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Defending Elvis
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Author:  AngelEyes [ Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  Defending Elvis

I'm not a person who share her inner thoughts or dreams openly, but a few years ago I had a dream that stuck till today very lividly - like etched - in my mind. I thought a long time about to share this dreams with everyone here on ELC and I decide to do so. But first I have to explain a little.
Over years I did and still do researching about Elvis because I'm tired to read and hear all this stupid things, crap and lies written about him. And I can say I discovered a lot of what is crap and untrue. But about my dream.

I was sitting in a big room, looked like a courtroom. There were judges and in the middle of this room, sitting on a cher were Sheila Ryan. (I don't know why she). I was sitting on a bench, like in courtrooms for spectators. And beside me sitting were Elvis. Sheila Ryan told so much dirt and intimate details about him, cussing him that he was a drug addict etc. As I heared this I got furious and asked Elvis, to defend himself. He shot a bottom up look to her, then he gave me a very sad look, lowed his head down, starring to the ground, shaking his head. So I yelled to her that's all lies and crap what you telling about him. That not sounds the person who is really. Then changed the place and I was in a place outside. Elvis was there, but both of us, separated through a chain-link fence in the hight of our waist. Suddenly appears a beautiful young woman, stormed to Elvis, yelling: Elvis I want to be your friend. But Elvis shook his head and told her: No, I still have a friend, putting his arms around me, gave me a very serious look, then kissed me on my forehead and got me closer to him into a strong embrace and I felt so secure and comfortable in his arms. I'm
not the tallest person, so my head reached just to his chin. One more time he kissed me upon my head and put his chin on my had and we stayed into this embrace for a long time.

A long time I asked myself what is the meaning of this dream, what's the reason. Maybe this dream came to me, because I'm always defending him and will always do so, because he cannot defend himself anymore. Sadly during all this years of his death were built up a might that is hardly going throug and to convince people I have to proofe with verifiable facts. But it is worth all my spare time and I'm looking hopefully foreward that one day his history will be rewritten and he got the reputation that he deserves like the Singer,Enter-ainer and human he was.

Since a young age I'm always interested into the spiritual world and I believe that when we are open enought so we can communicate with the afterworld.

Wanda, nice you call me kid - even we are nearly the same age :D

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defending Elvis

"One's age is not in the physical, but the attitude and heart, ( said Elvis) so with all life throws at us, it's a constant challenge to be spontaneous as a little child...we are after all, the children of God so why can't we act like children and enjoy ever' thing we can?"

Your dream was a great one! Actually, you did a fine interpretation of it and
there isn't anything to add. It fits. I didn't read her book- because I know
he liked her, was hurt when she decided to go and yet he admitted it was the
best move she could have made at the time, though that new relationship didn't
work out after a while. I know what publishers try to get their authors to write-
and they ply them with piles of money, advances and etc to get it-and a good
number of people will choose to go that route because they need the money; it bothers me to think that of anyone, but having been in that place and not having to depend on myself to make the money, I had a choice, they may not have.
Dirt sells, kinky stuff, awful stuff and plain nutty stuff...the more the better is
what publishers want to see and hear... and a lot of readers as well. So maybe at the time the author's needed the money and possibly the notoriety
we don't have to like it, or believe it and everyone has the same choice to read it- Elvis knew better than anyone what would be said about him, he just couldn't comprehend or believe anyone would care long- and just look- it's
34 years and going strong! So all that crap written about him really has not
mattered, just like he said, "nobody will give a damn, really."
he was wrong about that- it makes me angry- so I don't read it unless it has
some value to contents.

Author:  AngelEyes [ Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defending Elvis

"One's age is not in the physical, but the attitude and heart, ( said Elvis) so with all life throws at us, it's a constant challenge to be spontaneous as a little child...we are after all, the children of God so why can't we act like children and enjoy ever' thing we can?"

Oh yes Wanda - we can, whenever we keep inside a little part of an innocent child and looking curiously into our world. All what we have to do is to think positive and sometimes with a little humor and a wink of what happened in our lifes.

I don't know if Sheila Ryan wrote a book. I'm just wonder why just she of all woman who knew Elvis, was in my dream. Often I think that all this woman in his life which he loved, left him of different reasons, no matter how much he needed someone to be with him. But may nobody understand him and his needs. May they only see the star but not the man behind his image. :(

Author:  Wanda June Hill [ Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Defending Elvis

I think that Elvis' life style, by that I mean all the things that went on when he was filming, performing on stage, on tour etc was more than most women could
or would be able, to find a place for them to be in his life. sitting, standing around and waiting alone for the amount of time it took just to get where he needed to be would be a real drag. And when he was finished, he'd be ready to shut the door on ELVIS and retire to his home, rooms or where he could shut it
all out except trying to be himself, do what he enjoyed and of course, he was
a book worm at times too. I thought pretty early in knowing him that he was like
a little boy, needy, wanting attention and then wanting to do what he wanted to do when he had the chance, he was a loner more than most people would think, i was surprised to discover how introverted and solitary he was inclined to be-it didn't fit that image, but he certainly could fall into that state of being easily.
And he hated to be by himself at times, he wanted to be left alone,
but he also wanted to know he could call whomever when he wanted company and he expected them (his women friends) to drop everything for him, if possible. Most did; many of them truly loved him but that career "ate him up".
But all his many facets made him who he was, just as our own make us who we are... and we are all inclined to need solitude at times, and other times we are
lonely and wish for company. in his case, he wasn't always sure people came
because of himself personally, but thought they were there for ElViS... he was right, many were. Whatever, he came, he made a statement in life, and he left a legacy that can't be over looked or forgotten for long. I don't recall who said it but someone said that"Elvis runs through the veins of American culture and
his name is known around the world, his talent will always be something for
others to strive to reach and he will never be erased from our history because
he came, he left very big footprints and like the affects of the sun, he can't be
ignored." A pretty true statement. It's kind of interesting to go back and see how many times the SUN comes up in his life and career.... even to the last
costume he wore on stage.... he once said he began his career at Sun and he
went on to bring up a long list of things relating to the sun throughout that career... it was a while ago, i don't remember them all now...but someone else
love to all,

Author:  Rose-Lyn [ Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defending Elvis

:hello: I To have had many Dreams or Visits from Elvis as I call them, and I to Angel Eyes will Defend Elvis with My Last Breath! :wink:

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