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 Post subject: Researchers use Elvis’ hit music to unlock secrets
PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:28 am 
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Researchers use Elvis’ hit music to unlock secrets of how memory works: Researchers from the University of Amsterdam have attempted to use hit music tunes including those by Elvis Presley, Abba and the Spice Girls in order to unlock the secrets of how memory works.

Researchers have created a fun online game, where fans must identify song clips and compare them by their catchiness, to shed light on why some tunes get stuck in people's head, the BBC reported. The findings might help understand how the memory process works and eventually it could lead to the treatment for dementia.

Dr Ashley Burgoyne of the University of Amsterdam said that it has already been established that music has the most powerful effect on memory than other memory triggers but the reason behind it is still unclear.

He further explained that there has been some very nice research showing that, if people who are suffering from dementia listen to their favourite music, it can really liven them up, so a better understanding of how the process works and identifying the features of music that seems to lock it in the memory would ultimately help in making better healing clinical decisions.

The game was created and launched with the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

(News, Source:

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 Post subject: Re: Researchers use Elvis’ hit music to unlock secrets
PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:27 pm 
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It is so amazing! LILLIAN that they can do all they are doing! I hope that before
I get "there" they will come up with something really good at working, to help
us oldies keep our brains working well. I think using the brain helps, but it's
hard to do when the eyes are going, the ears are not listening and the lips
flap for no reason... I'm about there...scary things. But there is still time to
recoup if something works and I find out! Ha.
Where have you been? Are you feeling okay and doing well? I hope so, it is
gawd awful hot here, and we are in drought conditions as there has been no
rain fall in over a year...not in this sprinkled once but only left a few
spots where any water hit the dry ground. the ground is so hot and dry it is
cracking open and all sorts of ants are pouring out of the too warm ground...
and there isn't any bugs or food for much of anything it is so dry. I know for
sure if this keeps up, the ants will win! They are little devils when they get
after something...even much bigger than they are! But they come in great
numbers...when I see open holes and lots of tiny baby ants out trying to do
the job the bigger ones normally do...I know that hive is dying...and they
are desperate to find food. It doesn't make me sad, but it is kind of a
clue to what can happen in is happening now in the "smaller life" out
here. I hate ants, the mess up and destroy good things...all for their own
up keeping I know, but they are so invasive! And the bigger ones can really
sting and it hurts a long time and they can bite too!
Well, enough of that monster story...It's just flat hot!
So gotta get out of here as it is warm even with the little fan running.
My computer is going's about 5 years old and a small HP so I guess
it would be about that time to kick it to the curb...ha.
I don't do much on it's very quiet here.
One of these days there will be something super interesting to write about-
Love and good health,
wanda june

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