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 Post subject: When the music starts I gotta move
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:31 pm 
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I am a member of "The Official Elvis Fan Club of Great Britain " I had received my June/July 2011 newsletter, and I found this very interesting writting. Hope you will like it.

When the music starts I gotta move by Elvis Presley

This article was "written" for the 1962 edition of the "Radio Luxembourg Book of Records Stars" edited by Jack Fishman and Frank Sinatra. Goeffry Everitt, the then general manager of Radio Luxembourg asked Frank to get an article from Elvis, and this was the result. No one can verify the authenticity of the piece but its publication surprised everyone in the music business.

My main ambition in life is to do a good job. I had found my niche and it's driving a truck. From the time I was a kid, I knew something was going to happen to me. I didn't know exactly what, but it was a feeling that the future looked kinda bright. I wanted to be a singer, because I didn't want to sweat. I had a job driving a truck when I got out of high school. Then, when I first started singing, I figured it was for me.

I used to get mad at Momma once in a while. But I guess a growing boys always does. I was the only child and Momma was always right with me. Maybe she was too good. I would wake her up in the middle of the night if I worried about something. She'd get up, fix me a sandwich and a glass of milk, and talk to me; help me figure thing out. Critics never bother me, or change me neither I don't have time to be bothered. I'm working too hard. And I'm figuring to stay a while. Maybe some of the critics don't dig me. They've got a job to do, I guess. But I don't pay no attention. They're not touching me. Ol'Elvis is gonna go right on being ol' Elvis. I've been blamed for just about everything wrong in this country. Juvenile delinquency , for exemple. That i give kids "ideas", whatever that means. I'm vulgar; they say I woudn't do anything vulgar in front of anybody, 'specially children. My folks didn't bring me up that way.

I didn't do anything bad when i work, I just move to the music 'count of it's the way I feel it. I hear it and gotta move. It's hard to explain rock 'n' roll. It's no what you call folk music. It's the beat that gets you. You feel it. If I wasn't sincere, I'd just leaf through my work and say 'Gimme my money and I'll get the hell out'. When I don't do a good job, I know it, and I'm blue as hell. You'll pardon my language, but I mean it. I only really feel at home in Memphis, at my own "Graceland" mansion. It isn't that I don't like Hollywood. But a man gets lonesome for the things that are familiar to him; his friends and acquaintances, I know I do. That's why I would never live in Hollywood permanently. Hollywood's a lovely city. I've learnt to appreciate it more since we've moved into a Mediterranean style villa I rent on a Bel aire hilltop. It's so quiet up there. The place is all marbre columns and statuary, a fine home from home.

But home for me will be spell Memphis and "Graceland". "Graceland" is just 15 miles south of Memphis 100 miles from Tupelo. When I first bought the estate and mansion for $100,00 in 1957, it was just like living in the country. There nothing around my place but a few cotton sugar plantations. The highway as second class. Now the Tennessee highway department has resurfaced the highway that runs in front of my estate because the thousands of tourists constantly roaring past, parking, backing up, and turning around, had torn it up. When the highway was put in top shape, it opened the way for a new flood of traffic and big land boom. Now we are surrounded by all sorts of things that I didn't plan on. My fans don't embarrass me. They are the greatest. I love 'em. Even when they get a little rough, they are swell kids. The mansion sits almost directly in the middle of its 14 acres, and things are going crasy around the place. A city block, a 25,000 square foot shopping centre, had gone up-one of those ultra-modern buildings. it has everything from clothes shops, to supermarkets, barber shops, and even a record store in it. I'm right happy about the record shop. But the poin is its all increasing the traffic in front of my place, until it's almost like living in New York's Square. To the north, is a new, tall, Baptists Church. Accros the highway, to the west, a real estate operator is advertsing lots and modern homes at $17,500 a piece. Tractors and bulldozers are ripping the land apart. I got a lot of good decorating ideas for "Graceland". I'm always fixing and repairing around the house. I like to do thing first-class, too. I had one wall knocked out on the first floor of the house to enlarge the room. The I got a wonderful idea, to make the ceiling of my bedroom all velvet. I like bright colours, like orange, red and yellow.

