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 Post subject: Priscilla
PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 9:45 pm 
I don't see why people on this site try so hard too paint Priscilla as being so innocent.

The fact is, she hung in there for the money and name, then dumped Elvis to use his name and money to get herself into show business.

She was "loyal" to him for the seven years that she lived with him. But as we all know, she was pregnant for the first nine months of the marriage. Then she had her first affair only four months after Lisa Marie was born!!!

So, except for the months when she was pregnant, after she got Elvis to marry her, she was only faithful to him for FOUR MONTHS!!

When she had this affair, she had not been left alone and ignored, but was living in Los Angeles with Elvis. Elvis had gone to work for the DAY. He was just across town making "LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE".!!!

This we know from her own book about herself, "Elvis and Me"!

She then followed this up with two more affairs, the last one being with her karate teacher Mike Stone. On this one, she took Elvis little girl Lisa to live with her and her shack up.

How do you think Elvis felt???

One of her (invalid) excuses for the horrible way she treated Elvis was that he was gone too much. Well, when she started treating him like dirt, he had not even gone on tour yet.

She was recently on TV complaining that when he was at home it was "all about him".

She wasn't happy when he was gone, and she wasn't happy when he was at home.

To me, it sounds like a woman who just wasn't in love to begin with.

Maybe no one else remembers it, but I remember shortly after Elvis died, when Priscilla did her first network interview. The host asked her, "Priscilla, did you support Elvis' career?"

Priscilla tossed her head and snapped "I had my own career to think about!"

This woman loved Elvis like a farmer loves his cattle. The farmer only feeds the cattle because, eventually, he wants to kill them and eat them. They probably think the farmer loves them, because he feeds them.

Priscilla "loved" Elvis until it was time that she could reap the reward. When she had him married with a kid, he had to support her, give her a big settlement and the Presley name to launch her own career. Then she divorced him to reap the reward.

Now she has her "own " career. She makes movies about Elvis and writes books about Elvis. She hosts every Elvis show she can, and collects money for being the consultant for Elvis movies. She is now doing a broadway play about Elvis.
She collects 500 grand a year for being executor of Graceland.

This is her "own" career! She doesn't need Elvis to be a star!!

Oh, yeah. She did the airplane movies and had a stint on Dallas. But she got these in the midst of the uproar over Elvis death, and she was getting so much publicity by doing Elvis interviews.

Poor little innocent, long suffering Priscilla! She only had affairs with her hairdresser, her dance teacher and her karate teacher as soon as she got Elvis married!!!

She says she is "keeping his name alive". Well, if she cared about him, she could have sued some of the authors of so many books about hm that were so full of viscious lies, but she refused. She only cares about Elvis when she can get her own face and name in front of the public or on television.

Recently on television, she said she had a "great loyalty" to him!!! Can you imagine???? I wanted to say, "Priscilla, uh, were you being loyal to Elvis while you were doing it with your dance teacher, your hairdresser and your karate teacher??

As soon as she left him Elvis got sicker and sicker and then died. The way she treated him led to his death.

Elvis loved Priscilla? Yes, more than anything. Priscilla loved Elvis?

Give me a break!

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:07 am 
Jewel in the Lotus
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I knew about the dance instructor and also about the karate teacher.

But a hairdresser, that is new to me. :lol:

Please tell us more :wink:

A star burned too brightly, burned out too quickly and we were left with the afterglow which has never dimmed."

ELVIS - Did you ever know you were my hero
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:31 pm 
Site Admin
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Yes, it is hard to take to watch Pris made into a "saint" on TV. :(

However, it is my point that the ELC Forums are about SPIRITUALITY and to focus on THAT ASPECT OF ELVIS and not the downside of Pris and others around him. To make mention of a few facts at times, in order to put things into perspective, serves the spiritual picture (to me), but not to go on and on about the faults of others in his life.

Elvis told me (if you believe he even talks to me) that he really wished we would not do this. He is glad we are doing the website and forums, but wants us to keep it POSITIVE.

You might wish to read his message to us in a previous post:

Maia Nartoomid, author of Blue Star Love (Elvis Book)
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 7:31 pm 
Jewel in the Lotus
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as soon as,those people including his ex-wife,stop to ridicule him,to lie about him,or humiliate him ,whatever..,I will forget them, and I am ready and willing never again to remember or mention about their worthless names..even if for my own health's sake.. :roll:
unfortunately, they just keep on coming with their trashy books, ugly movies or big mouths thet never shut we have to go on defending the man and telling the truth that how opposite it was..

This is my quest
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:27 am 
Jewel in the Lotus
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I agree absolutely with you, Maia.

All that noise about Elvis is not to be heard. We can pass through without listening, centered on the main purpose of spirituality and Life: to grow in Light, Love and Truth. From my point of view, that doesn't mean to start a daily battle against anything, not even darkness. To me Life is a Love dance and whenever I forget the higher qualities of Love and give a space for lower vibrations, I'm helping them to have existence. If we could arrive to a consense (the whole humankind) denying the existence of negative, it would disappear. I truly believe that this is the purpose of evolution.

Amanda Viola

Elvis said: "LOVE is what it's all about." :*::*: Now I know it's true.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:43 am 
Jewel in the Lotus

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Right on, Maia, Amanda and Sue!!

Let's try to keep ELC as positive as we can, for Elvis' sake and to please him while doing so :)


 Post subject: Priscilla and Elvis
PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:13 pm 
Site Admin
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Hi, I respect everyone's opinions about Pris and about Elvis as well, however for my own reasons and at Elvis' request...and his statement that he was to blame because he didn't see her needs for thinking so much of his own. When he realized- it was too late for them. Actually, Lisa was just a few WEEKS old and Elvis was spending too much time (away from home) at the studio working on the tv special-the comeback show-that he felt would restart his career or end it...he feared the latter. He didn't go home, when he was there he was too busy thinking and planning and on the phone talking to people involved, he didn't pay attention to his wife, a new mother, not feeling as attractive as she should, worn out with having a new baby and being without her husband days and nights for some time. She thought he was involved with a lover he was-only it was that "career" which was a more demanding "lover" than any human one could have been.
He was doing it for her, the baby and his family, trying to keep his name going, after all, that was his and their means for living day to day-money was tight, his films were not doing as well, he was scared and said so-but not to her apparently, not to anyone close to her-he just did what he had to do and in the end, he lost her trust ...and he never got over it though he tried his best-he forgave but he couldn't forget. So the best thing was that they separate-he didn't want a divorce because of Lisa, but he didn't believe in keeping anyone a "prisoner" and so he let her go. All he asked was that she not be blamed because he said, she wasn't the only one at fault and he was the major party and was the one to blame.
He was honorable about the whole thing, maybe lost his cool a time or two in public (on stage) but he got over it. We should also-and I sure try, though I slip --alot at
times. I just come back to what he asked, and feel lots better about it. wjh

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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