it put out fast enough-so he made me swallow it, do push-up's an' then on cleanin' duty. (laughs)

w. How many push ups?

E: 50 then made me do 25 more one arm ones...he didn't think I could do it-but I could of done more easy enough. So that's why he gave me the latrine duty...with my toothbrush. (Laughs) Guess didn't expect a hill billy singin' fool to have the ba....guts to do it.(giggles)

W. I heard you had do lots of push ups and joging in place too.

E. Laughs, well they had to test my "mettle" ya know.
Then when they saw I wasn't no pantywaist it got better.

W. But if there was a war here, you would go right back in or wait til they called you?

E. (thoughtfully) Think I'd wait a while, but if there was a reason for me to think I'd be useful, I'd sign on again. For my country, my people and my pride too.

w. Well Elvis if that happens, don't be surprised if there aren't a lot of people between you and that signing up!
You'd be struggling to get past them.

E. ( Laughs) It'd be done before anyone knew it honey, If I was gonna do something like that-wouldn't be goin' through any crowds-I'd just call 'em up an say, Elvis Presley, reportin' for duty sir and they'd send a plane for me! Agew said that-an it's true. He said he'd heard about me in the army an' how they wanted real bad for me to choose to enlist an' stay on onaccount of I'd made such a good instructor as the fellas would listen to me. You know, could of been lifer and trained the women- that'd been a good job for me, huh?

W. Good grief...yah, you would think of that! They wouldn't have any trouble getting women signed up!

E. (Snickers and laughs) Ummm-wonder what the rules are for misconduct in their ranks?

W. Most likely they wouldn't tell you-an' do things to merit some personal time-punishment or othewise!

E. Private instruction...I could do that... (laughs) Some of 'em sure look good in those uniforms...always loved a gal in a uniform...specially if she's got rank!

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Tue May 16, 2006 7:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

what a correct foresee of the future politics..he sure wasn't a dumb blond :wink: I just proud of him..

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue May 16, 2006 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  proud of him many times...

I didn't know at the time he was as intelligent and sharp as I know now. Then it just seemed he was worldly and around people so he picked up things. But the truth was all of those and more-mainly he thought and put things together and he didn't say anything about it unless people asked him-then he'd detail things if he thought they wanted to hear it. Sometimes he got token interest but even then people had to have learned something! I learned early in talking with him, to just ask a simple question-and wait until he quit talking to say anything-or until he asked something. He got interrupted so much talking to people because they would be nervous and rush out something trying to keep him there I guess. And if they had just shut up, looked at him-in the eyes-he wanted to see your eyes when in person and he was talking to you...he'd flick those blue eyes back and forth and always back to your eyes. If you looked away he might touch you to get your attention back on him. Like stick his finger in your ear-or just touch your chin or cheek...and usually you'd get that little smile, no teeth just that little lip smile that I always thought was a "sweet smile" and he go on talking. If he got interrupted too much, he just quit trying and sometimes became very shy and kind of reserved and often move on to someone else who might let him talk.
People didn't know him I think, because they didnt let him talk to them, they butted in with their things and so he listened to them and solved their problems or what ever but he didn't reveal much as they were not that interested. That's my theory anyway. Because so many who lived with him around him and toured with him don't know him it seems. But those who weren't there all the time, even his band members and back up singers, seem to know him better-and his girl friends, even those that were only there a few days got a better insight than those who "24-7'd" as they like to think. It amazes me. anyway, I may have missed alot about him, but I think I got the best part. I wouldn't trade with anyone else around him. Not a one of them. wjh

Author:  maia [ Wed May 17, 2006 4:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

This conversstion you posted here is priceless. Thank you Wanda. I hadn't read it before. And what you wrote about Elvis touching a person to get their attention back...how they didn't let him talk.

I tell you, it conserns me that these posts cannot be backed-up by me. The Free Forums tells me that back up every day, but I don't have it! If they disapeared completly off the web, which they could do in a flash, all this would be lost. Sure, I know Wanda has the transcripted material, and I have alot of it as well. But many of Wanda's observations and memories she is posting are not anyplace else.

So I am setting about to save a few here and there...but Wanda, if you post someting that is really deep, like about Elvis and those not listening to him and how he touched and looked...please save a copy to your hard drive in an ELC Forums flie.

Author:  Lighthouseseeker [ Wed May 17, 2006 6:42 pm ]
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you're right Maia.. Wanda! please save them somewhere, those memories are too prescious..

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed May 17, 2006 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  saving things

Can anyone tell me how to save this kind of thing on a disk? cd. I have copy typed of course-but not replys etc; And when I print off, it's too far over and the endings of sentences are cut off???? How do I make the page smaller so I can print it off. Or put it on a cd??? off the pages? I am stupid-ya know...when it comes to this thing. wjh

Author:  Blue Moon [ Wed May 17, 2006 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Printing & Saving

For printing in a smaller area, you can go to File/Page Set up & adjust the margins. You can also change the printing to "landscape" which allows for printing of wide margins. So either way or both, you can choose.

I think you have an old computer like me, which still uses floppy disks?? If so, you put in a floppy disk (it's square shaped) in the floppy drive (not the CD drive) and do a File/Save As to your "A" drive.

Yes, I do wish that all your posts & replies could be saved somewhere. All by themselves, they would make for a great book, as they are chalk full of memories & information.

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Wed May 17, 2006 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  computer

Yep, I have a Dell it's 7 years old and uses both-I can now burn cd's having had to learn how to send the manuscript because our server wouldn't handle so many pages coming in and it was a pain trying to send it in sections. I was unsure as to how to save just the parts I wanted, I will have to check that part out. I didn't get a how to book with this computer so I bought one for Windows xp and it hardly tells anything that I want to know. I need a step by step guide in big print-ha. So now I can burn CD's too. I had that installed when I bought it so I could put music and film together on our stallion-then I never learned how-we were so busy doing things then and had so many horses and out with Foxx to shows, parades and breeding center too, he doesn't know he can mount a mare-he's going to be 11 this year and still thinks about that dummy "horse" (a padded cylinder about the height of a mare used for collecting stallion's for A. I. breedings. (artificial insemination). We didn't want him to know about the natural way so he would be able to parade and show with mares and be have himself. And he was so good, even when a guy backed his in heat mare right up in Foxx's face trying to make him act up and be disqualified in show! It was kind of bad showing him as since he was so rare a white black eyed horse-and beautiful with a very, very long "bridal veil" tail dragging behind him. He would win not because he was the best at whatever but because the judges had never seen a true white horse like him and Foxx always stood like a statue for them to look him over-then he really showed off when they asked for it. He was a HAM! We made people really upset when we showed up with him-we were all doing the same circuit- Anyway, I am glad that is over and I don't have to do it any more! It was fun then, but so much work~ and stress...all that waiting around to show too. talk about tired out-we were! I wish we had been able to have horses and Foxx when I was 43! I'd have been riding him myself for everything. Foxx loved it though, took him a while to get used to being home-now if you ask him if he wants to go in the trailer, he goes into his house and won't come out! Unless you mention the "dummy's" name- Estelle and then he's ready to go! I wish Elvis were here so I could tell him my Foxx stories- they were pretty funny at times. He would have laughed his head off. wjh

Author:  Barbara Lea [ Thu May 18, 2006 12:04 am ]
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Author:  Blue Moon [ Thu May 18, 2006 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  CD Burning

Wanda, I've never burned a CD, so I wonder if someone else can help you? Can anyone help Wanda with how to burn a CD?

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