I'm real proud of my "Graceland". I'll never leave. If the invasion of my privacy keeps up, it can be easily remedied. We'll just have a solid string of weepig willow trees planted along the stone fence around the entire estate. That will at least keep the noise down and give us privacy. One morning I looked out my bedroom window on the second floor facing the highway, and spotted a man picking up leaves outside the stone fence, and stuffing them in a valise. I told my manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and he went out to check on things. He asked the man what he was doing with the leaves and the man he had got a big thing going up in Buffalo, New York, selling the leaves for southermers. He was selling them for 10 dollars a piece. The Colonel admired the man's ingenuity so much, he let him go. The fella kept right on picking up leaves-just the choice ones-and putting them in his bag. The Colonel got to thinking about the 'leaf gimmick', and he called it, and contacted the local Memphis radio station. He invited them over to come out and rake up 10 or 12 thousand leaves, and offer them as prices in various Elvis Presley contest. My disc's got a bigger than ever radio play and those leaves went like wildfire.

The Colonel is almost a daddy to me when I'm always from home. He was like a boy with a new toy when I give him a 26 foot plastic row boat for his birthday. He immediately rushed it to the ocean and got her into the water. You should have seen him out there, grinning like a catfish, with the straw hat of his tipped back on his head. What touched me was he christened the boat 'Gladys' in honour of my Momma. That's the best present he could of ever given me. I learned a lot about the people in the army. I never lived with other people before and I had a chance to find out how they think. It sure changed me, but I can't tell you off hand, how. I never gripped. If I didn't like something, nobody knew excepting me, If I had been what they through, I'd have got what was coming to me. But I never talked about show business. I went along. Ask for the fans, they changed some, but they are still here.

"Value are like fingerprints. Nobody's the same, but you leave them all everything you do" ELVIS AARON PRESLEY
 Post subject: Re: When the music starts I gotta move
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:28 pm 
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:hello: Liliane A Every Interesting Article, Thank You for Sharing. :love:

 Post subject: Re: When the music starts I gotta move
PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:53 pm 
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Yep, that was interesting; I think if he had written it himself, he would have done a better job and tried not to sound like a "country hick" that time he had already been in the Army, he had made movies, he had worked hard in the early days of his career/movies learning how to speak intelligently, learning to use proper English and not being so "down homey" especially if he thought he was going to be "published" saying something. It is possible someone talked to him, off the cuff, and just picked up on his southern style and tried to write what he heard though I don't think Elvis would have even at that time, spoken in such a
"country way" as that piece is done. He did have Southern style speech and when he was "jus' talkin'" it did come out and he didn't make an attempt to be
"proper" unless he wanted to do it. He was highly intelligent, very self educated and he wanted to be thought of as being "smart" and "intelligent" instead of just
what they said early on, "a hill billy country boy" etc... Anyway, what is said
in the piece is pretty much what he said about his Graceland to me, and it is true
he was always changing things, having rooms done over, enlarging, building on
etc right from day one of speaking with him. So that's pretty true and he did
complain somewhat about the way the landscape changed around his place
and the traffic, noise and people constantly driving by day and night he said.
He liked the quiet, he'd wait until late at night and sit outside by his pool or the garden fountain and enjoy the quiet of the night...and look at the stars. So
I can see him saying much of what was printed, those are his thoughts but I
question the "country, simplified " words and style of writing- that doesn't quite seem like something he would have written down so I think it was the one who
did write it/ who got the "story" from him, came up with because he probably
"heard it that way" especially if he was NOT from the southern part of the country. It would sound to a New Yorker for instance, like Elvis was just a
"country boy" when he spoke- and too, maybe Elvis tried to sound that way
on purpose...for laughs. That would be like him to do that too...put the guy on and go with it- then sit back and wait to see what came of it. oh yeah...he would.
Thanks for posting it, very interesting indeed!

Wanda June Hill
author of "We Remember, Elvis" & "Elvis - Face to Face"
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